Sound Of Perseverance review by Death

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  • Released: Sep 15, 1998
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (101 votes)
Death: Sound Of Perseverance

Sound — 9
Chuck Schuldiner and his fellow musical friends put together an amazing demonstration of how to combine the instruments of a band in this album, "Sound of Perseverance." By far Death's best album released, no question about it. Chuck's voice takes on a very different sound in this album, more of a high pitched death metal voice rather than his deeper sounding voice on "Symbolic" and other albums. Chuck Schuldiner is a genius at what he does. You'll love this album if you love the death metal genre, I guarantee it. I also think you'll love this album even more if you're a guitar player. Chuck Schuldiner is among the best guitarists in metal to ever live. He knows when to play fast, he knows how to play melodically and he knows how to bounce back between vocals and the guitar. Many of you are always interested in Shuldiner's solos. They are definitely some of his best, and the instrumental "Voice of the Soul," is arguably one of the best sounding metal instrumentals on the face of the earth. Another notable solo is "A Moment of Clarify," where he solos for over a minute and combines speed and melody in his solo to make it one of his best yet.

Lyrics — 8
In death metal, it's obviously hard to understand many of the lyrics. Chuck's lyrics have always been thought to be on the satanic side (but he denies ever basing his lyrics of satanism). Most of his lyrics are about vicious things, such as "The Scavenger of Human Sorrow." Lots of times these lyrics are very interesting to listen to, and if you can get all of the words he's saying, good messages are given. In terms of the vocal's sound, it's a completely different sound than you've ever heard before. If you're looking for something new, this is for you. His voice is like no other. His high pitched screams are exciting to listen to (some of his highest shrilling screams are in the remake of Judas Priest' "Painkiller," which is a very good cover). Many people may not like the new voice for Schuldiner, but it does go well with his metal riffs he creates.

Overall Impression — 9
01. Flesh And The Power It Holds - this song is very interesting. Some may think the riffs are a bit disoriented and don't flow well, but in all it's a good song and the opening 3 minutes of this song is great! 02. Scavenger Of Human Sorrow - from drum solos to guitar solos, this song is one of the best off the album. The lyrics are a bit lacking, but the flow of the song is great. 03. Bite The Pain - this song is also one of their best, with powerful, fast riffs. I love the lyrics in this song, as well as Schuldiner's ability to fit in cool guitar solos and riffs. 04. Spirit Crusher - another fun, fast paced song and the sound is definitely a dark song that could possibly be named Death Metal itself. Also, be sure to listen to the insanely fast duel lead in this song. 05. A Moment Of Clarity - this song is amazing. It has everything in my opinion, great lyrics, great meaning, great guitar riffs, and to top it off, has the best solo of the album (although Painkiller's solos are hard to beat). 06. Painkiller - Death covered Judas Priest' "Painkiller" and did an excellent job. It's a nice change because it has the typical Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus... etc. format, rather than Death's very unique format of riff after riff that's different. Once again, this has an amazing solo and the voice of Schuldiner is a shrill and high pitched scream that makes you head bang! 07. Story To Tell - I absolutely love the intro on this song, but after that, this song kind of falls of for me, but it's almost worth it just to hear the intro. 08. Voice Of The Soul - I could write a page about this song. With acoustic backing, Schuldiner puts together an excellent harmony and works it to perfection. If you're a guitarist, you have to listen to this song. It's just amazing the harmonies sound and it sends this wave of good feeling down your entire body when you hear the sound of this song. 09. To Forgive Is To Suffer - this song is just another Death song for me. It's kind of plain and bland, but it definitely has some good riffs as always. Overall this album is by far Death's best. Very few rival Chuck Schuldiner's ability to create guitar riffs and match it with vocals. It gives you inspiration if you're a guitar player as well. Chuck plays fast, but he always includes melody as well in his solos, so he's got the whole package and he's a great guitarist to model after.

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    I love this album, it's definitely a close second as my favorite Death favorite being "Symbolic"
    Chuck was such a melodic player. He could combine face melting riffs with a melody that gives you shivers! He is truly missed.
    Im seventeen and have just recently been introduced to death a friend let me borrow this album it is amazing im hooked! I thought opeth was innovative well they are but death is just a whole other level. Chuck is god r.i.p
    bass_emagdnim wrote: No disrespect to Dime, but I'd rather listen to Chuck anyday. That guy was just inhuman. Death are without doubt one of the finest bands to ever grace this planet.
    Agreed. Dime was talented, but Chuck came up with some of the best death metal songs of all time. I have a feeling that all of these bands CDs will remain with me for many years to come.
    Dime was talented, but he rehashed the same formula over and over - Chuck progressed with every album he made, right up until The Fragile Art of Existence. This album was the second Death CD I ever bought, and its easily my favourite. Such incredible writing on display. R.I.P. Chuck
    One word: Phenominal!!!! Such great metal! get it if your a fan of metal cause you wont be the same!!!! \m/
    One of the best albums in the death metal scene. Fantastic instrumentation displayed by everybody hre.
    This is probably my single favorite album from any band of all time. Death isn't really even my favorite band as a whole, but there wasn't a song on this album I would even consider "good" they were all masterpieces.