Out Here All Night Review

artist: Damone date: 03/20/2013 category: compact discs
Damone: Out Here All Night
Released: May 23, 2006
Genre: Rock, Glam Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
The title track has been featured in several video games, including Madden NFL 07, Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam and the Rock Band series as downloadable content.
 Sound: 3
 Lyrics: 5
 Overall Impression: 4
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Out Here All Night Reviewed by: takenthecannoli, on march 20, 2013
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Sound: Oh, glam close cousin of Bon Jovi, Guns N' Roses, and now Damone. Boasting an intimate knowledge of the 80s-90s rock scene and a female lead with presence equal to contemporaries Amy Lee and Hayley Williams, Damone began as an act called Noelle with 2002's "This Summer". The Damone moniker debuted with the punk/rock release "From The Attic" the following year, which included "Frustrated Unnoticed", one of the band's more popular singles. 2006 saw a significant boost in production and a power pop/glam vibe on "Out Here All Night". Perhaps it is Damone's apparent obsession with glam that acts as both a thrill seeker and sterilizer for the record; though "Now Is The Time" opens the record with definite purpose and astounding potential, by the time "On Your Speakers" rolls around, the band has succumbed to the same dull stylistic redundancies as Bon Jovi. Drum lines and guitar solos are all repurposed from other bands, and the "verse-chorus" construction of every single song feels older than it is by the third or fourth track. "Outta My Way" restarts the record with a bit of a Poison kick, and there aren't any lows after that until the inconceivable ending a cover of Iron Maiden's "Wasted Years". The dumb mixture of other bands' sounds leaves an album that feels utterly empty at times ("Get Up And Go", "Stabbed In The Heart"), even if moments like "When You Live" triumph in all the ways JBJ's "Bounce" never did. "Out Here All Night" has its fun moments, though they too often come in the form of suggestively or blatantly ripping off another band "Outta My Way" is the lovechild of Poison and Guns N' Roses with a bit of The Runaways, the title track is somewhere between Metallica and Nirvana, and everything else is Bon Jovi featuring an extra X chromosome. // 3

Lyrics: Though penned by Mike Woods (replacement for previous Damone writer David Pino), most of the songs' narrative are more than a bit evocative of a slightly-worn-barely-of-age young woman. Mourning the loss of boyfriends here and there (but with a slick punk disposition), Damone's big thing is partying and taking chances (so extreme). "Get Up And Go" is a runaway-themed piece, "Outta My Way" is set in the midst of a bar fight, "On Your Speakers" talks of jealousy for a successful ex. It's the stuff of eighties' cheesiest, and it neither hurts nor helps. Most of the lyrics are simply flat. Vocalist Noelle LeBlanc leads with a slightly-worn two-left-feet type of charm, and is perhaps the saving grace (excusing some decent guitar work) of the band itself. She sells lines like "You're the one telling me it's hopeless/I thought everything was sure" with less whine than her punk boy counterparts might, and even manages a few impressive highs in "Outta My Way" and "When You Live". However, without powerful composition and lyrics to back her, she often blends into the background just as much as everything else on this record. // 5

Overall Impression: The gall of Damone's members astounds me if this formula didn't work (long) for Bon Jovi, what makes them think the same won't apply for a female-led copy? There are certainly a few spotlight moments (all of them after "Outta My Way"), but seldom does the band define itself as any more than the ghost of a cover band. Dull-witted lyricism ("Now is the time/When we find out what's really happening") and duller guitar work keeps Damone from stepping into the limelight, just as predecessors have suffered the same fate. The band has now worn out two of the 80s and 90s biggest guitar-driven genres, redefining "bland" for a new generation of punk and power pop fans.

// 4

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