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artist: Deadmau5 date: 05/30/2013 category: compact discs
Deadmau5: Album Title Goes Here
Released: Sep 25, 2012
Genre: Progressive House, Tech House, Electronic
Label: Mau5trap Recordings, Ultra Records
Number Of Tracks: 13
Overall, if you want something to listen to at a party, play at a club, or are new to the EDM scene, I would strongly recommend this 80 minute album.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
Album Title Goes Here Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 30, 2013
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Sound: So, let me start by saying that this is the only review by the EDM artist, Deadmau5 found on UG. I'm also gonna say that this is his SECOND album. The first one, "4X4=12" was released a while back (I don't remember the year, but I wanna say it's around 2008). Now, to the actual review. I am a really big fan of Deadmau5, as well as other EDM artists (Bassnectar, Excision, Krewella, etc). However, those artists focus on primarily dubstep with the filthy wobble and bass drops. There's not a lot of that when it come to Deadmau5. He generally produces straight dance music. Heavy bass, catchy leads, and the occasional vocals. This album features Gerard Way, former lead singer of My Chemical Romance (former as in the band is no longer together as of writing this), Cypress Hill, Imogen Heap, and Wolfgang Gartner. Each bring their own style to the album, whether it be Cypress Hill talking about their recreational drug use in the song "Failbait," Imogen Heap bring their lovely voice to talk about bad cell phone reception in the song, "TElemiscommunications," and Gerard Way just brings his new found dance style of singing to the song, "Professional Griefers." All pretty much have a upbeat dance feel to them, with the exception of "Closer" and "Sleepless" and "Telemiscommunications." // 8

Lyrics: Now, with this being an album solely based on club music and bass, there's not really a whole lot of vocals on the track. But that ones that do have vocals, "Professional Griefers," "Failbait," "The Veldt," "Sleepless" (I'm only including this one because there are vocals, but they're pretty much done with a robot), and "Telemiscommunications," all have sound words and fit the song perfectly. Actually, let me take that back. "Professional Griefers" features just a bunch of random phrases such as: "Girls with guns on LSD" "I like the sound of the broken pieces" "Watch them build a friend just like you" Other then that, the lyrics fit the song perfectly, and it's just all around great to listen to. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, if you want something to listen to at a party, play at a club, or are new to the EDM scene, I would strongly recommend this 80 minute album. I listen to it on a loop whenever I'm gaming or working out and it gives me that pumped up feeling I'm looking for. I also listen to some of the slower songs whenever I just need to chill. Is it different then "4X4=12"? HELL YES. "4X4=12" is more focused on the dance scene itself, but prior to releasing this, Deadmau5 had announced that with this album, it would show a new style that he would like to go with his music, a big track he hinted at was "Failbait." I wouldn't think of him to make rap beats, but hey. I'm not Deadmau5. I just use his music for inspiration in the music that I write.

// 9

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