Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder review by Cradle of Filth

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  • Released: Oct 27, 2008
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 7.9 (128 votes)
Cradle of Filth: Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder

Sound — 5
Well, here it is, Cradle of Filth's new album! I honestly had no idea it was even out until I was skimming through a Best Buy thing, and saw "Cradle of Filth" followed by an album name I had never seen. While I am a big CoF fan, I had no idea they had a new album out! I bought it immediately. The songs on the album are: 01.In Grandeur and Frankincense Devilment Stirs: the opening track on this album is a creepy, slow, instrumental one. It's very... intro-ish. Unnecessarily long, hard-to-remember title. 02.Shat Out of Hell: the coolest thing about this song is the name. It sounds basically like your typical Cradle song... Fast guitars & drums; Dani Filth screaming his lungs out. Occasional growling. Nothing special, just a typical CoF song. 03.The Death of Love: this is where my attention first got grabbed. It's actually pretty...for a CoF song. It's a bit slower, and has some female vocals. 04.13'th Caesar: as with many of Cradle's songs, this one starts off with talking in the beginning. Aside from the typical overly-fast guitars that Cradle always uses, this song actually has some cool-sounding heavy rhythm guitar stuff. Kinda cool melody. 05.Tiffauges: *gasp!* more intro-talking! Aside from that, this is an instrumental track. Well, more of a filler-track if you ask me. 06.Tragic Kingdom: fast guitars. Screaming. Growling. Cradle of Filth. Yeah. 07.Sweetest Maleficia: even more intro-talking. Fast guitars as usual... Anyway, I think the vocals sound kind of cool. At the very end, there is what appears to my ear to be sweep picking for a split second! This is the first time I can recall hearing CoF sweeping. The half-second of sweeping is followed by a cool solo, which isn't really common for Cradle. The whole song before the solo is a bit monotonous (as a lot of this albim is), though. 08.Honey And Sulfur: more intro-talking. The song itself starts off with pretty heavy-sounding rhythmic guitars, which I think sound good. Around halfway through, the guitars get cooler... for a while. One of the better songs on the album. 09.Midnight Shadows Crawl to Darken Counsel With Life: starts off with even more intro-talking. I had more fun memorizing the title than listening to the actual song. It's a bit random. You know, guitars, screaming, pauses, nothing special. 10.Darkness Incarnate: you guessed it: Intro talki- I mean,... uhh... poetry read by a small child? Didn't see that coming. After that, it appears to be another instrumental, until the screaming starts... A bit misleading. Anyway, it's still not a bad song (for this album, anyway). Not great, but OK. Ends with more child poetry. 11.Ten Leagues Beneath Contempt: no talking in the intro this time. I kind of like this song because it has some cool-sounding guitars randomly splattered throughout. 12.Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder: the title track. Intro talking. This is actually a pretty cool song. Not as boring as the rest. The guitars and vocals are more aggressive-sounding. Best one on the album. 13.Corpseflower: last song. Brief intro-talking. Then instrumental stuff. Then... Outtro-talking? Sure.

Lyrics — 7
Hmm, the lyrics... Well, Cradle of Filth lyric-wise falls next to bands like Dragonforce: Cool, but so dang repetitive that it gets boring! This album seemed less satanic that a lot of their others, talking about going to heaven and stuff like that. One of the main problems with the vocals, though, is that they are near impossible to understand. Don't get me wrong, I love Dani's singing (screaming/growling) style, but I couldn't understand a single one of his words to save my life. Anyway, the lyrics were actually one of the best things about the album. They seem to have concentrated so hard on the lyrics that they forgot to actually record cool music to go with them!

Overall Impression — 5
Compared to Cradle's other albums, to put it very bluntly, this one sucks. None of the songs really stand out. In my opinion, Thornography (the album before this one) was the best they have done. Just about every song on there was a masterpiece. I thought that they were evolving, and that this would be more like (and possibly better than) Thornography. I was dead wrong. This is cradle's lamest album yet! It's boring, repetitive, un-melodic, monotonous, and just crappy. Part of the reason I'm giving it a low rating is because I had such high expectations after Thornography, and was very harshly let down. If I had absolutely nothing else to listen to I guess it would be OK, but it seriously was a huge waste of money. I do not recommend buying this album.

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    hmm well if you thought thornography was their best album i just wasted my time reading that review. As for not being able to understand the lyrics, no shit. Has everyone but me forgotten that cradle of filth was once a grim black metal machine!
    Usually, I prefer listening to Cradle's old stuff, but Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder is just amazing...both melodic and fast...I love it !
    Satyriasis wrote: Obviously if he thinks Thronography is a great album, he doesn't know what he's talking about.
    Satyriasis read my mind. Thornography isn't great. Something tells me that the reviewer only owns the 2 latest albums. Or perhaps he has spontaneously forgotten about Midian,Dusk...And Her Embrace, etc. Now, those were great albums (In my opinion). Although, to be fair, I havn't heard the new album yet, but I'm sure it wont be that bad. They would have to actually make an effort to go worse than Thornography. +1
    CoF don't sound like CoF in this album, therefore I agree with the review.
    Reviews are peoples opinions, and some peoples just suck! Not everyone can write a good review. Props for trying but a failed attempt. Album is definately better than Thornography, but i still prefer their older stuff. I do like the soloing and if they mended what they did on Nymphetamine and Midian more, they'd be totally killer!
    D3M0N L0RD
    SilverSpurs616 wrote: Only heard 2 songs, to me it sounds like a Midian/Thronography cross. I don't mind that. What I DO mind is that this reviewer doesn't know what he's talking about. Cradle of Filth lyric-wise falls next to bands like Dragonforce Uh...what!? No dude, just..no. I couldn't understand a single one of his words to save my life. Anyway, the lyrics were actually one of the best things about the album. You couldn't understand the words, yet you think the lyrics are great? Here's a word you might not understand;- HYPOCRIT. If anyone else has heard the full album, please give it a decent review. Something a bit more than "he screams, he growls, the guitar sounded cool on this one"
    Wow dude, at least someone took the time to review it...if you dont like it look it up some where else.
    Whoever reviewed this album is a complete fag. Its a great album, tons better then Thornography. Shame they don't tour the UK much.
    I'd like to point out the reviewer's terrible english. To be quite honest I'm not big on CoF some of their material is good but nothing to convert me into a fanboy. This album however I actually enjoyed, simply because it felt more melodic to me. I checke dout some of the songs after reading this review and I still don't understand the rating...
    Kazue00 wrote: It's his review, is he not entitled to his own opinion, if he reviews it and says its bad he automatically wrote a sh*tty reveiw?
    Yes, people are entitled to their own opinions but this reviewers opinion has very little to do with the quality of the review itself. This is just a crappy review. It doesn't have to do with whether he likes this album or not, but he does a pitiful job illustrating what aspects of it he enjoyed and which ones he didn't. Simply put, crap review.
    I'm pretty sure there's plenty of bands/alums you don't like you could write plenty of bad reviews on.. and then there'd be that fan boy that would flame you for doing so...
    Again, whether you give an album a high rating or a low rating doesn't necessarily determine the quality of your review. If some CoF fanboy does a "review" ranting about how awesome CoF are and how he likes Dani's makeup or whtever, does that make his review good? I don't think so.
    I'm still gonna keep my eye out for it. To each his own, especially for bands like CoF, its love/hate.
    i was into this review until the reviewer said that Thornography was their best, with that single line i threw out his entire review.
    It's his review, is he not entitled to his own opinion, if he reviews it and says its bad he automatically wrote a sh*tty reveiw? I'm pretty sure there's plenty of bands/alums you don't like you could write plenty of bad reviews on.. and then there'd be that fan boy that would flame you for doing so...
    Honestly, last great album was Damnation and a Day. Granted they went more back to their "roots" with Nymphetamine. . . overall that album sucked, and so did Thornography. . . . I haven't expected much since either of those two throwbacks. Just more commercial nonsense.
    In my opinion, Thornography (the album before this one) was the best they have done wtf? horrible review this guy is like 1 out of the thousand who like thornography. thorn was rated their worst album by far lol. this album is real black metal u shouldnt review albums if u dont know the genre...
    i'll still check the album out, you say the album was repetitive man, that review was repepetive....so i'm gonna check out the Cd because this review seems misleading in so many ways.
    Clearly whoever reviewed this stunning peice of music hasn't got a clue. I reckon only people who actually like something should review things, theres no need to be nasty people!
    GREENWARRI0R wrote: Hoodoo Child wrote: no CoF album deserves 5.7 EVERY CoF album deserves a 5.7
    only thornograpy
    Has this guy ever heard any Cradle before Thornography? There best album ever? What about Cruelty or Dusk, those are Cradle's best albums in my opinion. Godspeed is a good album I think, somewhat more similar to the old Cradle. Thornography was certainly no masterpiece, only one great song, Under Huntress Moon.
    I don't think he's a COF fan, if your a fan, you know when albums come out, i mark every calendar i have when an album comes out, and frankly his "reviews" of the songs are pretty much filthy ****. I will buy this album and do a new review...
    SilverSpurs616 wrote: Here's a word you might not understand;- HYPOCRIT. "
    HYPOCRIT is that how u spell it? lol
    I agree with many people, if you didn't even know this album was coming out, obviously you don't like CoF enough to give a decent review. If I was to review Nickelback, I would give it a 5.7, because I don't like them. That does not mean millions of other people like shitty bands like Nickelback. Get someone who has listened to CoF since day 1 religiously, if they say 5.7, I may believe that more likely.
    This review was obviously written by someone who doesn't like Cradle. I think this album is great! It's a true return to form. While I don't feel like it was as bad as some people made it out to be, Thornography was still mediocre. I only liked a few songs, and even then, Lovesick for Mina was the only one that really stood out as true to Cradle's sound. Anyway, I need to get back to the new album. Somebody get an unbiased review up there!
    Amuro Jay
    DirkLance wrote: thadedan(CFH) wrote: 5.7... that about sums up cradle of filth for me in general. This.
    i thought it was an awesome album and completely disagree with this guy. I give it an 8
    I have t disagree with you. It is your oppinion, but I believe Midian is their best album
    Sorry doode... I cant take you seriously if you think THORNOGRAPHY was a masterpiece??? Nymphetemine, damnation, Midian.. and so on are ALL better than Thorn. I have yet to hear this album... so IMA DO THAT RIGHT NOW!
    Way better than damnation and a day and thornography. didnt top nyphetamine but thats okay. this is the old cradle of filth i'm used to. they're back.
    This was by far one of the shittiest reviews I've ever read. And Thornography being Cradle's best album? What a jackass. Solid output by a great band. Horns up to Cradle of Filth.
    To correct an error which will probably make me look like an idiot in the near future (already has, but oh well :p), I meant "since around '03" was not a very long time. I didn't mean Ihaven't really been listeneing to them that long, I have, but I understand that some people have been fans longer than 5 years. Anyway I type too much at night, goodnight everyone. Enjoy or hate the review.
    Robert I.
    The fact that the reviewer has nothing bad to say about the album, yet it only gets 5.7, makes me think that he thought it was a 1-6 rating system, like a dice roll...
    theres sweeping in the solo for Tonight in Flames from the last album, paul allender is turning out to be a pretty good guitar player, setting out from the rest of the black metal crowd. but their lyrics are always sweet, but some of their talent was restrained on this album cause its a concept album
    DirkLance wrote: thadedan(CFH) wrote: 5.7... that about sums up cradle of filth for me in general. This.
    Oh, snuggleblade (while I'm on a typing roll, might as well respond to you) I was NOT the one who wrote "extreme metal", or anything else in the header. Don't bash me for that part :p I just wrote the Sound-Lyrics-Impression part, flame me for anything in there, but not for the part above that. I didn't write that . I'd just classify CoF as 'death metal'. Goodnight until further notice.
    Oh yeah yeah and 1 more thing, I compared the lyrics to Dragonforce to emphasize the fact that they were cool, but very repetitive. The lyrics themselves don't have anything at all to do with DF, that's not what I meant. (OK, seriously good night now lol)
    And to those wondering, yes, I HAVE listened to pre-Thornography stuff. I like most of it. Not all. But yeah, I've been listening to CoF since around '03 (not THAt long, but still...). I thought Nymphetamine was a mild step up from their other stuff, and Thorn was a big step up from that. Then this was the tumble down.
    5.7????? What the hell!! its a fantastic album, deserve way more then that
    ok now COF WAS a great band until nymphetamine came out witch i found ^pretty crappy and thornography well... its not worth wasting my time commenting this album and there new album either. damnation was to me there last good album and the ablosute best... cruelty and the beast this album gives me such a rush but after that they were just good then came nymphetamine and everuthing crashed
    Wow, this review got popular (for better or for worse) pretty quickly. I'm sorry if I offended any hardcore CoF fans, but I just had such high expectations that I just HAD to give it a bad review. It let me down that much. I was pissed, I write negative reviews when I'm pissed. Yes, I DID say I liked Thornography more. It was more melodic, and just had a cool sound in my opinion. In MY opinion. Doesn't have to be yours (or anyone else's for that matter). And yes, I was biased. I'm not a big fan of THIS type of death metal. I prefer Thornography-ish stuff :p If you like this type and hate Thornography and want to kill me for saying everything I said about the album, then go ahead and give it a better review, it really deserves it, but not from me :p I'll respect anyone's opinion, good or bad. To each his own. Sorry for the late reply.
    a few songs of cradle have sweep picking in them. "tonight in flames" is one.