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artist: Deftones date: 05/14/2010 category: compact discs
Deftones: Diamond Eyes
Released: May 4, 2010
Genre: Alternative Metal, Progressive Alternative Rock
Label: Maverick, WBR
Number Of Tracks: 11
"Diamond Eyes" is Deftones at their heaviest in years. There's lots of push and pull and plenty of dynamics to keep your brain interested from start to finish.
 Sound: 9.2
 Lyrics: 9.6
 Overall Impression: 9.2
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overall: 9
Diamond Eyes Featured review by: UG Team, on may 14, 2010
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Sound: There's so much to be said about Deftones' latest, Diamond Eyes, which isn't about the actual music contained on the album, yet directly relates to it. The platter was written and recorded after bassist Chi Cheng suffered a tragic car accident, which rendered him comatose and eventually in a minimally conscious state. The band shelved the album that they were working on, dubbed Eros, and then started from scratch and came up with Diamond Eyes, which follows the confused, confusing, and sadly, forgettable Saturday Night Wrist. It's hard for me to make that statement, since Deftones are one of my all time favorite bands and The White Pony is my favorite album of the '00s, thanks to its perfect storm of heavy and pretty. No joke. But with Diamond Eyes, this is probably the heaviest the Sacramento band has sounded since 1997's essential Around the Fur. With former Quicksand bassist Sergio Vega coming aboard to handle the strings of the rhythm section for Cheng, Deftones layer granite-heavy riffs with plenty of impassioned vocal ambience. The two opposing forces collide in a quiet-loud monster of an album, which is, well, what the 'Tones are known for. The title track opens the album and it's got requisite, low-end crunch combined with Chino Moreno's emotive vocals, which enjoy the crispest production in the band's catalogue. And so it goes for the rest of Diamond Eyes, with Moreno and guitarist Stephen Carpenter going mano y mano with their respective styles, which are two qualities, hallmarks and signatures that have marked all Deftones efforts. Moreno croons (and girls swoon) while Carpenter's heavy artillery adds heft to the music by the tonnage. "Royal" and "You've Seen the Butcher" could have veritably been written during the Around the Fur sessions, but that's certainly not to suggest that they are like B-sides, outtakes or leftovers from a past era. Rather, the band comes across as though it were inspired by itself, circa the late '90s, with Diamond Eyes. The music is similar to the Around the Fur period, but it's not a step backwards. Carpenter's love for aggressive music wins the battle here, with loads upon loads of muscular guitars taking center stage for the whole of Diamond Eyes. "Rocket Skates" blasts with intensity and it'll have you tapping out as though you just went a few rounds with Georges St-Pierre and had to tap out from the beating he administered. Yes, it's that heavy. // 9

Lyrics: As stated previously, Carpenter is truly the technician of Diamond Eyes, making sure the album doesn't drift an inch from metallic territory. Moreno is his foil and what these two pull off is impressive. And always has been. While Moreno screams on "Rocket Skates," "CMND/CTRL" and "Prince," his dreamy, feminine vocals also serve as a crucial part (and Carpenter counterpoint) of Diamond Eyes. His singing is a direct and opposite reaction to Carpenter's low end action. His often cryptic lyrics which can offer many meanings to many people with their poetic vagueness- remain as they always are. When he barks, "Guns! Razors! Knives" throughout "Rocket Skates," we are inclined to sing along with him, for whatever reason he makes that instruments-of-violence declaration. Moreno's an adept, artful lyricist, whose words aren't obvious or easy to digest and that's the mark of a talented writer: to keep you guessing, to make you think for your own and to come up with your own meaning. His sexy singing of lines like "I like it when you take off your face" is like a gravitational pull from which you can't escape. // 9

Overall Impression: With Diamond Eyes, Deftones pull off a lot of things. Deafening, eardrum scorching music and a neo-new wave melodicism co-exist in both harmony discord. This polarism is what made the band so appealing when they first appeared on the scene with Adrenaline. They've continued to push the limits of their quiet-loud dynamics and while The White Pony was the perfect specimen, Diamond Eyes captures the best elements of Around the Fur and The White Pony without sounding too much like either. It's the product of both, not the connector of the two. Deftones are not trying to get back to the old days with new songs; they just inspire and influence themselves. Diamond Eyes really is a diamond with rough cut edges. // 9

- Amy Sciarretto (c) 2010

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overall: 10
Diamond Eyes Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 14, 2010
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Sound: The album starts off with the track "Diamond Eyes", and from an air woosh sound it blasts into a crushing yet simple mid tempo guitar riff with Chino's voice beautifully singing "To the Edge...". At first listen, it already feels like the Deftones have returned with their sound so many have loved for years, but also putting a new twist on it. That is exactly what this album has done. If you have been a Deftones fan beyond the "Adrenaline" album, then you should be familiar with their experimentation on the last 4 studio albums. They do not disappoint with "Diamond Eyes". It is a combination of all their previous work, combining fantastic drum tracks with heavy explosive guitars and even though Chi Cheng has been in a coma, Sergio Vega filling in on bass has provided some exceptional bass lines as well. The 2 things that really stand out on this album are of course singer Chino Moreno's vocals, as well as the different sounds coming from Frank Delgado's section. Chino's always had an amazing voice from his powerful vocal performances to whispering falsettos and the guttural screams. On "Diamond Eyes", his vocals shine in songs like "You've Seen the Butcher" "Rocket Skates" and "Risk", where he sings in a style that hasn't shown up on previous efforts. Songs like "Diamond Eyes" and "Sextape" showcase his powerful vocals similar to songs like "Minerva" and "Change". Each song is flawless in the vocal department, and is hard to establish a favorite. Frank's use of synthesizers in this album is also new, different, and refreshing. Very low in the mix but blended in still that it stands out and adds a flavor to the songs making them even more unique. Moments like the bridge in "Rocket Skates" and the subtle echoed notes in the verses of "Risk" add so much to the elements of the songs. For those who are fans of the heavier side of Deftones, "CMND/CTRL" and "Rocket Skates" deliver. As well as the bridge in "Prince", in which Chino's screams swirl up an array of emotions. The Deftones sound has evolved over the years, but in a positive way making this a stand out out album to be heard and remembered. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on "Diamond Eyes" paint a picture hard to pin point. Chino stated in an interview "I don't like listening to people's problems -- I like music. Music has been smothered with that complaining since the early-'90s. It gets old. Instead of going to the opposite side of the spectrum and listening to Black Eyed Peas, which is just straight silly, I choose to listen to more instrumental music. I do very little singing about myself on this record. I love songs where I can totally take myself out of being human. I can sing about really odd things, and they don't necessarily have to pertain to me at all. It paints a picture. Those are the kind of lyrics I grew up with -- like The Cure. Really visual images and no storytelling." Visual is a great way to explain them. With lines like "..Diamonds reign across the sky, Shower me into the same, Realm.." from the title track "Diamond Eyes", a visual image is applied. An interesting use of words in the chorus of the song "Prince" is also shown in the lyrics "The mindset of a killer / With your gaze you paint the room, Blood red with tears born from the stage". It is difficult to define them, and is suggested that you take a chance to read over them yourself to get the full meaning to you. Overall, I am very impressed with the lyrics on this album. Beautiful, cryptic, and visual. // 10

Overall Impression: If you are a fan of every Deftones album to date, you will love Diamond Eyes. It has the raw feelings of "Around the Fur" and "Adrenaline" with the melodic nature of "White Pony" and "Deftones (Self titled album" and the experimentation of "Saturday Night Wrist". Even fan of Chino's side project "Team Sleep" can appreciate "Diamond Eyes", with songs like "Beauty school", "Sextape" and "967-Evil" which are examples of Chino's familiar writing style. I got this album over a month ago from a leaked copy, and still drove 45 minutes to buy it on the 4th because I am that impressed with it. It stays on repeat and I cannot get sick of it. My favorite tracks are "Risk" and "CMND/CTRL", but really, it is hard to pick a favorite. The album as a whole is excellent. I cannot pick one ghing about I do not like. Maybe the same will go for you. Worth a full listen, and with each listen, more layers unfold and more appreciation for a great album by the Deftones. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Diamond Eyes Reviewed by: Deflection, on may 14, 2010
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Sound: With every album the Deftones release, they always manage to bring a new sound to their audience. Diamond Eyes is no exception. Lead guitarist, and also main songwriter for this album, Stephen Carpenter is a fan of Swedish progressive metal band Meshuggah, which is very evident here. This is also the first Deftones album to have 8-string guitars, a feat Meshuggah are known for. This influence easily makes Diamond Eyes their most progressive, and not to mention heaviest album to date. Diamond Eyes is by far the Deftones' most radical change of sound. However, they have still managed to preserve their distinctive feats which still makes Diamond Eyes a recognizable Deftones record; Chino Moreno's lush vocals are still floating like a feather on top of the distorted guitars, their etheric, melodic choruses are still present, and the songs bear a sense of taint, danger and urgency. // 8

Lyrics: I am currently reviewing the leak, so lyrics are hard to get a hold of at the moment. But from what I've heard at the moment, this has got to be Chino Moreno's best lyrical effort to date. The lyrics on Diamond Eyes are reminiscient of the lyrics Chino provides for his side project Team Sleep. As stated by himself, on Diamond Eyes, Chino has refrained from story-telling. Instead of singing about personal experiences, often through metaphors, which he has on the previous albums, Chino paints visual images here. Not only the lyrics are reminiscient of Team Sleep. Although it would seem absurd to some, being a long-time Deftones fan, I can distinguish Chino's singing for the Deftones from his singing for Team Sleep, and the vocals on Diamond Eyes sound more like Team Sleep-Chino than Deftones-Chino. To be more specific, when Chino sings for the Deftones, his vocals seem sobbing and frustrated, while when Chino sings for Team Sleep, his vocals are more floaty and seem more at ease. But this is by no means a bad thing. After their previous album Saturday Night Wrist, I was afraid that Chino Moreno was losing beginning his voice completely. Although the singing on the album itself was good, seeing him perform live was an embarrassment. He could barely scream anymore, as seemed to be constantly exhausted. However, Chino has now dropped an immense amount of weight, squared up with his bandmates, and is by no doubt back in top shape. He is now more energic live than ever, which shows on the album aswell. To conclude, Chino Moreno has made an enormeous comeback here. The singing on Diamond Eyes is the best since White Pony, and the lyrics are possibly the best Chino have ever written. // 10

Overall Impression: 01. Diamond Eyes: a great opening track. The lyrics here are also amazing. "Once and for all. Time will see us realign. Diamonds rain across the sky. I will lead us to the same .. Realm". With a powerful and heavy verse with a clever vocal melody, a haunting and melodic chorus, Diamond Eyes is a great choice for the opening track. 8/10. 02. Royal: the main event of Royal is the chorus, which grips you instantly. Royal is definitely one of the heaviest songs on the album, and Chino's screaming here proves how much he has improved compared to the condition of his voice just a few years ago. 8.5/10. 03. CMND/CTRL: an aggressive song with an almost arrogant attitude. The Meshuggah influence is also very evident here. The verse incorporates odd-time signatures, which only adds to the aggression. I hate using a word like this to describe a song, but if I were to describe CMND/CTRL, it would have simply been "cool". Although this song isn't anything very special in particular, it's still a great song with a very cool attitude and serves it's purpose perfectly. 10/10. 04. You've Seen The Butcher: while Eros (their currently post-poned album that was chronologically replaced by Diamond Eyes) was in the making, Chino Moreno released a track called You've Seen The Butcher. This was, in my opinion, a horrible electronic track which Chino had made. I'm sure fans will be relieved to know that this is not the same track. However, the new You've Seen You Butcher is Diamond Eyes' weakest moment. Slow, heavy, and almost erotic, You've Seen The Butcher doesn't do much. The repetitiveness makes it sound like Diamond Eyes takes a break in the middle of the album. You've Seen The Butcher is simply dull and boring. 3/10. 05. Beauty School: "I like it when you take off your face". One of the least heavy tracks on the record, Beauty School stands out as one of Diamond Eyes' the strongest tracks. If you were following the Deftones' official video diary for Eros, you probably remember the song playing in the beginning of every video. While it's not the same song, the verse here is very similar. Beauty School is a simple, yet fantastic song, and is also Diamond Eyes' longest in length, something you will be thankful for. 9/10. 06. Prince: when the Deftones said that Diamond Eyes was similar to White Pony, they weren't joking. The verse of Prince is so similar to the verse of RX Queen it's crazy that they even put it on the album. The chorus is decent and catchy, but the highlight of this song is heavy, groovy guitars that jumps in occasionally. In my opinion, they should have focused more on this part of the song. 6/10. 07. Rocket Skates: Rocket Skates is Diamond Eyes' main theme, and is a classic example of how the Deftones can be a heavy as hell band, but still manage to be chill and not constantly up in your face with their music. Rocket Skates is incredibly groovy, and if someone is not moving their body to this song, they're either dead or in a wheelchair. Rocket Skates may not grip you instantly. This is the kind of song that will keep growing on you until you're addicted to it. 9/10. 08. Sextape: Sextape is the ballad of Diamond Eyes. The feel here could be compared to the feel of Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away), but with a big touch of Team Sleep. Sextape is an absolutely paralyzing song that will twist your stomache the moment the chorus hits you. This is by far the Diamond Eyes most beautiful moment. But it is for this reason that my only complaint is the length. The song seems to end when you expect it to explode into a powerful bliss like Xerces on Saturday Night Wrist did. Four minutes may be an acceptable length for a song, but the Deftones should have dragged this one out longer, because this really is the melodic highlight of Diamond Eyes. Nevertheless, Sextape is a powerful song, and is one of the few thoroughly [i]positive[/i] songs Deftones have ever written. Sextape can even be described as a feel-good song. Despite the length, Sextape is flawless, and is currently my favorite song on this album. Sextape proves that although the Deftones may have taken a heavy turn, they still got their melodic side intact. 10/10. 09. Risk: the short verse of Risk isn't anything outstanding, but it does build up very well towards the mysterious, haunting chorus. "I'll find a way. I'll confuse her, but I think I can try. I will save .. Your life .. I will save .. Your life .. I'll try .. For you". Risk is a dark, haunting, near perfect song. 9/10. 10. 976-EVIL: starts off with a positive and relaxed vibe. It then bursts into what could be considered Chino Moreno's biggest vocal showoff on the album, which is a dark chorus with a sense of meaning and urgency. This combination makes 976-EVIL a very odd song, and is one of the most melodic songs on the album. 7/10. 11. This Place Is Death: is the album's ender, and is melodically interesting at most. The song consists of a weird, and near psychedelic melody that repeats through-out the entire song. It's just too bad the song that wraps up the album is one of the most uninteresting songs on it. The Deftones' sound is known to be floaty, but this song just floats with no purpose or direction. 5/10. In conclusion, Diamond Eyes is the Deftones' most mature release to date, and is a great progression. The highlight of this album is Chino Moreno's singing, which might aswell be his best performance on any Deftones album ever. The mood on Diamond Eyes is hard to define, as it's less emotional and moody than their previous releases. But the way I see it, Diamond Eyes is more of a piece of art than a compilation personal tales. Since Chino Moreno has abandoned the ego of his lyrics, and now instead paints visual images on top of the music, Diamond Eyes feels much less personal. Some may be disappointed with this, but I'm not - at all. We've been drowning in Chino's life on the previous albums, so this does feel like a breath of fresh air. While it does have it's ups and downs, the majority of the songs on Diamond Eyes are excellent. The worse songs does however drag it a bit down for me, as I personally reckon You've Seen The Butcher to possibly be the Deftones' worst song ever put on an album. Another negative aspect of this record is that it is the Deftones' shortest album to date, with only 40 minutes. It is however short and sweet, and by no means a disappointment. Diamond Eyes is a great chapter in the Deftones-saga, and I encourage anyone to pick up this record. // 8

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overall: 9
Diamond Eyes Reviewed by: Gotham76, on may 18, 2010
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Sound: The record opens with the ambiance of Stephen Carpenter's untouched phaser/distortion hanging in the air for just a moment before Chino Moreno proclaims, "To the edge... til we all get off!". Well, we've seen the edge in the creepy, darker offerings of late by The Deftones and Diamond Eyes is where all the muddling through the painfully beautiful masterpieces of the past 2 or 3 records truly pays off. Not to discount those records, they ALL eventually grew on me like moss on a rock. But Diamond Eyes is exactly what music I'm looking for at the moment. A custom made nightmare, to borrow a phrase from Chino. Built from the hearts, souls, blood, and guts of Adrenaline and Around The Fur, Diamond Eyes shines in it's dark beauty. Stephen Carpenter is listed as simply playing "Strings" on this record. Apt. Very much so. He conducts a symphony in Drop B. His work on this record is amazing and simple. Melodic and complex. It weaves nicely around some of the most aggressive lyrics, snarls and melodies from Chino in years. Still cryptic but loaded with a lot more bravado. "So I send commands/Just because I can". Or breaking into a screaming yelp of, "GUUUNS! RAZORS! KNIIIIIVES!" inviting us to F--k with me! in the middle of what may be my favorite track on the record, "Rocket Skates". It's not something I can really put into words, Chino already did it well enough that anything I could say about it wouldn't do it justice. The rest of the bands more than hold their own in the sparring match between Moreno and Carpenter. It's really the lyrics and the guitar that dominate this record, but Cunningham pounds right along playing some of the more up-tempo beats he's laid down in a while. Delgado brings that extra layer of sinister to the sound with his haunting work on the keys; it would be hard to imagine this record without his part. Now for the elephant in the room. The one with the double edged sword. For the first time since Adrenaline, The Deftones are without Chi. A tragic car accident during the recording of what would have been the follow-up to Saturday Night Wrist left the bassist in a coma. Reports indicate his condition is improving! Fans, anyone who's gone to a show, heard a record, has a heartgot to OneloveforChi.com That being said, Sergio Vega does a more than competent job filling in the gap. He's been around for a while and really shows his chops on this record. I wouldn't have wanted to shoulder the role he was stepping into but he does so with a seamless transition. The record has a more polished feel than the last few but even from the first few seconds of a welcoming, swirling, "brace for the storm" pace riff, you can tell. This is The Deftones. // 9

Lyrics: Once again Moreno treats us to beautifully horrific images. Chino doesn't so much sing as he paints with words. I recommend listening to this record at least once through a set of headphones. Certain nuances in Chino's vocals are driven home even more so this way. You get a better feel for the layers of his voice this way. And, it helps (me, at least) get a better hold on the phrasing. In a world where most singers are swapping their vocal cords for an AutoTune, Moreno wields his weapon of choice like a true master. From the sultry, dare I say "sexy/scary" sound of "You've Seen The Butcher" to the outright barking of "Prince" Chino brings his A game. Diamond Eyes has him running the full gambit of sounds he's been working out since Adrenaline. There are tracks that would make even the most saccharine saturated pop star jealous and other that, even though Chino pulls it off, would cause the throat of any mortal to tear, bleed and collapse. The lyrics themself are standard fare for Moreno. Painting pictures of heart break, terror and redemption. // 9

Overall Impression: Once again Moreno treats us to beautifully horrific images. Chino doesn't so much sing as he paints with words. I recommend listening to this record at least once through a set of headphones. Certain nuances in Chino's vocals are driven home even more so this way. You get a better feel for the layers of his voice this way. And, it helps (me, at least) get a better hold on the phrasing. In a world where most singers are swapping their vocal cords for an AutoTune, Moreno wields his weapon of choice like a true master. From the sultry, dare I say "sexy/scary" sound of "You've Seen The Butcher" to the outright barking of "Prince" Chino brings his A game. Diamond Eyes has him running the full gambit of sounds he's been working out since Adrenaline. There are tracks that would make even the most saccharine saturated pop star jealous and other that, even though Chino pulls it off, would cause the throat of any mortal to tear, bleed and collapse. // 9

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overall: 10
Diamond Eyes Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 20, 2010
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Sound: I'll start this review with the purest, simple analogy I can possibly give about this album. It's stunningly beautiful. It's almost tear jerking. Not say it isn't heavy, it's technical, brutal and downright gritty as well. But Deftones are highly praised and well known for their beautifully heavy songs, their loud-quiet dynamics where the biggest and loudest of their songs can send you to sleep. And on this album they band the nail on the head. It is by far one of the most precious and, by the hype, prestigious albums I have heard in a long time. I have been waiting for this kind of album for so long. Melodies? Fantastic. Heavy moments? Crushing. Technicality? Just right. Length? Perfect. There is not one thing wrong with this album, which was a monumental surprise for me as I've never really liked Deftones that much. I've lived with them all my life, but the same as Disturbed I've never really thought much of them. White Pony was a good album and I liked songs here and there (no, not Back To School) but I am a complete sucker for rave reviews and even if a band I don't like gets phenomenal feedback from a new album, I have to take a look. And I'm so glad I did. The production is ace. The big epic sections like the chorus of Beauty School are balanced just right as Chino's voice swoops and dives through Stephen Carpenter's trademark chord patterns and Abe's crashing drums. The absolute damn right badassness of CMND/CTRL and its verses makes it one of the best off the album as a simple descending riff over a clever time signature booms behind Chino's angry wails. The album is a monument. It's put together so well it reaches new heights. 01. Diamond Eyes: this truly is a perfect song. It's short but incredibly sweet which is one of the reasons I like it so much. The verse and how the guitars contrast with Chino's vocals is a feature that I've always been eager to hear. The chorus will remain in your head for ages and it won't get boring. Trust me. 10/10 02. Royal: Complex... priestess... come down! I have no idea what it means but Chino is just a genius at vocals. This reminds me of typical Deftones. It has a very old school style to it. Mainly I think because of the chorus and the general feel of the song, the tempo, the vocals. It takes me to a very awesome place. It's dark but light at the same time. Damn. Cool. 8/10 03. CMND/CTRL: this is one of my favourites off the album. I love the technicality yet unbelievable simplicity of the verses. The chorus again simple but Chino's soaring vocals give it that extra depth that makes it one of my favourite choruses off the album. One of the more brutal songs off the album. And I can't possibly the resist the way he yells Switching command just because I can!. 10/10 04. You've Seen The Butcher: this song is one that I'm not too keen on. Not a bad song at all. But it's a little strange to me. I think it's the verse riff and the drums of the main riff/verse. It bores me a little. I like the very classic style of the verses vocals though. Almost southern rock. You'll possibly understand what I mean when you hear them. But by far the best part of this song is the change from Chino's wail at the end of the verse that continues to the chorus that is truly delicious. The catchy riff and the catchy melodic hook is just a match made in heaven. Not the best off the album but definitely an interesting one and a bit of a grower. 7/10 05. Beauty School: this one I can't leave alone. The tinny drones at the beginning of the song lull me in straight away and the lush guitar over it is quite post-rocky. The main reason I love this song so much. The strange guitar noises, the big expansive chorus, the crunchy guitar playing behind the main guitar in the verses. I love how epic this song is. And every time I listen to it, it takes me somewhere different. There's so much going on in this song it's hard to ignore or call a filler. I love it. 10/10 06. Prince: I love how dark and strange this song is. It reminds me of something that would be on the soundtrack to a Matrix film. It's the dissonant crash of the guitars in the verses and the style of Chino's vocals that many old fans will love that make this song very distinctive. Mindset of a killer with your gaze you paint the room. Lyrics are a very prominent feature on this song. Amazing concept, awesome breakdown riff, another interesting one that is very typical Deftones. 10/10 07. Rocket Skates: the most badass song on the album. This song is pure gold. The crazy verses and mental style Chino takes on this song makes it so cool. The whole song takes a very serial killer style. Crushing riffs, psycho vocals, it's all there. Especially the truly memorable chorus of GUNS! RAZORS! KNIVES! f--k WITH ME!. Chino really is a genius isn't he? 10/10 08. Sextape: another spacy song that would make an excellent lullaby for sleep (I've tried it). The echoing guitars and beautiful, gentle tone Stephen delivers makes the song what it is. Chino as usual is on top form with the most passion I've heard from this album yet. It's obviously a love song and a damn good one at that. It's in one word: gorgeous. 9/10 09. Risk: I can easily see this being the next single. It's slightly similar to Diamond Eyes. The lyrics are some of the most interesting on the album: I will save your life, I will try it for you. Harmonized vocals and memorable chord structures are what give me the impression that it will be on music vid channels sometime soon. Hopefully. 9/10 10. 976-EVIL: my guess is that this song is about Chi. But then again that's only for reading the first few lines of the lyrics. This is probably the lightest, happiest song on the record. I like to think of it as a more upbeat version of Sextape. It's quite lovely and delicate in a way. 8/10 11. This Place Is Death: I'd say this is the worst song off the album. It's not so bad that it ruins it at all, it fits with everything on here but it's just not the best. The start sounds really promising with synths and every instrument crashing together as if a platform for Chino's voice. But it just sounds like a constant build up. In a word nothing really happens. I appreciate it a lot, another interesting one but so interesting I don't know what to make of it. A weird way to end the album. 6/10 // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics as usual are confusing, thoughtful and just cool to be honest. Even though half the time I don't know how to decipher them I still love reading what's come out of Chino's mind. He's a very interesting lyricist and an even better vocalist. I'm glad that this album doesn't have any of that whispering business he used to do. At first it was cool but then it got kind of annoying. The vocal delivery he gives on this album seems more passionate and focused and all the different style match the songs perfectly. The lyrics fit well with the music, me never hoping "I wish he did this melody here" or anything like that (something I tended to do with older material). Deftones really have taken me by surprise in every aspect of this album. // 10

Overall Impression: I can't compare it to any other Deftones albums as "White Pony" is really the only other one that's interested me enough to listen to it. I can't say it's their best but my God this is truly a spectacular delivery from a band I never thought would capture me. It seeps excellence and every band member is on top form. I was gutted to hear about Chi as I thought it might have been the end of the Tones and it may have affected the album. But I think he'd be really pleased to see what his boys came up with and I think it'd be the best thing for him to wake up to =) // 10

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