Made In Japan review by Deep Purple

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1972
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.9 (34 votes)
Deep Purple: Made In Japan

Overall Impression — 10
Deep Purple, had their golden era, with guitar player, Ritchie Blackmore; and with this album it is proven. The fact that this live album, it's better than the studio albums, is amazing.

The album starts with "Highway Star", this version played on August 16th, 1972 in Osaka, is a masterpiece, you have two awesome solos, R. Blackmore (guitar) and J. Lord (organ) mixed with the aggressive technique of drummer, I. Paice and the great voice of I. Gillian. Next is, "Child in Time" played on August 16th, combines the softness of the band with a very wild jam session in the middle of the song and ends with the unique rythm of thier drummer. Then we continue with the famous rock classic, "Smoke on the Water", this a more powerfull version than the studio one, it's more fresh and professional, were Blackmore makes an outstanding solo and Jon Lord makes a great finish with his organ. The next song, "The Mule", shows why Ian Paice is one of the most talented drum players in progressive rock history, his skill is over-human in this song and it finishes with that power that only Deep Purple had. The next song "Strange Kind of Woman", shows their style at the best, it has a very good guitar solo in it, that extends through the whole song and the most remarkable thing about this song is a long scream performed by Ian Gillian, which is great. Next is "Lazy", it's a very long but interesting song that has awesome solos by Lord and Blackmore (he shows his skills at their best), it's has very good rhythm and vocals by Gillian and the bass of Roger Glover makes a great accompaniment.

Last song is "Space Truckin'", a 20 minute voyage exploring different sounds and rhythms mixing together creating the strongest song in the whole album, great solos, awesome drum playing, great vocals and a psychedelic organ improvisation makes this an excellent finish for a great album; that should be checked out.

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