Projector review by Dark Tranquillity

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  • Released: Nov 25, 1998
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (13 votes)
Dark Tranquillity: Projector

Sound — 9
Well I was surprised there weren't any reviews for Projector since Dark Tranquillity is pretty much the band that created the Melodic Death Metal (along with In Flames and At the Gates). Well this album made an important change compared with "The Mind's I" which is the clean vocals of Stanne (which would be discarded until fiction) and more pianos and clean guitars (which will predominate after it).Something I missed are the complex guitars, but this is justified as the bassist Martin Henriksson just moved to guitar. Also in all Dark Tranquillity songs there have been shifts between hard (distorted, growled parts) and soft (acoustic parts) however they are more accentuated here as they included keyboards and Stanne singing clean vocals. These are the songs: 01.Freecard: this is one of the best tracks of the album in my opinion. Begins with a piano which becomes consistent in all the song and marks the shifts between the hard and soft parts. 10/10 02.ThereIn: begins with the trademark guitars with strange effects along with growled vocals, and as the song continues, there are changes between growled vocals and the baritone vocals of Stanne as the rhythm of the song changes. 8/10 03.UnDo Control: this is my favorite song of the album: Starts Johanna Anderson singing over acoustic and quiet guitars and then it all becomes distortion and growled vocals, as the song progresses you will get to one of the more memorable parts of the disc which is the interlude. 10/10 04.Auctioned: there aren't any growled vocals in this song. However the bass does a lot of complex figures along with the guitars. 8/10 05.To A Bitter Halt: begins with acoustic guitars and suddenly it starts with the distortion. The solo of this song is one the most complex in the entire album. 9/10 06.The Sun Fired Blanks: it starts with a distorted guitar (It is the only one in projector that starts that way). It is more like the older Dark Tranquillity songs, with the acoustic interlude and the fast guitars. 9/10 07.Nether Novas: starts with acoustic guitars and clean vocals. It has a great double solo and great changes between soft and hard parts. 8/10 08.Day Of End: nothing like Dark Tranquillity. I have no idea why they made this song. It's like an alternative rock with influences of techno song. Pretty Strange. 6/10 09.Dobermann: a very good song. Has some tempo changes which help to make more marked the changes between soft and hard. 08/10 10.On Your Time: the only song that starts with drums. Here, the vocals sound impressive and the gutiars sound pretty well along with the growled and sang vocals. 09/10

Lyrics — 10
Well, Stanne is one of the best lyricist ever. Here he deals with feelings, emotions and thoughts. The lyrics deal with lost of control, solitude, despair, meaning of life and madness. Also the performance of Stanne is pretty good. I really liked the clean vocals and also his growl is unique. To me, this what made the songs impressive was that the change between soft and hard were accentuated more with Stanne different ways of performing: with clean vocals and growls.

Overall Impression — 10
I reviewed this album ALONE, so I did not rated more or less with the comparison with old Dark Tranquillity. To me the most impressive songs where UnDo Control, Freecard and The Sun Fired Blanks. The good things are that this an album unlike any other. The bad things are the lack of really progressive parts in the guitar as where in previous albums. If this album were stolen or lost, I would have to download it illegaly, as here in Veracruz, there aren't many ways of buy it, because the stores are saturated with commercial things.

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    They sound like Dark Tranquility... They are one of the very first melodic death metal bands.
    jackofclubs wrote: They sound like Dark Tranquility... They are one of the very first melodic death metal bands.
    He is right with that....this album is amazing but very very melodic. I enjoy it
    Dark Tranquility are one of best melodic death metal bands out there. its amazing that they can make something melodious yet brutal. Most melodic death metal bands usually go decently slow.
    Amuro Jay
    Alexxx. wrote: Do these guys sound anything like insomnium?
    Nope. But they're both pretty damn awesome. I never knew there wasn't a review for this CD. Otherwise, I'd have written my own. Also, I thought Sundin wrote the lyrics? Or maybe he only wrote early In Flames lyrics... I can't remember.
    DT rules. I mean if they were in the US, they would have won major awards..