High 'N' Dry review by Def Leppard

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1981
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (15 votes)
Def Leppard: High 'N' Dry

Sound — 10
That's one of the best albums of Def Leppard, I think the best after Pyromania. Ten good songs for a album realized in 1981, with a heavy rock. I think that Joe Elliott and Steve Clark were the real composers of the "High 'N' Dry," the fusion of the lyrics and the guitar enterings with the great and simple solos, are the best things of High 'N' Dry. Certainaly, something that is clear in the writing and producing of the album, is the great "hand" of Steve "Steamin" Clark. And that's all. You can differentiate the guitar of Pete and Steve, also that in the majority of the songs, Steve took part with excellent riffs and solos. On 1982, one year (and certainly was only a year) Pete Willis left the band because of problems with alcohol, so he was replaced with Phil Collen, that made with Steve the couple called "The Terror Twins" that took Def Leppard to the top of their careers.

Lyrics — 9
01. Let It Go - I think one of the best of the album and of the Def Leppard's songs. Good entrance and guitar solo, obviously made by Steve. The lyrics are a little "sexual", but the music combined with the lyrics make a good sense. 02. Another Hit And Run - a protest (I think) song, with some criticism to government and other people. Sincerely, I don't like too much the song, because it's repetitive with the music. Something that I didn't expect is the fast solo. Very strange when it's about Steve. I think that Pete made it. 03. High 'N' Dry (Saturday Night) - another song that I don't like too much. The lyrics are a little "boring", and the music is very simple. The only thing that I like is the solo, made by Pete. 04. Bringin' On The Heartbreak - my heart is about to explode! That's what I talked about! The classic and inmortal heavy ballad of Def Leppard. One of the very best songs that had been written. The intro between Steve and Pete was absolutely perfect with total coordination. The combination of the sad lyrics of Elliott and the emotional guitar of Steve made a good work. When you hear the solo, you feel like you will fly and touch the heaven with your girl (or boy). A really good song. 05. Switch 625 - the Steve's masterpiece. A really good instrumental song. It makes you feel the song (really, I'm not crazy). Also, my guitar's teacher like it. Good riffs, good intro, good coordination between guitars, and good outro. Simply, the best song with Bringin' on the Heartbreak of the album. 06. You Got Me Runnin' - that's a classic young song of the Leppard's. Like when you have 17 years old and you start writing songs. Good song with good solo. 07. Lady Strange - another good song. It remembers me some movies of the '80s. Great lyrics and music, obviously, made in its majority by Steve Clark. What I hate is that there aren't tabs for this song. 08. On Through The Night - I think that the song should be in the album "On Through The Night" but that's just me. I don't like too much the lyrics, and the music is a little boring, but the solo is pretty good. 09. Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes) - a good heavy song. Although it's a little boring at the beginning, when the guitar enters, changes everything, with good and fast riffs. The solo, altough is simple, sounds good, and the lyrics are good too. 10. No No No - more sexual than Let it Go. At first, you think that you're hearing Iron Maiden (like with "Wasted") because it sounds heavy. But, because its repetitive riffs, and that the solo of Pete was a little slow and simple, the song isn't very good as you think it would be. In a 10 scale, I give it a 7. Good song, but not too heavy as you wish. Another thing is that Joe couldn't sing very well, because you hear the huge effort when he sings. You can't appreciate very well the lyrics.

Overall Impression — 10
Well, when you hear the album, you think that you're hearing Bon Jovi in his "Slippery When Wet," so they made a good work. The best songs of High 'N' Dry are "Switch 625," "Bringin' On The Heartbreak," "Let It Go" and "Lady Strange." I love the album because it captures the truly spirit of the young spirit of Def Leppard. Obviously, if I lost the album, or it were stolen, I will buy again it.

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    Thats a really hard rock album!Great songs like the heartbreak, Switch, mirror,lei it go ang lady strange.It captures the mentality of the young leps.A very underestimated album.
    Silas S Thompso
    One of the best NWOBHM bands that made it big. It goes Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Saxon, Diamond Head, Def Leppard, Angel Witch, Tygers of Pan Tang, Tank
    Only one correction needs to be made in this review: the nickname "The Terror Twins" is Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx & Tommy Lee. No one else. Ever.