Adrenaline review by Deftones

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  • Released: Oct 3, 1995
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (35 votes)
Deftones: Adrenaline

Sound — 9
The Deftones debut and definitely their most energetic. The opener "Bored" isn't exactly energetic but it definitely rocks out hard. I find "Bored" to be more like their future efforts. Then of course we have "Minus Blindfold" which is an instant classic. This song also introduces the famous, light-distortion intros and verses that is a signature of adrenaline. One thing I really respect about the guitarist is that he did this whole album in standard tuning, proving that you don't need drop D to make energetic music. I find one thing kind of annoying, chino sings almost the same notes in every song. Although is does bring the album together as whole it leaves with something to desire. With all this said, this is definitely the Deftones most energetic effort sonically.

Lyrics — 8
I have to say that I wasn't expecting this from the Deftones. Sure there was some swearing on "Around the Fur" but never would I'd of thought they'd go this far, well I suppose that coming up and playing lots of live shows with Korn will do that to you. While Chino Moreno is still my favorite lyricist, my favorites of his works are later in his career. Chino always works well with the music that his band members make, and he does some pretty cool screaming in this CD. One of the only annoying things is that he often sings the same notes in every song.

Overall Impression — 9
While adrenaline is the least artistic of the Deftones albums, it is definitely their most energetic and fast paced. The most impressive songs on the album are: "Bored" (awesome vocals and music during the verse), "Minus Blindfold" (cool chorus and mid-verse explosions are incredible), "Nosebleed" (another cool guitar riff and all around cool song), "7 Words" (amazing chorus), "Engine No. 9" (just another crazy Deftones song). The ting I love about it is that it ever lets up. It's always in-your-face intense. The thing I hate is that Chino doesn't explore much with his voice.

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