Can't Buy A Thrill review by Dan Steely

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 10 (2 votes)
Dan Steely: Can't Buy A Thrill

Sound — 10
Can't Buy A Thrill is one of the most diverse rock albums ever created, by one of the most unusual and diverse rock bands of all time. Steely Dan was founded by two goths, with a taste for rock music. Eventually, they put together a cast of talented musicians, and formed a band that consisted of some of the most greatest, and most underrated instrumentalists in music history. Can't Buy A Thrill had a sound that was never duplicated by another band, or Steely Dan themself. They brought in instruments that had never even been used in a rock band before, like the sitar used on the band's debut single, and top ten hit, Do It Again. The second single off the album, Reelin' In The Years, was equally successful. It featured a guitar solo that was a testament to the bands superior instrumental prowness. Can't But A Thrill was also filled with other groundbreaking songs, such as Turn That Heartbeat Over Again.

Lyrics — 10
Steely Dan lyrics did not carry deep social messages, or tell of graphic sexual encounters, they simply told stories, and darned good ones at that. Every song was like an epic tail, telling of everything from the story of a dumbfounded lover, to stories about the low life in the slums of the world. The lyrics on Can't Buy A Thrill are LOADED with very random gun references, and other references to death and despair. That doesn't take away from the excellent lyrics, and singing delivered by the bands vocalists.

Overall Impression — 10
Can't Buy A Thrill, is in all senses, a perfect album. Too the teens of today, it is an unknown album, but Steely Dan's influence and greatness is well recognized by the parents of those very teens. The success of Do It Again has had a lasting effect, references to the song turn up in everything from magazine articles, to ESPN Sportscenter broadcasts. Reelin' In The Years remains a benchmark to guitarists worldwide. Can't Buy A Thrill is one of the greates albums ever made.

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    wadeu talkin abt? im seventeen and cant buy a thrill is one of my most fave albums.. i even played reelin in the years live.. i played lead guitar and sang too.. .. but yeah.. like u said, ur right.. the dan is the best.. heh