Crooked X review by Crooked X

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  • Released: Jan 27, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 3.8 (57 votes)
Crooked X: Crooked X

Sound — 8
First off in a day driven by rock bands with nothin but ballads on there albums it is real refreshing to here this self titled debut by Crooked X wich only has one ballad. The sound of this album is overall really good it's heavy enough but not to heavy. I am still in awe that the average age in this band is 14. Now the only complaint I have is that with the band being so young it seems that they still haven't found there own style yet kinda like a early silverchair but I'm sure there style will come in time. Now to the songs 01.Gone: love the intro has a great drum beat a great hard rock inspired riff definatly on of the top songs on the album my only problem is that the vocals seem a little weeker on this song than the rest. 02.Adrenaline: excellent vocals on this song this song is where the singer Forest really shines on the album to me this song sounds so natural coming from the band only complaint is that it's only 2.45 03.Time Is Now: love the guitars in this song although to me it's probably one of my least favorites but still a good song overall. 04.Rock N Roll Dream: I really like the drum start and the opening riff. Lyrically this is by far the best song on the album however the dueling solo with Forrest and Jesse seems a little week and it kinda seems a little forced but still a great song I love it 05.Fade: the one ballad on the album I'm usually don't like ballads but this is cool it has a really cool feel to it it doenst seem forced at all the guitars and drums are some of the most creative I've heard the vocals are excellent Forrest seems really relaxed. Defently a great song 06.You Gotta Bleed: first off it has a cool classic rock tone to it vocals are cool guitars are great and the overall sound is cool but it does seem like the verses and chorus kindof run together but still a great song anyway 07.Nail In The Coffin: once again the intro is great drums are great and guitars are great love the feel of this song has a great raw feel to it on of my favorites on the album 08.Nightmare: love the bass and drums in this song the riff seems forced but still really cool has a kinda metallica feel to it has a darker feel to really great song 09.Death Of Me: intros not the best on the album but when the guitar kick in you really start to get into it has a more mellow feel to it has a classic tone seems relaxed great distortion 10.Lost Control: one of the best intros has a good fast tempo to be honest this song is in my opinion one of the best has a great overall feel to it.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrics are great it sounds like the really took there time with them. Rock N Roll Dream is the best song lyrically. The Lyrics goes well with the music. As far as singers skills he's a great singer better than most twice his age and most of all I'm not sure but I don't think pro tools were used on the album he is definatly a great singer kinda reminds me of Shaun Morgan of Seether as far as being able to sound good on the album as well as live.

Overall Impression — 9
Great album but a lot of the songs seem to sound like each other. I don't think pro tools were used. To me they could have done better as far as songs sounding like each other but overall this album is by far one of my favorites I have been looking for a good band cause a lot of todays music sucks but crooked x seem like they will never sell out there age might hurt them a little because I am sure there are a lot of jealous people out there but hopefully they will have many albums to come and if sombody stole this CD I would definalty buy a new one.

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    poor_blue_crabs : Ah, I just hate how everyone's all bragging..."I'm better, I'm better!" That just shows that pretty much almost all musicians just want money and don't appreciate the music by simply listening and creating it. That's why the music industry is falling. People are "bragging" that we're better because we get pissed off when a bunch of kids that play generic music get signed and bands like mine that have originality and talent get overlooked. I'm not saying anything about age because my lead guitarist just turned 16 and he can SHRED, so I'm hating them for that. They just aren't that good because they haven't had time to find a musical direction. That, and they haven't had to the life experience to come up with anything but super cheesy lyrics. And yes, I do believe my band is better. I'll post the site when we finish recording some of our music.
    stone what?
    They are simple and immature and weak. it's evident that they have the passion (although obviously not the skills at this point) to become more than that, but they probably never will considering they'll have no reason to since they've just been using their age to get famous. My guess it that they'll continue being a mediocre band who's only fans are the screaming girls that think they're just gorgeous and the kids who think they're just the greatest thing since sliced bread because they got a record deal at 14.
    I saw these guys live in Des Moines and I can't lie it was pure schit. The stage presence was terrible, the lead dude kapt saying "get your hands in the air" and no one followed suit. The bassist did hear to nothing and the lead guitarist kept flopping his hair in his face. Plus the drummer was fat. The best part though was when the lead dude said "we've got one more song for you tonight," and some guy behind me was like "FUKK!!!"