Crossover review by D.R.I.

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.2 (14 votes)
D.R.I.: Crossover

Sound — 10
First off, I really can't believe nobody has reviewed this album yet. "Crossover" is definitely one of D.R.I.'s best albums ever and an excellent follow-up to "Dealing With It!" which was practically the soundtrack to my 1985. The band not only invented the crossover genre's sound (along with Beowlf, Excel, S.O.D. and Suicidal Tendencies), but they also invented it's name. The aptly named "Crossover" is the first of the band's album that is noticibly more thrash metal than hardcore punk, and a powerful addition to the collections of either genres fans. I'm telling you the production on this album is also great, with thick guitars and an audible bass with both clarity and low end, loud, crashing drums, and Kurt Brecht's yelling riding clearly over it all.

Lyrics — 10
I can't say the lyrics to any song off this album are either bad or good, because D.R.I. never failed to release any great songs. The first song, "The Five Year Plan", has a classic starting riff that grabs you right away and gets you banging and screaming along with "I lose, you win, I lose you win, I lose, you win, I lose again!" and the slam pit busts loose around you as the tempo roars into hardcore thrash mania. "Tear It Down" is more punk-like and has a great screamalong chorus for those days you hate everyone and just want everyone to die (also reference "Go Die" for this). "Probation" has a cool slow intro and then zooms into overdrive again with Josh Pappe's fierce, tight bass riff hooking you in like a prize salmon. Again, "Go Die!" is a tune you want to crank at the end of a really bad day. "Decisions" is Kurt basically saying "Look, I can't make all your decisions for you, make up your own mind!", in his inimitable nettled fashion, he is nothing if not straightforward in his lyrics, he leaves little to the imagination. I ike him for that, he simply says what's on his mind and leaves it at that.

Overall Impression — 10
Even though "Crossover" was released over 20 years ago (1987), it is still their best and probaly can't be beat any time soon, if D.R.I. tried. I first bought it on vinyl sometime after it came out and was stunned at how much it was a more mature release than "Dealing With It!". I didn't buy the CD version until around '91 or '92, the same day I bought "Dealing With It!", and yes, of course I still listen to it. "Crossover" has some great songs like "The Five Year Plan", "Tear It Down", "Probation" "Decisions" and "Go Die!". If you're a huge fan of D.R.I. (like me), I recommend you check out this record, or either "Dealing With It!", "Four of a Kind" and "Thrash Zone". If the CD copy was lost, I could buy another, but don't worry, I always take good care of my CDs.

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    riffermadness25 wrote: one of their best albums
    Definitely. You should check out Dealing With It!, 4 of a Kind and Thrash Zone, in case you haven't yet. Those are great albums.
    Nice review. I like D.R.I. but haven't heard this record yet. It's good to see more of their stuff on the site anyway.