Zion [EP] Review

artist: Crossfaith date: 07/31/2013 category: compact discs
Crossfaith: Zion [EP]
Released: Jun 20, 2012
Genre: Metalcore, Electronicore
Label: Tragic Hero Records
Number Of Tracks: 6
Crossfaith's fresh take on a tired genre is getting them some big publicity these days, and will hopefully help catapult them to the top of the charts where they belong.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.3
Zion [EP] Reviewed by: Minivirus2, on july 31, 2013
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Sound: Crossfaith are a metalcore band from Osaka, Japan. Although they've released two full lengths preceding the "Zion" EP, it wasn't until this release that I many others really started to take note of the band. The differentiating factor for Crossfaith is their emphasis on fusing the classic metalcore sound with a huge electronic presence. The first time I listened to Crossfaith, I could only describe them as what dubstep would sound like without all of the lame "pop" passages; just a strait up metal attack with electronic elements layering the background for deeper textures. Even the songs that are based off an electronic lead have fist pounding moments and headbanging ferocity. This eclectic take on metalcore lead Crossfaith to release the "Zion" EP, foreshadowing what's to come on their next full length, <"b>Apocalyze." The tracks on the EP are heavy hitting, driving, and a full-on blast to listen to cranked in your car, driving 120 down the highway. As with other Japanese bands that I listen to, I love the production on this EP. You can hear every band member with no fail and everything cuts through perfectly in a huge wall of sound. I can't name many bands playing in Drop B where the bass guitar is clear as day. // 10

Lyrics: As the band hails from Japan, and as anyone who's heard these guys speak in an interview will tell you, they have thick Japanese accents and their English is a bit odd to a North American ear. Their mannerisms show through, but there aren't really any moments where the lyrics don't make sense, you just have to wrap your head around the way they speak English. In terms of content, it's all pretty strait forward material for the genre and some are still somewhat difficult to find in full or properly transcribed. Again, the Japanese accents can make understanding some of the screams a little challenging. I listen to Crossfaith more for the energy and fun that their music produces, rather than profound philosophical lyrics, so I wasn't expecting Ken and the guys to pen the next "War & Peace" on tape. // 7

Overall Impression: If I had my way, everyone would be dancing to Crossfaith in the clubs, rather than some watered down radio BS. They have an undeniable presence and power to them, and their live shows are generally regarded around the net as one of the best you'll see these days (and that's without giant animatronics, catwalks, elevating platforms, and more pyro than your grandma could shake a stick at). Crossfaith's fresh take on a tired genre is getting them some big publicity these days, and will hopefully help catapult them to the top of the charts where they belong. There are really no bad tracks on this EP and that's why it holds up so well. The songs are totally diverse. From "Monolith"'s crushing chugs, to "Jagerbomb"'s party starting riffage, or "Leviathan"'s epic closing, you get a different take on an exciting sound that can be hard to find in the plethora of utter crap that floods the airwaves these days. Take it from me, once you start listening it'll draw you in and you'll be nodding your head by the ending and hitting repeat almost indefinitely. If you don't believe them, there's a massive fanbase, growing online daily that'll back that up. Stolen? As far as I know it's a digital download only so... I cherish my physical copies of their previous releases and "Apocalyze" is shaping up to be no different, so yeah, I guess I would buy Crossfaith again and again. Do yourself a favor and give the "Zion" EP a listen if you're just checking out the band for the first time, odds are you'll be happy you did.

// 8

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