This Is The Warning review by Dead Letter Circus

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  • Released: May 14, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.4 (23 votes)
Dead Letter Circus: This Is The Warning

Sound — 9
Before You criticise me, I am only a kid writting a review for a band I know everyone needs to hear. Dead Letter Circus, a tight four piece alternative rock band from Brisbane Australia should be known about. They should be touring around the world. Why? I don't know, they are freaking awesome! With there latest release 'This Is The Warning' being released May 14th, who knows where it may take them? With Dead Letter Circus's last E.P. blowing the Australian hard rock scene away, they were eagerly anticipating a follow up. Will it lead up to all expectations? It does, and looks set to catapult them into international fame. Dead Letter Circus has a unique sound ranging from their fellow countrymen Karnivool to internationl Prog Rockers The Mars Volta. With Kim Benzie leading the charge with volta-esk vocals that absolutely blow away any volta or higher pitched alt rock singing fan. (Yes he can hit the notes I have seen them live) There sound is almost progressive in that fact of the musical boundaries it breaks, yet sticks true to conventional song structures of chorus's and verses etc. The guitar sound that Rob Maric produces is incredible, never have I enjoyed that much delay in a band. But the use of it is just superb. Bassist Stewart Hill provides a steady foundation for the band, just like any bassist should and last but not least the stickman Luke Williams. Formaly my drum teacher I saw first hand just how $%^&ing amazing he is. Songs like 'The Drum' surely back up my words. 'Walk' Also shows off his talent. The album boasts 12 tracks. Starting with the superb vocally impressive 'Here We Divide,' It's memorable chorus of 'Here open wide, What you wanted to see, You decide, Only One Step From.....' Showcases Benzie's range. 'One Step' is anthem like song putting instant pictures into your head of a sold out stadium full of people singing along. Well my head anyway. 'Big' could only be described as well, BIG. The song starts off with a delayed guitar riff before ripping into a bass drum friendly section that soon leads into a quieter vocally conscoius section building up to a truely epic chorus. 'The Space Of The Wall' is another smashing track with incredible lyrics and vocals 'Will you go home to the same room!'. Starting with a march type feel before bursting into another memorable riff. With Hill's bass really pumping this one along. 'This Long Hour' is a industrial inspired track that builds up for the first few minutes. This song for me was one of the weaker ones on the album, none the less still a strong track. 'Cage' was another one that I didn't like as much, but still I never skip it on the listen of the album. It just takes a while to get into. But once you are into it the song sort of breaks out of its 'cage.' ha ha ha. 'Reaction' is an amazing song, but already features on their 'Next In Line' ep. So I had already listened that one to death. None the less a great song with meaningful lyrics. The same goes for 'Next In Line.' 'The Drum' was a standout track for me off the album. Almost a tool-esk build up before it explodes into a fearful drum solo supported by fast guitar. 'The Design' is a new approach from DLC and a fairly experimental one at that. Something to surely check out. 'Walk' Is another drum tasty song that allows Williams to experiment around guitars and a huge vocal bridge. 'This Is Warning' could only be an album ender. It just leaves you wanting for more. The different time signitures throghout make this song even more progressive then others, but still staying true to a chorus bridge etc.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics arnt staggering, yet a definant inprovement over the first EP. I am still in the process of understanding all the lyrics, but what I have discovered so far has been amazing. The only problem with Benzie's voice I find is that it doesn't have a massive range, but it doesn't need to. It suits DLC's sound perfectly. Also sometimes when the singing goes really high at the same time as the guitars it almost gets lost in the song.

Overall Impression — 10
Dead Letter Circus are brilliant and this album truely showcases them as the next big thing in alternative rock. Well I hope so. There was one fear that I had. It was that all there songs would sound the same on this album. They all sound unique and different in there own rights while still staying true to there own sound. Dead Letter Circus 'The Is The Warning.' Go buy it now. And Support Australian Rock. It rules. Don't bag me out, I am only a child and this is my first review.

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    Dead Letter Circus are amazing!!! Everyone should get this album, if you're not in Australia download that shit. Its worth it. They manage to blow me away with three and a half minute tunes time and time again. You don't need to be a guitar player to appreciate this band - something I can't say about Karnivool as much.
    jambi_mantra wrote: Love it, though I prefer Karnivool if I'm being honest. Regardless, that group of Aussie bands (Butterfly effect, Mammal, Karnivool, Birds of Tokyo etc) I just love.
    Yeah have to agree with you, Karnivool do it for me over any aussie band. Songs like Scarabs, C.O.T.E, Umbra, Themata just do it for me.
    Of course Karnivool are better than Dead Letter Circus - they're far more experienced and have got way more tours and gigs under their belt. Expecting good things from Dead Letter, they look pretty good to me. Review was rubbish. I don't care how old you are, my 13 year old sister can write better than this. Easily. Sound like a) a massive fanboy and b) an uneducated idiot. Just sayin'...
    Good album. prefer their heavier stuff from the EP's. But still love it. Here we divide, big and space on the wall are great, along with walk and the tracks from the next in line EP.
    Also, worth noting it was produced by Forrester Savell. He's done amazing things with bands like karnivool, butterfly effect, mammal and from the ashes.
    Love it, though I prefer Karnivool if I'm being honest. Regardless, that group of Aussie bands (Butterfly effect, Mammal, Karnivool, Birds of Tokyo etc) I just love.
    Seen these guys live a few times, they have a great sound, especially at festivals. Wouldn't say they are all that unique, particularly the vocals, sounds just like all the other Aussie hard rock groups. Would especially recommend picking up the EP.
    The first paragraphs just.. you just set the standard of what people are gonna think. About the band though, its pretty nice music. Nothing too heavy, but just light enough to be relaxing. Might just get it.
    I haven't heard this album, but i saw the band live and i heard a few songs on their myspace well over a year ago and i must say i found them somewhat boring. The songs are too similar, and basically have the same vibe and aside from a few moments that may stand out it's rather ordinary.
    Hmmm. Not baaad...but...somehow it all seems very familiar...You start out saying they have a 'Unique ' sound...ranging from Karnivool to the Mars Volta...which they sort of sound like in some maybe not so 'Unique '...sorry, i don't mean to slag your just being a widdle kid and all (?)