Weathered review by Creed

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  • Released: Nov 20, 2001
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (38 votes)
Creed: Weathered

Sound — 10
Of cours Tremonti and Stapp make Creed. Creed is still one of the most loved bands at my school and everyone know them. The guitar work by Tremonti is very great. I'm going to give a review on some of my favorite songs. One Last Breath - one of the most beautiful songs ever created. The riff is the greatest. There is some symphony to make the song a whole lot better. The distortion part sounds super great. My Sacrifice - another great song, this song is filled with power chords, but there is something to this song that makes you turn your head when you listen to it. Stand Here With Me - a very cool and great sounding rif throughout the song. Tremonti showed what the can do all over the fret board in this song. He even got a solo in their to prove it. Hide - a very touching beginning riff then moves to another riff that mixes in with the chords. Don't Stop Dancing - another beautiful song that has a ton of chords and power chords. Lullaby - Tremonti and Stapp. Tremonti plays a kind of lullaby that very soft and Stapp sings at his best.

Lyrics — 10
Scott Stapp, what can I say, probably the best voice. The lyrics are very inspirational and have the meaning of life. In Lullaby he is saying that beofre he passes away he wants to express his love to the world. In One Last Breath he is basically saying that he is about to have his last breath and he is not thiknig of the pain. In My Sacrifice he is talking about how he meeting God and how he wants to talk about his Life. Stand Here With Me talks about how he wants to keep his memories with his friends and how he loves them. In Hide he is talking about why are e hiding away from our fears and that we should stand up to them. He is also sayin that he wants to fly somehere that there is no reason to hide. In Don't Stop Dancing, he is saying that you must be strong through life and keep on going. he is telling the children that they should not back down and hide. Life is hard, thats the moral.

Overall Impression — 10
I compare this to The Great Divide, Scott Stapp in the great divide needs a little more of himself, he needs to let go of Creed but dont destroy them. The best album!

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    They can unfairly be labeled "christian rock" because of Scott Stapp, but the guitarist, drummer, and bassist were straight-up metalheads \m/ Creed rocks
    Whenever I want a hearty laugh, I listen to Creed. He talks about his dick and foreskin too much. God, Strapp, if you're going to sing about your dick. Do it in tune. Please?
    HolyDiver1118 wrote: They can unfairly be labeled "christian rock" because of Scott Stapp, but the guitarist, drummer, and bassist were straight-up metalheads \m/ Creed rocks
    No, their all Christians. They do not label themselves as christian rock, Stapp just uses Christian imagery in his lyrics
    Mainer you're right. The band never labeled themselves the press did because of Scott Stapp's lyric. Mark Tremonti was That Metal Show not to long ago and Eddie Trunk asked him about it. Tremonti said he hated it because he thought the label would never allow to release an album like his solo album "All I Was".
    Tumble-weed wrote: Creed ****ing blows, as does this and every album they've done. Also, Scott Stapp is one of the worst singers of all time.
    LOL you looked this review up why?