Crash review by Decyfer Down

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  • Released: May 5, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (9 votes)
Decyfer Down: Crash

Sound — 9
To start off Decyfer Down is one of those bands that are not as recognized as they should be. The first album was a sonic record that was full of good material. On this album they have a new singer wich implies a musical change. The new record incorporates everything that the first had and more. This is showing a more agresive side to the band, as well as a little more melodic and commercial. From interveiws I have seen this album was written on and off, they worked on songs everyday but the songs used were essentially spread out. Wich gave a new sound to some of the songs you hear. As many of you know Decyfer Down is a Christian rock band whos inspirations come from bands like Tool and Chevelle. When I first heard Decyfer Down I loved what I heard on this album they inhance the music and style imensily, and makes the album an emotional sensation as well, you can feel what the band went through with this new album.with the addition of T.J, his sining gives new light to the bands unique sound.

Lyrics — 10
Ok for the sining. This is one of those bands who changed singers after the first record, usually it sounds horible after that. But in the case of Decyfer Down they sound almost the same as they did. Never the less I still miss Caleb sining because his voice gives off a certain radiance and power that T.Js just can't match up to. Off the first single "Crash" the lyrics and guitars just went together like a perfect harmony. Now that I have the whole CD T.Js voice made good on what they wanted out of this album, as well as being a good follow up to Caleb. As with Decyfer Downs last record the lyrics on this one talks more of hope and geting through struggle. But this is because they are Christian rock. The Lyrics on this album in my opinion tell a story from beging to finish on the life of the band through the days of touring that they did. The Overall impresion that I get from the lyrics is that they wanted to get out what they couldnt on the first record and what they went through on the road touring for the time that they did.

Overall Impression — 9
Crash in my opinion is a huge leap forword for the band. They have matured more since the last album and thats what I was looking for in the bands new record. This is better than the first album. But I still think Caleb could have done a more comanding performance than what T.J does but he is still very good. The record had many good songs on it there were very few that I didn't like. But my favourites would have to be "Crash" "Fading" and "Ride with Me". The album was very impressive it give good solid sound and has good songs from start to finish, it was also more melodic in a sense and was more varied than the first record. The only thing that I didn't like too much about this album was that it didn't have Caleb sining it was hard to listen to it and go back to "End of Grey", it was a slight change in performance but they are both great singers. This is an amazing CD overall and had many hooks that will pull you in, If it were ever stoolen I would buy it again because the CD is that good.

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    This is a great album! The songs are all pretty catchy. They definitely need to be more known. And I actually prefer tj's voice over caleb. He's great live! Got to meet the them in hattiesburg, MS. They're pretty cool nice guys
    I wouldn't go for it. They were something truly unique back in the day. Now they sold out and are just another RED.
    This is truly disappointing. They were something truly unique back in '06. Now they've sold out and are just another RED.
    Shoot. It didn't look like it posted. Sorry. For the same comment twice. Also, what happened to Caleb?
    This album is no where as good as End of Grey was, but still is pretty awesome! It holds alot of meaning and interesting music.
    I saw these guys live with Buckcherry and Saving abel and and they put on the greatest show of the 3! im ready to get this cd.
    Completely disagree w/ you Fausch & Draconey (no offense). The best song on the end of grey was life again (still one of my faves), but on this album there are more songs that rock. It seems like they've spent a lot more time on it. & P.S. RED is awesome!
    hey...I need the tab to "Desperate" off the Crash album...anybody????....please email me at
    this album is a HUGE step forward from End of Grey. I loved EoG, but it got really old, really fast, with the exception of "Life Again", being the first song I'd ever heard by them and I can't get sick of it. T.J. definitely isn't Caleb, but that's not a bad thing. I think he sings better. I can't imagine Caleb singing the songs on Crash, his voice just wouldn't fit. Especially not on songs like "Ride With Me". T.J. OWNS that song.
    auxiliary007 wrote: Completely disagree w/ you Fausch & Draconey (no offense). The best song on the end of grey was life again (still one of my faves), but on this album there are more songs that rock. It seems like they've spent a lot more time on it. & P.S. RED is awesome!
    None taken. I don't dig RED. I know they sell, but I just don't do it. Anyway, regardless of whether or not you dig RED, why would you want a band that pretty much sounds the same.