Synthetic Generation review by Deathstars

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  • Released: Jan 1, 2002
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (7 votes)
Deathstars: Synthetic Generation

Sound — 8
This developing band hailing from Sweden made a persistent impact on the music industry with their first album Synthetic Generation. I found this album had weaknesses that the following albums did not but this was not a put off at all. The impression is very dark and mysterious. It is hard to compare Deathstars with any other band or genre. Each song has incredible creativity and individuality. Deathstars are a very unique group of musicians who quite clearly have tried to experiment as much as possible with what new sounds we are able to create in the 21st century. Deathstars are not for everyone however, I would only recommend them for someone who likes to listen to a very wide range of metal genres. 01. Semi Automatic: this song was a perfect song to use as the first track. Immediately it erupts into a mixture of electric and heavy elements. I found that it was very entertaining throughout most of the song but could sometimes get repetitive. Overall it is a great success and has some powerful mixtures of heavy guitars and fast riffs. 9/10 02. Synthetic Generation: the intro to this song is extremely clever. It gives absolutely no clue to the listener of what the song will turn out to be. After the intro a soft and intentionally evil verse. One of the songs strengths is how it builds up everything. Te mixture of vocal ranges in the song is a success. 8/10 03. New Dead Nation: I felt that this song took a while to catch my attention. But as the chorus quickly approaches my opinion changed. Slightly more aggressive than the other songs but shared the same qualities. The voice enhancers and audio programming was extremely well done. 8/10 04. Syndrome: the beginning of this song gave me the impression that this song had great potential. But it was honestly disappointing. I didn't understand the theme of the song. Usually I would expect a heavy and eye opening chorus which finished off the song. But this was without a doubt missing some of the needed strengths. 6.5/10 05. Modern Death: I enjoy this song a lot. I do think it could have been better but it was a successful song none the less. I think this song has some kind of message to it but I was not able to figure it out. I am quite sure that it is political. 7.5/10 06. Little Angles: my favorite song on the album. The beginning is very evil and dark. Then out of nowhere the guitar riffs starts and just rip's the song to pieces. This song was consistent with its qualities and is a perfect example of what Deathstars are really good at. 10/10 07. The Revolution Exodus: this song is very similar to Semi Automatic in my opinion. It has the same impression but is heavier and faster. The vocal effects in this song work perfectly with the music. Nothing seems to be rushed with this song. 9/10 08. Damn Me: this was one of the most electronic and distorted songs. If it wasn't for the heavy riffs I would not be very interested in the song at all. The mixture of experimentation works well in the song. 8/10 09. The Rape: an energetic song never fails especially in metal. The variety in this song is consistent but at times it can get boring. The starting riff sort of gives false hope for the song. But in saying that I still think that this song is one of the best not only in this album but out of all Deathstars songs. 9/10 10. Genocide: unlike the other songs this song focus's more on the heavier side of metal. The riffs are heavy but the song gets taken to a new level when the chorus his. This song also had a pretty reasonable guitar solo. Very uncharacteristic for Deathstars but I was impressed. 9/10 11. No Light: one of the darkest songs that Deathstars have made. It doesn't change its theme much at all which is a strength. I thought this song was one of the most developed songs on the album and hows some good potential. 8/10 12. White Wedding (bonus track): I thought that this cover had potential. But instead of doing what I had hoped which is making this song sound like it was by Deathstars, it sounds like Deathstars playing Billy Idol. The only way this song was going to work was if they completely changed it. 6/10 13. Our God The Drugs (bonus track): I was disappointed that his song was used as a bonus track because it is one of my favorites. It is not as fast as the other songs but I think it is very well written and in my opinion Whiplasher sings best in this song. 9/10

Lyrics — 9
Although this album does not contain the best vocal work from singer Whiplasher Bernadotte it does have the same quality lyrics as the other albums. The voice effects and enhancers work well with the songs and do not ruin any of the songs. The lyrics are very dark and unusual. But they are a clever mixture of symbolic lines and direct words. The lyrics and singing give Deathstars a fantastic impression. Lyrics are a strong spot for the band.

Overall Impression — 8
As I said before it is not a good idea to compare Deathstars with other bands. They are so unique that they do not sound like any traditional band in this decade. This album has some disappointing songs but it successfully started a band that is still going strong to this day. It is interesting to see how the band has developed over time. I like the way that the band experimented with new sounds and effects. But in some songs these experiments can be overdone. Overall I think that this is a decent album with some great tracks. I look forward to see how Deathstars go in the future.

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