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artist: Deep Purple date: 07/24/2003 category: compact discs
Deep Purple: Made In Japan
Released: Dec 1972
Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
Label: Purple, Warner Bros
Number Of Tracks: 7
"Made in Japan" is a double live album by English rock band Deep Purple, recorded during their first tour of Japan in August 1972.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Made In Japan Featured review by: UG Team, on july 24, 2003
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Overall Impression: Deep Purple, had their golden era, with guitar player, Ritchie Blackmore; and with this album it is proven. The fact that this live album, it's better than the studio albums, is amazing.

The album starts with "Highway Star", this version played on August 16th, 1972 in Osaka, is a masterpiece, you have two awesome solos, R. Blackmore (guitar) and J. Lord (organ) mixed with the aggressive technique of drummer, I. Paice and the great voice of I. Gillian. Next is, "Child in Time" played on August 16th, combines the softness of the band with a very wild jam session in the middle of the song and ends with the unique rythm of thier drummer. Then we continue with the famous rock classic, "Smoke on the Water", this a more powerfull version than the studio one, it's more fresh and professional, were Blackmore makes an outstanding solo and Jon Lord makes a great finish with his organ. The next song, "The Mule", shows why Ian Paice is one of the most talented drum players in progressive rock history, his skill is over-human in this song and it finishes with that power that only Deep Purple had. The next song "Strange Kind of Woman", shows their style at the best, it has a very good guitar solo in it, that extends through the whole song and the most remarkable thing about this song is a long scream performed by Ian Gillian, which is great. Next is "Lazy", it's a very long but interesting song that has awesome solos by Lord and Blackmore (he shows his skills at their best), it's has very good rhythm and vocals by Gillian and the bass of Roger Glover makes a great accompaniment.

Last song is "Space Truckin'", a 20 minute voyage exploring different sounds and rhythms mixing together creating the strongest song in the whole album, great solos, awesome drum playing, great vocals and a psychedelic organ improvisation makes this an excellent finish for a great album; that should be checked out. // 10

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overall: 10
Made In Japan Reviewed by: highway_star, on october 29, 2005
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Sound: I've been a hard rock fan all my 40 odd years and this album without doubt has been a major influence. Its pretty much agreed that this album is a fairly straight recording with little cleaning and editing of the sound/bum notes etc before issue. If ever an album catches a band in their outmost prime it is this one. The sound, particularly Highway Star, is overwhelming. The sheer sense of power and energy roars out of this album. Ian Gillan probably never got back to the peak he reached singing at this point whilst the trio of Paice (drums)/Lord (keyboards)/Blackmore (axe) are simply tuned in to each other to a level other bands can only dream of. There are times during solos when the music has an almost frenzied feel to it and it just doesnt let up. I reckon I will be listening to this as they lower me down to the grave! Awesome. By the way, the band loses it a bit during 'Speed King' (not on the original Made In Japan). Apparently a fight had broken out in the crowd with security guys and the band is clearly confused at one point. Blackmore and co simply go in to what can only be described as a sonic attack to bring the song to an end. Gillan was struggling at this point too as he apparently succumbed to bronchitis on the tour. // 10

Lyrics: This is rock music! lyrics dont come into it really - range from the 'serious' (Child In Time) to poptastic 'Space Truckin'. At least the album next to never degenerates in to any kind of "how ya'doin' tonight, lets get the hands clapping" crap. What carries the whole thing is a man singing at what was probably his peak. On this basis its a 10. // 10

Overall Impression: One of the greatest live rock albums ever - I'm serious about this. Crank up the volume to 11 and listen to the intro to Highway Star - the sheer energy as the band builds into the intro. Difficult to put in to words. 'Lucille' is probably the only weak track. Dont agree that 'The Mule' drum solo is too long. Paice does in 5 minutes what the likes of Bonham took up to half an hour to do! Buy it again? - I have done! // 10

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overall: 9.7
Made In Japan Reviewed by: cantshreddave, on october 17, 2005
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Sound: This is the remastered version of Made In Japan with 3 encores and a gentle sonci revamp. That being said, everything on hear is exactly as it would've been heard at the actual concerts in Japan in August 72. This is one of the greatest live albums ever and captures Deep Purple at there prime, one of the few bands to perfectly balance the rock and the roll in rock 'n' roll. The sound is terrific considering it's all live, in particular Blackmores modified Strat tone and Gillains near perfect vocals. "The Mule" perfectly captures Ian Paice's genious on drums and Jon Lords organ is a lot more potent then on record, particularly during "Smoke On The Water." // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are perfectly simple but all in all sum up what rock n roll is, exciting and fun. ("I'm a speed king/You gotta kill this thing" "Ooooo I'm in heavan again/I got everything") Gillain's screams and scats in "Strange Kinda Woman" rival Robert Plants opening scream to "Immigrant Song" on Led Zeps How The West Was Won. "Highway Star" in particular features a perfect blend of lyrics and instrumentation and vocal to maximum effect. // 9

Overall Impression: Perhaps the only two weak links in this album are "The Mule" (it drags a bit) and "Lucille" (not actually a Deep Purple song). Yet "Highway Star," "Child In Time," "Smoke On The Water," "Lazy," "Black Night" and "Speed King" make up for these one thousand times over. I adore this albuma and am more then chuffed that I got it for 4.25 at a sale at the tax free HMV in Heathrow Terminal 1. I would certainly buy it again if it were stollen, that being said it's on my PC so I could just burn another copy for free. // 10

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