Midian review by Cradle of Filth

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  • Released: Nov 14, 2000
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (37 votes)
Cradle of Filth: Midian

Sound — 9
This is probably my favourite Cradle album along with Nymphetamine, I don't know why people don't like the new Cradle (except for Thornography which mostly sucked)as this album has just the right amount of Symphonic Black Metal sound: an amazing mix of heavy riffs and symphonic instruments, all put together in tracks such as "Her Ghost in the Fog", which I consider the best track in the album. Most of the tracks on the album merge into the next. 01.At the Gates of Midian: an eerie instrumental that gets you in the mood for Cradle, and then at the end merges into the next track. 8/10. 02.Cthulhu Dawn: cradle are not the first band to quote H. P. Lovecraft, like Metallica (using Cthulu too), Iron Maiden and lots of others. It's a pretty intense track with very cool riffs that merges into the next track too. 10/10 03.Saffron's Curse: a pretty weird track featuring some sort of chime in the main riff but it's nice though. Merges into the next track too. 8/10 04.Death Magick for Adepts: probably the second least favourite in the album, because of it repeating itself a lot (more than others) and having less cool tracks. Merges. 7/10 05.Lord Abortion: a very weird song, with a pretty long and a little boring intro, but features unusually good growls from Danny. Doesn't merge I think, it's hard to make out though. 9/10 06.Amor E Morte: Love and Death. My second favourite track in the album, and the only one at all I noticed to have a solo (I might have lost my concentration while listening to others, as I have ADD). This song truly shows the band members' skill, with very complex parts for the vocals, guitars, bass and drums. 10/10 07.Creatures That Kissed in Cold Mirrors: another instrumental, providing a rather long and eerie intro to Her Ghost, with very interesting parts. Obviously merges. 9/10 08.Her Ghost in the Fog: the best song in the album, and maybe even of all of their tracks, and probably the most famous, as it has a music video. Everything in the song fits in perfectly, even the old man growls in the intro, and the high pitched vocals in the background of the pre-chorus. Highly recommended. Doesn't merge. 10/10 09.Satanic Mantra: my least favourite track in the album. As the title says, it's just a repeating chant without music. Boring, and thankfully short. Doesn't merge. 5/10 10.Tearing the Veil from Grace: an interesting song, with very good orchestration and very cool riffs. After the orchestra stops, a very cool fast-paced riff begins. Doesn't merge. 10/10 11.Tortured Soul Asylum: the last track. After an annoying old man growl intro, the song starts, and it's a pretty good one too, but a little repeating. 7.5/10

Lyrics — 10
As usual, very high quality lyrics, with very good language. This album features the best vocals by Cradle up to now (don't know the future). This album puts Dani as number one best screamer in the world for me (he would have shared that place if not for this album), but not such a good growler, even though this album gives his best growls.

Overall Impression — 10
Like I said, probably their best, along with Nymphetamine. It also features one of my favourite songs ever, Her Ghost in the Fog. it's followed by Amor E Morte, and then Cthulu Dawn/ Tearing the Veil from Grace. This album is a masterpiece, and it's a pity that it's so rare in my country.

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    The midian intro is the greatest they have ever produced which kicks straight into cthulu dawn which is amazing. the rest of the album follows suit. Midian is Cradles finest hour.
    You (1st reviewer) are mistaken, Dani is NOT the most talented vocalist in metal...that's kinda already been decided. Akerfeldt won...
    I agree with the guy that said Dani is the most talented vocalist in metal. He can ****ing do anything with that voice and even harmonize with another track of him doing a lower growl. In The Byronic Man he shows that he can sing a melody without losing his evil sound. I just haven't heard anyone better and seeing as how vocalists usually write the lyrics he gets even more credit for the fact that his lyrics are amazing. Opeth doesn't have shit on Cradle.
    TyrsFromAbove37 wrote: You (1st reviewer) are mistaken, Dani is NOT the most talented vocalist in metal...that's kinda already been decided. Akerfeldt won...
    Eh, he didnt say dani was the best vocalist in metal. He said ONE OF the best. There can never be a "best vocalist in metal". That is for you and me to decide individually. And concidering you reading abillity, Im going to overlock that you "kinda know" that opethfu*kingAkerfeldt would be a better VOCALIST than Dani.
    oh yeah Lustmord and Wargasm from Cruelty and the Beast has a solo too
    and Cradle are way better than Opeth, lyrics, vocals, riffs, everything. I don't hate Opeth but they're not as good from what I heard.