Origin review by Dayseeker

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  • Released: Apr 21, 2015
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 4.7 (20 votes)
Dayseeker: Origin

Sound — 9
I've said it once in a recent review, and I'll say it again, being technical doesn't automatically mean you're good. I love technical guitar players, from Tosin Abasi, to David Davidson, to JB Brubaker, but in the end, it's not all about the guitar player. Sure enough, guitar playing does in fact play a huge role in a band. I'm sure most valuable bands don't aim to become to next chug fest or the next Emmure, but whatever floats your boat, I guess. Dayseeker actually does a fairly good job in the guitar section. Sure, there aren't any guitar solos on this album but each song hits hard, and is extremely melodic. When I listen to these guys, I think of Memphis May Fire's earlier works. The drumming is solid, the uncleans are deadly, and the cleans are worked well throughout the album.

Lyrics — 10
Rory uses extremely careful words when he writes his lyrics. You won't find too many lyricists like him in this scene. If anything, Landon Tewers is another great example of a vocalist similar to Rory that is very good. The album begins with a headbanger, titled "The Nail in Our Coffin":

"Now learn to live inside the hell you embrace
No longer blissful in ignorance, my eyes are open wide, I see right through your lies
It's the nail in our coffin, it's the burning of bridges, it's the immeasurable hell, couldn't keep your hands to yourself."

"You don't have the backbone to face the one's you left for your dead" Rory yells out in "The Earth Will Turn," which also features a music video. I got the chills from it, not gonna lie. Now, one of my favorite songs on this entire album, lyrically, and structure wise, has got to be "Lucid Dreamer":

"God won't speak to me, made my plea's but he's not listening
I lie sleepless in bed reflecting on every lie I've been fed
What a world to be chained and bound to, I feel sorry for each saved soul who truly thinks they've found you."

The entire song starts out slow with singing and clean guitars, then about 1:36 in goes into screaming and distortion. Now... after reading those lyrics, you could probably already tell that Rory has lost his faith in God. The next track goes into more detail, and personally, I love it. However, it might offend some people. And this is where The Plot In You comparison comes in handy because on their last album, one of the lyrics on "Fiction Religion" is "My hope, and my faith let me down." In Dayseeker's "A God Without a Face" of course already sounds like a much deeper song, but here are some of the lyrics:

"God won't speak to me, I'm not sure he was ever listening
All those years asking for help but I was simply talking to myself
Not worthy of your grace, I'm done seeking out a god who won't show his face."

And last, but not least, "Never See the Sun Rise" is yet another song with some meaningful, heartfelt message:

"The more I'm trying to let go, the more that it's killing me
Why am I burying my child when I'm wishing it was me in that grave
I should not be burdened with this pain, it's not fair to us, I'm giving up
Oh I died inside when I knew she'll never see the sun rise."

All in all, you will notice the first few songs seem to have been a lot on topic with past relationships, while the later half is religion. Say what you will if you think these are generic topics, then fine, but Rory has a great way of writing.

Overall Impression — 10
If you compare these guys to other bands, just be aware that they're not the same. I only compared these guys to Memphis May Fire, and The Plot In You for just a few similarities. Overall, this album will be extremely difficult to top for me regarding this genre. But as some of you may know, there are at least a dozen of competitors, so they could get knocked down, but seriously, this album was so unexpected for me. I only know of these guys because a friend introduced them to me, and I DO NOT regret it. Rory's vocals, during soft moments, like in "Spotless Mind" will soothe you, while the uncleans on basically every other song on the album will tear you apart. The heartfelt lyrics, on top of the crisp sound of guitars should automatically bring you in for a treat. Personally, my number one favorite on the entire album is "A God Without a Face," but "Never See the Sun Rise" and "The Earth Will Turn" come in close as well. You be the judge, and listen for yourself, though.

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    Sounds like poppy metalcore with some djent influences in some parts. Not digging it, but giving it a 3 score is a little harsh. I give it a 5: worth checking.
    How is the genre not dead yet?
    Being almost 20 years old, I think the genre already survived its "expiration date" and became a well-established genre. Like unikorngod says, there are still plenty of good bands playing it; In the end, if you don't like it, don't listen to it.
    It's metalcore. That's pretty much all I gotta say. If you're expecting anything that you're not going to hear in a normal metalcore band, then you're listening to the wrong band. And I guess if you like plain old metalcore, this is a great band.
    Instrumentally, it's fairly enticing, but once again the vocalist is the band's undoing. His voice is moderately pleasant, but the improper singing at certain moments, resulting in some nasally moments, along with his pronunciation of the word "me" as "mehhh"--that lost me.
    i should be into this track, instrumental is good, vocals are decent . but the tune lacks to make me feel any emotion, which automatically makes me uninterested in any song . just imo . i also feel like this song is nothing new to the genre just another rinse and repeat of the same old same old . i feel like this genre really lacks truely talented and skillfull guitarist . idk. to me it seems like every band in this genre sounds the same and i wouldn't be suprised if all the bands just copy each others sound and make subtle changes . what happend to being your self and being original. is there any hope for this genre ;P
    Everyone complains about bands like falling in reverse or sleeping with sirens, etc insert band name from the genre here, this band sounds like every one of those other bands and guitar playing doesn't sound complicated or is complicated. I don't understand. like jazz or other genre's you can make an argument that each player sounds different and has different feel but this genre most of it sounds the same unless theirs solo's which isn't any. not trying to sound like a dick I just don't understand. TBH these guys sound like We Came as Romans to me.
    The problem with Falling in Reverse and Sleeping With Sirens is that their vocalists showcase no discernible talent, and their voices sound like shit to the educated ear. At least the vocalist in this band has his moments, some bad but some surprisingly good.
    I understand that the vocalists showcase no talent really however the guitar player in falling in reverse that guy knows music theory and knows his instrument. same goes for their drummer. This band to me just sounds like "Generic name" I wish I could hear what the reviewer hears. Always up for purchasing new music.
    I don't feel that this album attempts to do anything except capitalise on a worn-out genre with derivative riffs and songwriting. Not even worth checking out.