Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange? review by Cosmo Jarvis

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  • Released: Sep 26, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (3 votes)
Cosmo Jarvis: Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?

Sound — 9
The variety of genres on this album is very wide. From folk to rap, from metal to country, Cosmo knows how to make a versatile album. From the opening track "Gay Pirates" to the closer "Betty", you'll discover a non-stop genre bopping journey. Though there are some hilarious meanings to songs, such as "Gay Pirates" or "Dave's House", there are some very personal songs. Song's like "Is The World Strange?" has a lot of self doubt and "The Talking Song" explores where the world has gone wrong. Though the overall sound is very fun and foot tapping, some songs lack the boppiness. Songs like "The Wave That Made Them Happy", though still good, get a bit annoying. These songs, though good, lack the strengths that others bring.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics in this album are both hilarious and smart. Cosmo Jarvis is a very intelligent song writer, who's mix between seriousness and frivolousness are almost undectable. Lyrics like "I see everything the same way vampires see the day" from "Let Me Out Of My Head" are a cross between humour and sadness. This mix continues throughout the album well and keeps you smiling. Cosmo Jarvis's voice has definitely improved from his last album. From sweet falsetto's to hardcore screaming, his voice seems to be just like his music, versatile. Though he still isn't the best singer, he voice suits his style very well.

Overall Impression — 9
This album is a very fun album and continues his ideas from his debut. Though he has a very dark sort of humour, the songs seem very relayable and enjoyable. 01. "Gay Pirates" - the first single off the album is one of the best. A tragic love song about a pirate who is in a secret relationship with another pirate. The best part about this song is how serious he makes it sound. He convinces the audience that he is the character. The pretty little mandolin also makes the song very fun. Combined with the hilarious video, this song is a strong opening. 02. "Sure As Hell Not Jesus" - the second single from the album goes from soft folk, to a big rock song. The big guitar solo after the bridge and at the end is the best part of the song. The song talks about the greatness of falling in love, isn't that sweet. This has one of the funniest videos in history as well. The only problem is it drags on a bit at then end, but still a great song. 03. "Blame It On Me" - A funny song... Kinda. The song is very country/folkish and makes you want to move. The chorus is very boppy and kinda funny. It's weird because you'll listen to it and be happy for some weird reason. The song can get a bit annoying if it's not your style, but overall it's a very up tempo tune and a good quick song. 04. "Is The World Strange?" - This is a very heavy song. This rap song starts with the question "is the world strange, or am I strange?" and ends with the statement, "guess I won't know till I die". The rapping is great, the music is great, but what's makes the song is the lyrics. The last line of the last verse sums up the mood well, "it's best to forget me, even if you liked me you still never met". One of the most personal songs on the album. 05. "Dave's House" - A funny tune about the values of having a friend called Dave and the benefits of him having a house. This song has a great bass line and is very fun to listen to. Will quickly become one of your favourite tunes, even if it's not the best song on the album. 06. "Let Me Out Of My Head" - In my opinion, the best song on the album. Another sadder song which explores Cosmo's personal feelings. Sung in a beautiful falsetto, this song is just perfect. Though the song is pretty optimistic, the chorus, which repeats the title a few times, sums up the need of the composer to escape his feelings. A brilliant tune. 07. "The Talking Song" - Another rap song which is very strong. A cool build-up at the start of the song into the chanting chorus makes the song good, but it's the lyrics in the third verse which makes the song great. Personally I think you should go to a lyrics website and read the third verse and then question the world that you live in. Another brilliant song. 08. "The Wave That Made Them Happy" - This song can get a bit annoying. The strings are a bit too loud and the song is just not as good as the rest of the album. The only thing that makes this song good is the bridge which is really cool. 09. "She Doesn't Mind" - The fourth single from the album is about a man trying to convince his parents that his girlfriend is good. She's a great cook, she wrote a theory on relativity, she has a record deal, she's putting an end to global warming, she's getting a Noble prise, she's got a science degree, she knows Shakespeare, she's an active member of green peace, she's curing cancer and she doesn't mind the ooo ooo ooo. What the ooo ooo ooo actually is, is all up to your dirty mind. Another great track. 10. "My Day" - The big rock song on this album, this song bags our generation. It talks about what our generation is going to say when we are old, "In my day, we were p-ssing in the street" etc. A Hilarious track which ends in a hard solo and a screaming outro. Check out the music video to listen to the extended solo. 11. "Betty" - As an Australian, this is the last track from the album. It's an interesting tune which is really fast and very fun. Clocking almost 10 minutes this is a tune which will make you happy with what you've just bought. Maybe not the best closer but a great tune.

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