August And Everything After review by Counting Crows

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  • Released: Sep 14, 1993
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.8 (21 votes)
Counting Crows: August And Everything After

Sound — 10
No reviews for this insanely awesome band! Tom's gonna change that! This album is probably their best album and their first! Amazing! (Altho their 3rd album - "This Desert Life." They hav such a good mix of loads of different instruments, it's so good! I mean you got ya mandolin, organ, banjo and all sorts of crazy stuff!

Lyrics — 10
My god if you have not heard Adam Duritz' voice you haven't lived! He has one of the best voices in the world, he can sound depressed and on the verge of crying and can sound happy! Adam's lyrics are amazing so different to your average lyrics - well played to the lad! Ok so hear we go jables I'm gonna lay it down to you with what I think of each track! 01. Round Here - an immense track, definately one of their best, it's got a sad heartfelt verse, with a kickass powerful chorus, and a funky bridge! 5/5 02. Omaha - a pretty good track, good lyrics, they seem to play it a lot better live than on the track, one of the worst tracks on the album. 3/5 03. Mr. Jones - a classic counting crows tune, such a good feeling song. Apparently Mr. Jones was a guy who gave Bob Dylan a bad review once so Counting Crows are like sorta sayin Mr. Jones is just silly! I think Counting Crows love Bob Dylan, "I wanna be Bob Dylan", but yeh. 5/5! 04. Perfect Blue Buildings - what a track! Weird lyrics but amazin lyrics! It's so emotional - it makes me cry and I don't cry except at Titanic, but thats just sad! What? She said "I'll neva let go" come on! 5/5 05. Anna Begins - there is a much better live acoustic version of this. Download it if you can, coz tis really cool! But yeh this one is a bit dull, but its pretty cool, 3/5 06. Time And Time Again - really cool song, another sad one I'm afraid, but has a rlly cool solo in it, I love it, not much to say except it rocks. 5/5 07. Rain King - a cheery number, good stuff, brilliant song, another amazing set of lyrics being belted out of this californian, 5/5! 08. Sullivan Street - back to the sad songs, but don't fear it's amazin, probably in my top 3 on this album with - "Round Here" and "Ghost Train." 5/5 09. Ghost Train - ow, probably my favourite song on the album - give it up for the organ solo! What a 1st time to say that but yeh. 5/5 10. Raining In Baltimore - not too sure about this track, my least favourite on the album, just piano really, but got some cool lyrics so 3/5. 11. A Murder Of One - nice finish to the album I like the song bout the only one that isn't amazing or average - just good! Has some really cool lyrics "Well I dreamt I saw you walking, up a hillside in the snow, casting shadows on the winter sky, as you stood their - Counting Crows." 4/5

Overall Impression — 10
Well I think I've made it pretty obvious about how good this album really is, it really isn't what you would expect, these Crows can write! Go buy it, you won't find a band like it, they are not sum crappy pop band you mite think, if you've heard "Big Yellow Taxi" that's not wot ther like, listen to "Colorblind" off cruel intentions soundtrack, that's wot ther like amazing! Seriously if you don't have it you'll never know just how good a band can be, they are a great southern californian rock band! Trust me I like so much music: Incubus, Blink 182, Brand New, Placebo, Tenacious D, Maroon 5, Dashboard Confessional, Jimi Hendrix. Trust.

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    Good review,congrats!=) I think that this is an album for broken hearts in summer, it has a lot of feelings running at the same time and it's probably their best. Adam's voice sonds so damn perfect and his lyrics are touching and deep. The instrumental work is brilliant, they are a big band (7 or 8 members, I guess) and they fit each other perfectly, they deliver a "full" sound, there's nothing you can add to the songs that will make them even a little better. Just perfect and sad too, every song has a sad background that sometimes feels heartbreaking. "Round Here", "Sullivan Street", "Raining In Baltimore", "A Murder Of One" and "A Murder Of One" are my favs here.
    woops, sorry for the double "A Murder Of One" here, the last one should be "Anna Begins" (love the lyrics!).
    This is probably my favourite album of all time, its utterly, utterly beautiful
    this album is awesome, my favorite tracks are 'Round Here,' 'Mr Jones,' 'Anna Begins,' 'Rain King,' Sullivan Street,' and 'A Murder of One.'
    "Well I dreamt I saw you walking, up a hillside in the snow, casting shadows on the winter sky, as you stood their - Counting Crows. thats from an old nursery rhyme, they didn't write it.