Crooked X review by Crooked X

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  • Released: Jan 27, 2009
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 3.8 (57 votes)
Crooked X: Crooked X

Sound — 7
Crooked X Is Rocking At The Age Of 14! But seriously, this band has a lot cut out for them, and that they have a lot of weight on their shoulders if they want to keep their musical careers up. Altogether, the band sound mixes in well, as well as individually. Jesse Cooper rocks at guitar while Boomer Simpson is excellent at drums. Josh Mcdowell is a great bass player that might be, in my opinion, one of the new Jason Newsted or Robert Trujillo (Metallica's former and current bass players). And last but not least, the singer, Forrest French. Forrest has a voice of a James Hetfield for someone in middle school. Now for the songs in this fine album. To my opinion, the single of this album, "Nightmare", seems as if the producer of this album didn't know anything about music theory. The song was perfect on the hit game Rock Band, but on this album, the progression is all chopped up and doesn't fit together, and it goes fast, and slows down for no appreant reason. The other song "Nail in the Coffin" is a masterpiece that seems like one of the metal gods must of written it. The intro guitar riff seems like something Tom Morello would play. But all in all, these kids have a lot to do to make it bigger than life.

Lyrics — 7
To me, the lyrics are a little bit cheesy. In "Rock N Roll Dream" the lyrics are as followed "Everyday I'm playing, Till my fingers bleed". Which those lyrics to me seem as if they are written like every garage band out there. Yes I know that they are new to the scene, and that is one of my favorite songs on this album. That is basically all I have to say about the lyrics on this album.

Overall Impression — 7
I love this album, it is right now my favorite album next to the metal band Metallica. They have to be influenced by Metallica cause I see a lot of comparison between them. All of the songs on this album are gold, except for the progression mistake on "Nightmare". I love everything about this album, and don't really hate anything about it. I wouldn't buy this album again, all because I already ripped it onto my computer, but if I had to I would.

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    Seriously dude.. What DO 14 year olds have in life to write about?
    Cianyx wrote: Seriously dude.. What DO 14 year olds have in life to write about?
    My thougts, exactly! xD
    Maiden4Life1234 wrote: Original my ass. They stole the main riff in Nightmare from Iron Maiden, and the solo is the main riff of N.I.B. They cant go around being successful if they keep stealing riffs and parts from people. thats not cool
    Your right. Maybe it was a nightmare about Eddie coming to kick there asses for stealing riffs
    Punkismygod wrote: Gord@k wrote: But maybe its just because i live in metals mother land(finland) i think that. Fixed. They sound all ok they have great future ahead.
    Oh no you didnt!
    This is an AVERAGE rock band. They're not very good, not very bad either, there is nothing special about them and the only reason they get so much media attention is simply because of their age. I bet they wouldn't be getting any attention at all if they were like, 17 or so
    The only acquaintance I have with Crooked X is from Rock Band 1. The song "Nightmare"... A horrible dull Metallica ripoff. Ew! The band seems very mediocre.