Rock Of Ages: Definitive Collection [DVD] review by Def Leppard

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  • Released: Nov 15, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Content: 10
  • Production Quality: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (21 votes)
Def Leppard: Rock Of Ages: Definitive Collection [DVD]

Sound — 9
The DVD is quite well produced in sound quality. The music vidoes sound like the actual CD so you can hear quality. On the DVD their are no stories, but their is band commentary. They used in each video a constant switch from camera to camera. So it could be on Joe Elliot for a cpuple of seconds and then on Rick Allen then to Steve Clark, it constantly switches. The big thing about thier music videos is that they took advantage of when MTV started on the music videos, Def Leppard was right their and started as well.

Content — 10
There is band commentary which is attached to each song, so you can hear some of their comments on each song. The DVD also has a personal playlist in which you can select the song, order which is very unique. Their are some live but it is not live. Meaning in Pour Some Sugar On Me they filmed at a concert then added the words in at the right timming, it is also dun in Armageddon It. The Songs in this order are: 01. Pour Some Sugar On Me 02. Photograph 03. Love Bites 04. Let's Get Rocked 05. Two Steps Behind 06. Animal 07. Foolin' 08. Rocket 09. When Love And Hate Collide 10. Armageddon It 11. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad 12. Rock Of Ages 13. Hysteria 14. Bringin' On The Heartbreak 15. Promises 16. Women 17. Slang 18. Work It Out 19. Now' In the bonus material it has the "No Matter What" music vidoe check it out also.

Production Quality — 10
I think the DVD was well thought over in terms of the personal playlist which I have never heard of before. Their is not one video that is not produced in high quality. Most of the videos are from the '80s and some of the '90s so their weren't as many tricks back then then their is now, but back when music videos started they were only about two things "the music and the band."

Overall Impression — 10
It compares with the AC/DC Family Jewels collection, but in the AC/DC colloection it has forty songs all together but in the Rock Of Ages colloection it only has twenty songs, but who cares. The best thing on the DVD is the fact that it is Def Leppard. Def Leppard is awesome and this is a must have for the DVD collector. I love everything about the DVD except when I found out that they forgot to include some other music videos which I think they should of included them. But I still love the DVD. If it was lost or stolen I'd find the guy who took it and make him buy me a new one or buy it myself because it is only $10.97, either way I would get another copy.

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