Sound Of Perseverance review by Death

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  • Released: Sep 15, 1998
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (101 votes)
Death: Sound Of Perseverance

Sound — 10
This is one of the greatest death metal and progressive metal albums ever, one listen of this album isn't enough because this album had much more things to find in their sound listening it many times, this is the mastery of Death, the creators of death metal and also the best band of the genre, and Chuck Schuldiner one of the most important figures in the history of metal. I've know with "Human" and "Individual Thought Patterns" the band matures their sound historically to the technical sounds of death metal, Atheist, Cynic and other bands were so influenced by the sound of Death and continues to innovate in the genre, in 1995 with the spectacular "Symbolic," simplified a little their sound, the voice of Chuck changed and had a sound more accessible to the audiences that didn't know nothing of death metal, but in 1998, the final album of Death, "Sound of Perseverance," Death go so far in the terms of progressive metal and explores unknown landscapes that didn't show in the technical death metal sound before, make "Sound of Perseverance" the most complete album of Death, and also, the best of the band, only 8 tracks and the best cover in the history of metal ("Painkiller" of Judas Priest) make history.

The instrumental parts are so complex, amazing, brutal and desconsolating guitar riffs and solos by the mastery of Chuck, this man, is unique in his style and only bands like Atheist are in his level, at the first listen of the instrumental parts you know what you are listening, and is more than recognizable, like I say before, in this album the guitar parts go to the progressive sounds, like in the amazing "Bite the Pain," or the duo acoustic/electric guitar in "Voice of the Soul," don't forgive the glorious pedal effects moments in "Story to Tell," and also, the solos in the cover of "Painkiller," sincerely, the best cover in the metal history, without a doubt. The bass parts had some incredible moments too, Scott Clendenin had a great work, isn't a Steve DiGiorgio, but moments like "Spirit Crusher" are very important in his career, Rest In Peace Scott. The battery parts by Richard Christy are so complex, oh my god, the double pedal parts kicks out and blows my head, but isn't enough, had much more styles, that I wouldn't describe with my words, specially in "Flesh and the Power It Holds," so listening. The quality, the production of this album, also, is one of the best in the metal history, still sounds amazing even when we know this album had 17 years. Brutal sound, brutal quality, this is the ultimate Death.

Lyrics — 10
The voice of Chuck Schuldiner in this album is brutal, aggressive and hard to listening, because in here sounds acute and like a fucking demon, isn't nothing like "Scream Bloody Gore"/"Individual Thought Patterns Era," he changed his voice in "Symbolic," and takes to perfection in this album, who screams like him in the "Painkiller" cover? Who takes the voice to those difficult places? Oh god, why you died Chuck? The lyrics are still philosophic, Chuck changed in "Human" all the themes of gore, and expresses the "why" of all human and life existence, expresses by his own the pain, the suffer, and the psychological horrors that the human need to passing by, so much poetic, always Chuck was a lover of the life, the animals and the beer, and just to know this, the message that Chuck sends is very important, specially the beer (LOL).

Overall Impression — 10
This album, is the most different Death album, but also is a masterpiece, is the best Death album, and the best album of the genre of all time, but also very hard to listen, is unaccessible, had much things that we wouldn't find with the first listen, is complex, the production is amazing for the year, the instrumental parts are simply one of the best things I've ever listened, and also, the cherry in the cake is the cover of Judas Priest, "Painkiller," sincerely albums like this wouldn't never find another, so, give it listens, much, because is very complex, legendary, without a doubt. The best tracks on this album are ALL, You've seen it? ALL, no one song is bad in this album, all are a masterpiece. R.I.P. Chuck, we still miss you, even if i'm young and i was i baby when you're died, is very sad your gone passed 14 years still today, fuck the cancer. No more words.

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