Out Of Ashes Review

artist: Dead By Sunrise date: 07/02/2010 category: compact discs
Dead By Sunrise: Out Of Ashes
Released: Oct 13, 2009
Genre: Post-grunge, hard rock, alternative rock
Label: Warner Bros. Records
Number Of Tracks: 12
I love the way Bennington has made his side project sound compeltely different to Linkin Park which I think is very important.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Out Of Ashes Reviewed by: Smokinjoerules1, on july 02, 2010
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Sound: Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) described this album as a more Grunge-y approach to music and his own songwriting, I agree with him this album has taken a Grunge approach. I would say that album itself is probably half grunge half soft rock and mellow tunes actually, of which the mellow songs I prefer. The overall sound of the album is in fact excellent! Different for Bennington, but fantastic! 01. Fire: probably one of the best songs on the album as far as sound is concerned. A steady progressive intro leads into an all round excellent song, the chorus probably being the best part of the song! A heavy guitar mixed with reverbed vocals make for a brilliant song and would probably do well in the charts as it isn't too heavy. 5/5 02. Crawl Back In: this was the first song I heard off the album and was quite impressed by it and still am. This track is one of the Grunge based tracks on the album, and although I'm not a fan of Grunge music, it's an impressive song (as are all the Grunge based songs on this album). A heavy guitar riff, great chorus, catchy guitar solo and great screams from Chester yet again! 5/5 03. Too Late: another one of my favourites on the album, this song is beautiful and meaningful all throughout. Again another reverb based song with more mellow guitar parts used, yet still managing to sound excellent! And yet again the chorus of the song is one of the best parts of the song! 5/5 04. Inside Of Me: begins with a typical Grunge-y riff and catchy verses and guitar parts make this track stand out. Although not quite as good as the previous three songs, it's still very good. 4/5 05. Let Down: quite an electronic and keyboard based song, especially at the begin. This song is another mellow song that shows off Chester's soft vocal side again. And again, the chorus is very good. 4/5 06. Give Me Your Name: Doesn't start amazingly but ends up being one of the best mellow songs on the album! Soft and acoustic based with effect-heavy guitars in the background. I think the chorus is exceptional, there's just something about it that makes it so beautiful, which in turn gives the song a lot of meaning and relaxation. 5/5 07. My Suffering: a fast pased grunge song with a very catchy drumbeat and guitar riff at the begining of the track, resulting in quite a heavy and screamed based track! A track for Chester to show off his screams. 4/5 08. Condemned: a very rhythmic song especially toward the choruses and the end of the song and another heavy track for Chester to show off his screaming ability and the guitarist Amir to show off his guitar abilities! 4/5 09. Into You: the only song on the album that I don't particulary like because the chorus sounds too much like track six which lets it down, the song itself on its own isn't bad though. 3/5 10. End Of The World: a very different sounding song, probably more mainstream rock. With different instruments palying a different times throughout, it makes the song sound repetitively fresh if that makes any sense haha! 5/5 11. Walking In Circles: in the top three songs from the album in my eyes. Very acoustic and synth based with simple but effective lyrics and enough bass to back it up. These two ending tracks are the most eerie on the album so for me making them excellent, this song even has a guitar solo in it. I love this song! 5/5 12. In The Darkness: the second eerie track to finish off a great album! With some kind of weird synth put on the vocals at first, it makes the intro very interesting indeed. Another great mellow track to end a great album! 5/5 Track 9 is the only reason why this section does not get a 10/10. But this album still sounds spectacular! // 9

Lyrics: As usual for Chester he puts a lot of thought and meaning into his lyrics, instead of just finding words that rhyme with each other. The lyrics fit perfectly with every song, no matter how good it is, and every song has a different theme, for example 'Walking In Circles' has lyrics in it that represent someones view of hell whereas 'Let Down' describes the singers fight against something that we don't know, anyone could interpret it in any way, that's how good a lot of these lyrics are on the album! Chester Bennington's vocal skills haven't changed at all going from one band's album to another, he sounds exactly like he does in Linkin Park which is great! He makes lyrics in track 6 "... and I fall into the ocean", (which are basic lyrics) sound beautiful. // 10

Overall Impression: Since I can't compare this album to a previous album because this is Dead By Sunrise's first album, I will compare this to Linkin Park. I think Chester has formed a band to rival his other band. This album is better than Hybrid Theory in my opinion, simply because I love nearly every song on this album, on Hybrid Theory there's a few I don't like. The best songs on the album have to be: "Fire", "Give Me Your Name", "Walking In Circles" and "In The Darkness". But there all good. I love the way Bennington has made his side project sound compeltely different to Linkin Park which I think is very important. If it were stolen I'd set my dog after the theif, if anything I think it's worth getting this album insured haha! I simply love this album so much! Buy it now, Linkin Park fan or not! // 10

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