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artist: Dashboard Confessional date: 06/28/2006 category: compact discs
Dashboard Confessional: MTV Unplugged
Released: Dec 3, 2002
Genre: Rock
Styles: Emo, Indie Rock
Number Of Tracks: 15
This 52-minute selection is a well-chosen parade of hits and relative obscurities from throughout the band's career.
 Sound: 8.7
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 9.7
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overall: 9.3
MTV Unplugged Reviewed by: Ababil_Albarn, on november 16, 2004
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Sound: This is probably the best MTV Unplugged session behind Eric Clapton, REM and The Cure. The band is truly in their element in this live record, with the pristine vocals of the incomprable Chris Carrabba leading this 15 song set to glory. Acousticly, no new acts can touch this band. Chris and the band are truly masters of their art and have great chemistry to boot. The only drag about this record is just how much the crowd takes over the singing almost 25% of the time! Maybe it's just cementing their status as a cult favorite, not such a bad thing but as a casual listener it truly does get annoying. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics of Chris Carrabba are extremely narrative and naked (the style of emo obviously dictates this) but it seems that he has a marginal edge over other songwriters such as Chris Roe from The Ataris and those guys from Story Of The Year, Finch, and Taking Back Sunday. His lyrical equivalents would be Rivers Cuomo from Weezer and Jimmy Atkins from Jummy Eat World. But other than his revealing lyrics, he has one ace under his sleeve his beautiful high register. When he sings those "emotional" high bits featured on all of the 15 tracks on this record it always comes as a great contrast for refrence to the music and lyrics in the quiet and loud bits. His whispery, breathy voice is also kind of lullaby-ish (a compliment) which is very great to lose yourself into especially using headphones. // 10

Overall Impression: This is a great introduction to the band or the person, with songs encompassing their (or his) early releases before "A Mark, A Brand, A Mission, A Scar". Highlights include "The Best Deceptions" in which the crowd takes over the singing in the outro, "Remember To Breathe" in which the other band members make a debut in the show (the first two songs were just Chris and his acoustic guitar), "The Places You've Come To Fear The Most" which is a beautiful song to begin with, and of course the then new song "Hands Down" which is possibly the quintesential Dashboard Confessional song. Since Dashboard Confessional is arguebly the best acoustic band (even though they are not any more) that has emerged in the past 5 years this record is an absolute must for lovers of acoustic music! // 10

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overall: 10
MTV Unplugged Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 13, 2005
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Sound: Out looking for new music at best buy, I ran across Dashboard's MTV Unplugged album; I decided to pick it up for posterity, even though I dislike live recordings. Great decision. This is by far the best live album I have heard, if not ever, then in a great while. Chris' voice is crisp, as usual, and he adds a few new vocal touches to the songs. As for the music, Dashboard is doing what they do best: acoustic. How can it not come out right? // 10

Lyrics: Ah, the lyrics. The sheer genius. The beautifully woven, heartbreakingly honest emotion of Chris Carrabba's pen is nothing less than pure art. Couple the lyrics with his raw, personal, heartfelt voice and listen to the result. What else can I say? // 10

Overall Impression: This album encompasses everything I love about Dashboard. They are one of the best acoustic bands to date, and the Unplugged show spotlighted that great aspect of their music. Although the crowd noise can get irritating, on some songs it actually adds to the mood of the song. Overall, this is a great investment for fans of Dashboard, acoustic, or anyone who just wants to hear something new and moving. It has my recommendation. // 10

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overall: 9
MTV Unplugged Reviewed by: blinker2thinker, on june 28, 2006
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Sound: This is without question one of the best live performances of any band to set foot on the TRL stage. Dashboard really had their act together for this one. The sound was excelent and in 5.1 surround makes it so much better. Dashboard Confessional is mostly an acoustic band anyway (that's probably why they made the transition to Unplugged so well) the guitar is so crisp sounding probably cuz he's playing a Gibson and it would sound good if you recorded it on an 8 track tape. Drums sound awesome to. Mike Marsh is the shit. When he plays the drums he looks like he's not even trying and yet he's one of the better drumers out their. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are really what make Dashboard. Their very strange and sometimes hard to follow. Sometimes they rhyme sometimes they dont. Mostly Chris Carabba is a storyteller if he has something to say he's not going to worry about weather it rhyms or not he's just going to tell you the way it went down. Which is nice most bands dont really think about what their saying they just care if it rhyms or the words are catchy, but Chris seems to pull of both. The audience really got into the show! Most of the people their knew almost every word to wvery song. And their were some that had absolutly no idea what was going on and tryed to join in the sing-song. Quite amusing to watch people screw up on live TV. But they did serve their place when the audience sings along with Chris it adds a nice chorus touch that Dashboard might think about incourperating into future albums. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall a very enjoyable experience for the die-hard fan or the casual viewer. The only thing I didn't like was Dan Bonebreak the bass player. He was always bouncing around and acting like an idiot. But you'll get over that quickly. // 9

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