Time Does Not Heal Review

artist: Dark Angel date: 06/08/2010 category: compact discs
Dark Angel: Time Does Not Heal
Released: Jan 24, 1991
Genre: Thrash metal
Label: Combat
Number Of Tracks: 9
Time Does Not Heal is the Magnum Opus of the entire Thrash Metal sub genre.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Time Does Not Heal Reviewed by: Jack _Hatte, on june 08, 2010
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Sound: As a thrash metal musician myself, I can honestly say that this album is a band's dream. Having already been a band for a few years, Dark Angel by this time had developed flawless band cohesion; no one member is overpowering, everything fits together perfectly! And that is a hard thing to do considering that the drummer is Gene Hoglan! But Eric Meyer and Brett Erickson really pull it off with the mastery of their guitars, as well. And not to mention the smooth voice of Ron Rinehart juxtaposed with all this. The album is incredibly progressive, boasting 246 riffs making up the nine tracks. It incorporates a great deal of harmony and other aspects of music theory that had before not been common facets in thrash metal music. But what is truly incredible is that with all this refinement of style, the band never lost it's edge! The music is angsty and angry; it personifies thrash metal! // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics of the album Time Does Not Heal are amazing. Most of the tracks deal predominantly with a psychological problem stemming from an issue of society. Like for instance, the track "An Ancient Inherited Shame," where it talks about rape from the mindset of a female victim. The lyrics also fit in flawlessly with the music, which is something that Dark Angel struggled with in the past. Ron Rinehart did an amazing job singing on this album, although is vocal style is atypical to thrash metal because it is more melodic, certainly more so than his predecessor, Don Doty. In my opinion he was far better than the former, but that is a point of controversy amongst thrashers. // 10

Overall Impression: Time Does Not Heal is the Magnum Opus of the entire Thrash Metal sub genre. I first acquired a copy on double LP about three years ago, and each time I listen to it I am equally as mesmerized as when I first heard the tracks. Even today the tracks send goosebumps up my spine when I hear them plunge into that one part or that specific tempo change. The album is absolutely perfect in every field imaginable save one; release year. It was released at the wrong time; 1991. By that time, thrash metal was largely ignored, and so the album more or less faded into obscurity. If anybody is looking for that rare gem in music, this album most definitely is it! // 10

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