Intermission: The Greatest Hits Review

artist: dc Talk date: 08/18/2006 category: compact discs
dc Talk: Intermission: The Greatest Hits
Release Date: Nov 21, 2000
Label: ForeFront
Genres: Christian Rap, CCM, Alternative CCM, Christian Rock
Number Of Tracks: 19
Still, Intermission is a bold statement of where the band has been and where it's going.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.3
Intermission: The Greatest Hits Reviewed by: wiggsy, on august 18, 2006
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Sound: Although the front cover to this album says 'the greatest hits' in big letters, very little of DC Talk's earlier music (or their early '90s hip-hop sound) features on this disk. 'Intermission:' is primarily a pop/rock album, though their pop side seems to feature slightly more. However that does not detract from this being a great album, with their best song to date 'Jesus Freak' heading the list of electric guitar thrashers. Overall, although the sound is a little unbalanced, with not enough of the rock influence featuring, and the bare minimum of early 90's hip-hop, it sounds good enough to warrant a high score. // 8

Lyrics: Be real, this is DC Talk we're talking about! The lyrics are always going to be great. Focusing on a range of life topics, such as spirituality, racism, faith, love, and making mistakes (as we all do), each song clearly conveys a message that is relevant to us all, christian or non. Having been branded by many reviewers and critics as the first Christian band to make great music that is not too preachy, this 'greatest hits' disk does nothing to damage that reputation. // 9

Overall Impression: First things first, this album would get a 10 (personal point of view) if those at Forfront records had chosen the right songs to include on this 'greatest hits' album. Interesting inclusions are the two new songs by dctalk on the disk. The first, 'Chance' leaves a lot to be admired, the second, 'SugarCoat It' is only a marginal improvement. Interesting exclusions are DC Talk's last no.1 single 'Dive', the radio hit 'What have we become' and any of the good songs on their first two albums. However, let that not stop you from admiring this attempt at a 'greatest hits' album. If you are new to DC Talk, this is not the best disk to buy (buy 'Jesus Freak' instead). And to answer the set question. I wouldn't buy this disk again, because I have got all the others already. // 8

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