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  • Released: May 13, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (26 votes)
Dead by April: Dead By April

Sound — 9
In February 2007 Jimmie Strimell, at the time vocalist with Gothenburg metal-band Nightrage, felt he needed an outlet for the melodies he was writing, that didn't suit the band. He heard some of the work by Pontus Hjelm and saw a possibility to collaborate. Said and done. Dead By April was born. The first result, 'Lost' and 'Stronger' were posted on the bands new Myspace-site. It was only a matter of a week or two before they hundreds of listens every day. They wrote some more songs and more band members joined. Dead by April had it's breakthrough when the song "Losing You" was played all over Sweden in a Trailer to Sweden's "Survivor" show. In October 2008 Dead by April became signed by Universal Music. Now we can start to talk about the album. I'm sorry for my bad English. Dead by April have done more then 20 songs and in this album they just had 12 songs (13 with the extended-version). "Metal" mixed with "Pop" is what this is all about. You can't say that some tunes is bad. Already in Sweden the Dead by April album entered the Swedish sales chart at number two this week, right behind Green Day...

Lyrics — 9
After you have heard the tunes 3 or 4 times you can start to sing with. It's both "clean" sing and "Screams" and with the music it compliances very good(I don't know if that sentence became right). Sometimes you can feel "Hmm.. This have I heard before", but it still are very good. I will point that some Swedish critics don't have liked the lyrics only cause it's "gamla klyschor". If you are a little finicky you can also think that the text in the lyrics are bad.

Overall Impression — 9
They have their own style of music with guitar riffs, piano, and keyboard. If you buy the extended-version you also gets an interesting DVD and some extra material. (Ohh shit, now it sounds like I am some sort of ""advertising"" kid who wants you to buy the album. Just because that, I will write some bad things about the album). If you have heard ALL their songs you will became a little disappointed when its only 12 songs and some of the songs that aren't in the album are very good as well. Hmm... ths best songs...I think "Losing You" is fantastic with a piano intro and a very strong chorus. In second place we have "Stronger" which is a bit more "heavy". "Erased" and "Promise Me" is also very good tunes. Hope you have enjoyed this review and I apologize for all the bads/wrongs in the text.

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    This is really an interesting band that I really suggest people to check out. I wouldn't give the album a 9, more like a 7 or possibly an 8, it's a good album but it feels like they haven't really thought it through, it's more like they've made a bunch of songs and thrown 'em all together. Another thing that makes me dislike them a little bit is that they have canceled both the shows where I was going to see them (Metaltown 2008 and the Sonic Syndicate gig earlier this year), but I've heard they can be quite good live. This is surely a band to look out for in the future, and if you haven't heard them yet go check 'em out!
    Just like Zeveron writes, it feels maybe like they've made a bunch of songs and thrown them in one album. But still I think its a good band. "Falling Behind" owns!!!!!
    I played with them recently in their one off London show(Camden Barfly june 8th). Was first of all suprised by how many people had turned out considering how little exposure they've had in the UK. Secondly, they sound MASSIVE live with all the keys/strings on tracks in the background
    Great band, great album. I personally love the fact that they've got multiple genres on the album and, at times, several per song. Some people find it mish mashed or thrown together sounding, but to me, it's a refreshing change from entire albums that can't seem to stray from a one move formula. I say the more eclectic the better.
    I saw them live some days ago(Siesta-Festival /SWE), everything is tight and were well rehersed. The leadsinger screams really nice but he got big problem with the attitude and he missed more than one note, more like every high. I like this band, it was fun too watch. My favorite song is Stronger! And I guess they are going too go far! They are still fresh rookies, so I will give them some more time to evolve on stage! 7.5/10
    I've seen them live twice and I can safely say that they were pure rubbish both times. I was forced to see them as openers to Dark Tranquillity once (only made DT seem even better), and the second time I saw them at Metaltown Festival 2009 just for teh lulz. No, I'm not a fan of their music either as you can't avoid LUSING YU for shit anymore, I find their song-writing generally bland (yes, I've heard most of the album), the clean vocals are annoying and quite sour live, the screams are average, and a large portion of their fans are obnoxious little twats. So, I dunno what you guys think, but I just want the hype around these hacks to die... fast.