Around The Fur Review

artist: Deftones date: 12/23/2003 category: compact discs
Deftones: Around The Fur
Released: Oct 28, 1997
Genre: Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Alternative Rock
Label: Maverick
Number Of Tracks: 10
"Around the Fur" is the second studio album by American alternative metal band Deftones.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Around The Fur Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 23, 2003
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Sound: Deftones have an amazing sound and band chemistry that allows them to create an extrodinarly different type of music, although if you were to class them in a genre, some words or phrases that may pop up are heavy metal, alternative metal and possibly rap metal to name a few. In Around The Fur, the sound is a little more heavy than the other albums, but they still have the touch of softness in exactly the right places, which makes for a good range of moods througout the album. If you have ever heard Chino Moreno sing, you'll agree that his voice is very unique and can be used in varied ways, ranging from the standard singing voice, screaming, rapping, and one of Chino's trademarks - the demon scream. He puts all these talents to great use throught the album and the type of singing he uses in each song creates fantastic texturing, on top of the already fantastic drum beats, clever and somewhat quirky bass lines, and the unique guitar riffs. The overall tempo of the song is slow and heavy to moderate - there's no fast speed metal type things in Around The Fur. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics by Chino fit perfectly with the style of music they play. Every word said, sung or screamed somehow works fantasticly with the moods from the instrumentals. The lyrics normally have a negative message behind them and usually about love lost and breaking up in relationships. One of the negative things about the album would have to be the lack of variety in the subjects of the lyrics. If you were to sit down and have a meaningful think about each of the words in the song, you'd have a pretty boring time. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is most definitely an album to buy if you're into Deftones, there's no arguing, you just have to go out and get it. If you like heavy, alternative, different style of metal, then you'll also be wanting this aswell. As I said before, there are no other artists that you can accuratly compare Deftones to. Although I have found that if you like bands like Tool, Incubus, System of a Down then you'll also enjoy this album, and I recommend you get it. The overall impression that the record displays is that the Deftones are an outstanding band. A few impressive songs are: My Own Summer, Around the Fur, Lotion, Headup and MX. // 10

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overall: 9.7
Around The Fur Reviewed by: supreemo, on december 26, 2005
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Sound: Deftones are known for their intensity and going into their sophomore they had to be prepared. What resulted was an intense blast of entertainment that moves you on so many levels. For one thing, the guitar is so much more crazy, I like how Steph has distanced himself from those light-distroted verses and intros that so dominated adrenaline. The guitar has changed for the better. Let's start with My Own Summer. Although the intro is only on one string, while combined with chinos wispering, it makes for an almost distrubing but intense opening for the cd. Mascara, the slow song, isn't necesarilly that slow, it's just that there is no distortion throughout the song, which gives it a melodic feel. Steph makes amazing use of pull-offs in the song Rickets. It gives the song such an energized feel. I defy anyone who can say that Be Quiet And Drive isn't the most emotionally moving song on the album. if you watch the music video and look at their faces while they play you can'y help but feel something, that this song is special. Chino's long, drawn out vocals are simply astounding. During the bridge it almost sounds like he's moaning which gives the bridge and extra boost. Then you have the climax of the song, open chords combined with harmonics that you can't help but simply the most empowering song by the deftones. Look at the verse, that's like 3 headbang to. For a not-really-heavy song it sure gets you moving. At this point you have the 2 fillers "Lotion" and "Dai The Flu." While these are decent songs they are just their to get you excited to hear what's after them, "Headup" and "Mx." "Headup" is quite different power chords but yet the rythem in which their used is collosal. Plus Chino's screaming just further accelerates the adrenaline of the song. "Mx" is the conclusion to the CD, and what a conclusion it is. Such simple music but it also quite and empowering song. The main goes through a slight but incredible change during the bridge. The only thing I don't like is the half hour wait at the end of the song for the second half. Really stupid. // 10

Lyrics: Chino Moreno is by far my favorite lyricist, if not vocalist. You can nearly find a one liner in every song that alone sounds pretty cool, for example: "In my own summer, the shade is a tool." One bad thing about the lyrics is it seems like they don't say much of anything. Mascara I think is about a couple that is fighting but he still loves her. Around The Fur has a very clear message, that the tones don't want to follow trends. The lyrics scream about breaking free and discovering what you like outside of the cookie cutter world we live in. Rickets has cool lyrics because it's like "I guess I do bad things but I don't a f--k!" Be Quiet And Drive is sweet because of Chino's amazing voice. Who else but Chino could sing this song? There isn't much in terms of lyrics but it's made up for by the style of singing in the verses. Plus Chino's moaning in the verse is so cool. // 9

Overall Impression: This album is the answer to my prayers, Deftones with a brutal new feel. This CD has inspired a great many musical experimentations on guitar, which I'm sure it has also done for countless others. The most impressive songs are: My Own Summer (this is obviously the most brutal/heavy song by the deftones), Rickets (very simmilar to my own summer but different in ways that make it stand out), Be Quiet And Drive (what isn't impressive about this song? Masterpice), Headup (this is the all time greatest song to do live ever! Headbangers rejoice). The thing I love about this CD is that you can listen through it and never get bored. The thing I hate is that it's too short. // 10

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