Invulnerable review by Davin Wood

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
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Davin Wood: Invulnerable

Sound — 9
An almost perfect John Lennon impression on part of instrumentals enters this album, with a twist belonging only to the incredible musician that is this unheard of television show soundtrack artist. Davin Wood, known for his work on shows such as Tim and Eric's Awesome Show Great Job! and Tom Goes to the Mayor enters such an incredible range with his stellar intro track, "Waltzes." The lyrics are fantastic, and stand out by being simplistic, but inspiring and beautiful. "I'm writing waltzes in a major key/And with a slight amount of honesty./Now you can bet/When I get/The final words and melody-/It's gonna send you spinning back to me!" This well-strung series of words is sung by what is perhaps one of the best singers I've heard yet, with not too much range, but an almost visual characteristic when he works his ways through the words. This simplistic, well-mixed waltz will leave you singing it over and over for the next days, and if it weren't for Davin Wood's unheard of work, he'd perhaps be one of the headlining artists in this world. The next two tracks are, unfortunately, not as exciting as this beginning. They feel a bit dull and slow, and while well-written, like progrock, they fail to capture the real emotion. However, on track four, "Still She Watches," we encounter what is now one of my favorite tracks. The luscious ballad of piano followed by synth lines brings to mind solo artists such as Chroma Key, headed by former Dream Theater keyboardist Kevin Moore, or emo/indie talents As Tall As Lions. Track six, "Squirrely," gains certain attention from me for having both excellent lyrics and it's absolutely adorable title. Really, squirrels are my favorite animals - Perhaps I'm a tad biased, though. The song trailing after this one, titled "Follow You," echoes sentiments to Jay-Jay Johanson and other britpop artists with it's heavy Beatles inspiration and addictive, funky bass beat. The lyrics and vocals do something to contradict the music however, and though his singing would be perfect elsewhere, somehow his range doesn't capture where this song could go. A talented song nonetheless. After this comes the easily very George Harrison inspired, dark and brooding, "Darkness Follows." Davin Wood's range doesn't fail this song, and the arpeggiation in the perfectly-recorded acoustic guitar. It comes off something minimalistic, which is good as it is, and continues through with the deepness you could find in this full album. In order to conserve space, I'll skip a couple of tracks and review the title track as a final addition. Once again this pulls to mind Chroma Key, with the chords in the background echoing off of invisible walls, and the classic synth tone pounding through each speaker. For the first couple of minutes you feel suspended in space, before you're pulled from the harmony of ambience to enter a something angrier realm, with a new synth pounding into you a few sharp notes along with a quickly following and equally angry voice, keeping the calm of the track while managing to add pressure and torture to the song like an excellent blues artist. This album is amazing on almost all angles in terms of sound.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are, as I've mentioned various times, perfect. His vocals have their flaws, and can sometimes feel a little uncharismatic and something scared of change, but they work perfectly and there's no reason to complain. Each and every song is accented with lyrics that would make Bob Dylan jealous, and the vocals can, while with the human flaws, accent almost every emotion imaginable.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is The Beatles with a twist of Chroma Key and a hint of Jay-Jay Johanson, all of whom feel as though are apparent inspirations. As far as I know, however, Davin Wood hasn't heard of Chroma Key, until recently. I did get in contact with him through Myspace and informed him that Chroma Key sounds similar to Still She Watches, and he thanked me and told me of an upcoming album. Fans of Tim and Eric, you'll be happy to learn that Tim Heidecker and Davin Wood are teaming up to create a brand new comedy album. I, personally, cannot wait.

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