Deth Red Sabaoth Review

artist: Danzig date: 06/23/2010 category: compact discs
Danzig: Deth Red Sabaoth
Released: June 22, 2010
Genre: Heavy metal
Label: Evilive/The End Records
Number Of Tracks: 11
Deth Red Sabaoth is a quality offering that will surely jog your memory as to why you loved this artist in the first place.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 8.5
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overall: 8.3
Deth Red Sabaoth Featured review by: UG Team, on june 23, 2010
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Sound: Glenn Danzig's first three solos albums are essential. You can't carry around and iPod or have a CD collection that excludes them and consider yourself a self-respecting metalhead. Seriously. Some of the albums Danzig has released later in his career are good, but not great. Some songs are great. I am pleased to report that with Deth Red Sabaoth, which simultaneously makes me think of Megadeth and Black Sabbath because of its title, is Danzig's best work in quite some time. He certainly is going for a classic sound: there's a real thunderous, '70s rock vibe to the album's production and guitar work and even his vocal melodies, but more on those later.

When I interviews Glenn recently for AOL Noisecreep, he told me that he wanted this to be an album that rattles the dashboard of your car when you play it and he has succeeded in that mission, as much of Deth Red Sabaoth boasts a bottom end that you can feel in your chest. The album nixes any of that sterile, polished to perfection sound that so many bands today capture in the studio but cannot replicate live. "Hammer Of The Gods," "Revengeful," with its shrieky riff, and the solo-laden "Rebel Spirit" are vintage Danzig and vintage-sounding. Red Deth Sabaoth is proof that you don't need to play ultra fast to be granite heavy. Here, the slow, deliberate riffery is what creates that heaviness. "Black Candy" comes four songs on and it reminds me of "She Rides," and sounds like it could have been written in that era. // 8

Lyrics: Glenn's signature voice doesn't deviate from what it does best and that is really what we all need and want it to do. His low, ominous and ultimately soulful vocalizations about demonically inclined subjects are here and appreciated as usual. So I issue this challenge, on behalf of Glenn Danzig. Head out to your car and turn this music on. Blare it from your stereo. As loud as you can. It does not matter if you use an actual CD or an iPod adapter. Now hit the road and see if your ride doesn't feel if it's going to fall apart from the bolts from the sheer power that is omnipresent on Deth Red Sabaoth. The low end boom of the rhythm section is certainly complemented by Glenn's from-the-depths-of-his gut style of singing. His voice is truly showcased on "On a Wicked Night"; it feels slightly processed and sails over a simple but dream-haunting acoustic riff. // 9

Overall Impression: We've waited over half a decade to hear original compositions from Danzig. It was worth the wait, as Deth Red Sabaoth allows the singer to reside comfortably in his wheelhouse surrounded by sultry guitars, lots of bottom heavy instrumentation and the exploration of the darker side of life; rather than running away from things that would terrify the average person, Danzig embraces it. Deth Red Sabaoth is a quality offering that won't replace his first three albums in anyone's mind but will surely jog your memory as to why you loved this artist in the first place. // 8

- Amy Sciarretto (c) 2010

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overall: 9
Deth Red Sabaoth Reviewed by: scrymusic, on june 25, 2010
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Sound: For the Ninth Studio album and the first in 6 yrs, I would have to say the sound is what it is... Analog. The album was produced by the man himself and he got what he wanted and gave you what he wanted you to hear. Now... This is a departure from the normal and alot of fans a critics are either going to love or hate this sound. The fans will love it and most critics will probably hate it. But even Tom Waits records and has recorded albums like this. And nobody ever bitches about the quality. So I just wanna say right now to the critics "f--k You if you don't like it" I scored it an eight because.. I love the raw unprocessed sounds and clean vocals, to which by the way, are the best I have heard since 4, and but sometimes the guitar work gets lost, sometimes there is too much going on (chorus in Hammer of The Gods, sometimes the drums were weak(Rebel Spirits), and the Bass guitar was blended with the low end of the guitar so you never get that deep punch or rumble. But it is possible for Glenn to have wanted it that way. Analog was a the way to go, and this album on Viynl will kick ass. The sounds and songs are reminiscent of 1 - 4 and some of the drums beats are that of 7 and 8. Speaking of drums... Danzig can still put out some wicked beats on the skins. Black Candy is Amazing! Tommy and John really round this album out. Tommy should never be compared to John Christ or vice verse. They are 2 different styles of playing. Tommy's guitar work and soloing are awesome.. Sometimes lost in production but fierce. He brings the metal blues element front and center and keeps his Prong sound at bey. John Kelly is on target. All the time. He is very versatile and can perform some major beats with ease. He gives slow swaggering beats some aggression without going over the top. This line up.. Along with Steve Zing (for live shows)is one of the best lineups since the 4p album. It is solid and very cohesive as a unit especially live. And that is my opinion. // 8

Lyrics: Glenn is back at it again. Dark brooding lyrics, hidden meanings, innuendos, violent horrific imagery, all that you would expect. He never fails and always uses intelligence(I.e. Deth Red Sabaoth spelling). His voice is in great form. He never lost it as most would think, and you can understand the words and hear them. Once again... Analog! // 10

Overall Impression: Overall... This album brings you back to the early days. There is one song that can be the potential "Mother" on this album and that is "Deth Red Moon". If you listen to the whole album.. Then you will easily see that it is a stand out and has a commercial (yuck) sound. I feel that it is billboard and radio ready. Other awesome songs that stand out are "Ju Ju Bone". This has a sorta sexual, evil connotation to it. The pace and the beat are like Lucifuge era. "Pyre Of Souls: Incanticle" is like what Black Aria III would sound like. And it is f--kin dark and killer! Then "Pyre Of Souls: Seasons Of Pain" comes in and finishes the job with Tommy pounding you with killer rifs and in ur face solos that shred like nobodys business. "Left Hand Rise Above" is a standard album closer. To which I love! I always look forward to his album closers. He has some of the best and they always end the journey perfect. This one succeeds on all levels. It sounds a lil like "Going Down To Die" infused with a lil "Dying Seraph". I could go on and on about the rest of the songs but they are all good The only song that kills me is "Hammer Of The Gods". Great Verses and Melody but when it comes to the chorus, then you become lost. You don't know what to sing or listen to lyric wise, because too much is going on vocally at the same time and the guitars added in with some riffage. Its becomes one big mess... Almost perfect if some vox tracks and guitar work was cut back or out. Now I love this song live.. Because you don't have the layers and all the extras. It is not messy anymore! Amazing Live!... Album version.. Meh. Would like to have and heard "Long Dark Road" that he talked about.. Hope he releases it as a single or B side. Other than that... Buy the album. It is worth the money and it is all that he said it would be. He delivered on his word in my opinion. And that's just my opinion. // 9

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