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artist: Deathstars date: 06/27/2014 category: compact discs
Deathstars: The Perfect Cult
Released: Jun 13, 2014
Genre: Industrial Metal, Gothic Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast
Number Of Tracks: 10
An interesting combination of electronic, industrial and gothic elements make this an interesting metal project, probably most closely resembling Rammstein and Marilyn Manson.
 Sound: 6
 Lyrics: 6
 Overall Impression: 6
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The Perfect Cult Featured review by: UG Team, on june 27, 2014
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Sound: Deathstars formed in 2000, as an offshoot of the black metal band, Swordmaster. Their sound could no longer be described as black metal under this moniker, but instead they worked on creating a sound that took multiple inspirations and combined them - most notably, electronic, industrial, gothic and metal influences. They have been compared numerous times by numerous people to bands like Rammstein and Marilyn Manson, and as their career has progressed this has become truer. The band also adopts a stage presence that closely resembles the stage presence of Marilyn Manson with makeup and pseudo-names for the band members. "The Perfect Cult" will be their 4th studio album, and will contain 10 tracks and an approximate runtime of 42 minutes. The guitarist, Cat Casino, left the band but he will not be replaced at this time and the album was recorded as a four piece band.

Straight up riffs and vocals reminiscent of Type O Negative or Rammstein, there is a lot that is infectious about this album. The keyboard are actually used very tastefully in a genre where this is rarely the case. The album opens up with "Explode," which uses a tidy metal riff and short vocal lines delivered in Whiplash's customary croak. "Fire Galore" opens with a melancholy little keyboard melody, but is followed up with some heaviness and has an interesting vocal cadence going on throughout the song. "All the Devil's Toys" is a relatively softer song compared to most of the rest of the album and probably the most overtly electronic. "Ghost Reviver" has a piano-like arpeggio in the opening and some keyboard-created choir type effects. The playing isn't any kind of "virtuosic" on any instruments, but it is solid and creates the mood well. Next is the title track "The Perfect Cult" which a weird track - I can't tell how much the lyrics are tongue-in-cheek. "Asphalt Wings" has a nice epic type of heaviness, especially considering there is also a prominent keyboard part. The way the vocals are performed by Whiplash and the backup vocalists works really well on this track. "Bodies" is another track that is very overtly electronic, but it manages to work. "Temple of the Insects" utilizes some actual voices for some choir singing, but it is still heavy. "Track, Crush & Prevail" has an interesting vibe going on and mixes the actual instrumentation versus the electronic elements pretty well. The album closes out with "Noise Cuts" which has some weird stuff going on lyrically - nothing really out of the ordinary for the context of the album, however. // 6

Lyrics: Whiplash Bernadotte doesn't so much sing as he croaks, much in the style of Type O Negative vocalist, Peter Steele. There is some reverb and other processing used on the vocals, as well as extensive use of backup vocals. It is a narrow type of sound, but it works for what the band does. As a sample of the lyrics, here are some from the opening track "Explode": "March in, take command/ Line up, take a stand/ Make this war to art/ Strike fast, start the hunt/ Gear up, to the front/ Let the fire start/ Soldiers, as you were/ Shadows, as you were/ We'll soon march in effect/ Ammo, bring it in/ Weapons, make 'em sing/ We'll now attack to protect/ Explode, flip the switch/ Reload, trigger it/ We will scorch the earth/ Explode, let it sound/ Reload, another round/ It will be our rebirth/ Eurotopia/ Patrol, punish man/ Strike hard, burn the land/ It's a ravished scene/ Now aim head and heart/ Untame, tear apart/ Hear their perfect screams." The lyrics aren't great, but they're passable and they're catchy, and they work well within the genre. // 6

Overall Impression: This album definitely does a great job creating a certain type of vibe and maintaining it pretty much for the entirety. This album doesn't really do anything very adventurous or creative, but it does provide a consistent product. If I had to name my favorite tracks then I guess I would probably say "Fire Galore," "Track, Crush & Prevail" and "Explode." The problem with this album is that it all starts to sound the same. It is supposed to be "shock rock," I think, except none of the lyrics are really shocking. The guitar and keyboards are catchy, and all the instruments are played competently, but nothing is exceptional. The songs are all hook-laden, but none of them actually stand out, somehow. It still isn't a bad album, but it definitely isn't exceptional, either. // 6

- Brandon East (c) 2014

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