Sound Of Perseverance review by Death

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  • Released: Sep 15, 1998
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (99 votes)
Death: Sound Of Perseverance

Sound — 10
Technical Death Metal at its finest hour. Death's final release due the death of Chuck Schuldiner well he already had technically dissolved the band to form Control Denied but I'm sure all of us who listen to his stuff will miss him. Some of Death's best songs in my oppinion. It sounds very thrashy and technical, in contrast to their early material which was very gore metal-like (but still miles above the competetion). Some say it's not technical enough, but too much technically can make an album boring to listen to, not that Death has ever been boring. Drumming is rock solid! Richard Christy is a true master, too bad he left Iced Earth for a spot on the Howard Stern show (I know it sounds ridiculous), and I really have no idea whats going on with Burning Inside anymore. Overal very solid sounding album.

Lyrics — 10
Chuck's best lyrics in my oppinion, like I said in my review of Symbolic, very poetic, un-gorified (I made that word up myself). I personally like the raspy sound of his voice on later albums more than the early ones, much easier to understand. Of course I would still give a 5 if it was completely impossible to recognize the words at all because of the quality of the lyrics. Again as in my Symbolic review if you listen to Death Metal for lyrics and singing you must have a screw loose.

Overall Impression — 10
For the last album from a legendary band, it certainly fits. Too bad Chuck has left us, he had so many more great songs to write. Personally my fav. songs are Flesh and the Power it holds, and Voice of Soul (great but short instrumental). Check this stuff out.

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    R I P CHUCK! I am posting this 5 years after his death, to the very day (December 13), just to say what an amazing musician Chuck was, and how influential he is to everybody in the death metal scene, or the entire metal scene for that matter. Truly a god among men.
    People need to stop obsessing over Dimebag Darrell and focus on a true virtuoso. Chuck Shuldiner. Very under rated. But, in a way, that's good thing. Who wants to be over rated? Fuck it. Only the real metal heads and musicians know. Chuck is a legend.
    This is real heavy metal not like this other crap thats out there today!
    ali Bear
    The best album by far!!! Why do all the greats have to bloody die!!!!! RIP Chuk
    No disrespect to Dime, but I'd rather listen to Chuck anyday. That guy was just inhuman. Death are without doubt one of the finest bands to ever grace this planet.
    It's a real shame Chuck died. I first heard about him in Metal Hammer Magazine when they listed the 100 greatest Metal guitarists. He actual wasn't in the lsit but there was a section dedicated to the best who had died. First was Dimebag, second Randy Rhoads, and third Chuck. iwas reading that he pretty much invented death metal and that he died of a brain tumor, and i thought about how much of a shame it was. now i realise really HOW much of a shame it really was. i've been listening to death a lot and they're amazing, they're different from death metal bands. i have a lot of respect and admiration for chuck because he didn't follow the rules, he did what he watned, and i follow that path as well. RIP Chuck ps i really want to get every death album there is
    why does scavenger of human sorrow starts like spirit crusher? why????
    wtf r u talking about , they dont start the same ur a moron. Deaths best album