Saturday Night Wrist review by Deftones

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  • Released: Oct 30, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (136 votes)
Deftones: Saturday Night Wrist

Sound — 10
The word "triumph" is thrown around too often by reviewers, often describing an album or movie as a triumph when there in fact hasn't been a great deal of hardship that the band or director has overcome to produce their work, however, in the case of "Saturday Night Wrist", this album is nothing short of a triumph. After the massive rift in their relationship, deftones have still managed to produce a beautiful album that is equal parts aggressive and melodic, smothering any doubts the fans or the band themselves have had about their previous self titled album. A lot of bands have shown a distinct change in their sound recently, some being good, others being a huge disappointment, it was a huge relief to see Saturday Night Wrist revisiting a 'White Pony' sound with a huge success.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics in this album are largely reflected from the conflicts the band have endured while making this album, the opening song/latest single "Hole In The Earth" serves as quite an appropriate opener, with lyrics such as "I hate all of my friends, they all attack sometimes," epitomises the albums influences of conflict. Chino has once again proven to his fans he still hasn't lost his amazing ability to harmonise his voice with the melodic choruses this album is packed with and has achieved the familiar chaotically heavy but relaxing qualities we've seen in recent albums, songs such as "Rats! Rats! Rats!" combine violent verses breaking into an ambient chorus, this style is also repeated in "Combat," tracks that will be guaranteed not to get boring for a very long time.

Overall Impression — 9
Fans who for whatever reason, where disappointed by Deftones self titled album are guaranteed to not be disappointed a second time, the sound of this album resembles more of the White Pony era and while perhaps just falling short of White Pony, is definitely worth a buy from anyone that appreciates an energetic but ambient and deep sound. This album gives the creeping feeling that it may be the last album we'll hear from Deftones for a long time due to their conflict causing them to quite while they are ahead. While some songs such as "Pink Cell Phone" with a concept that is difficult to understand may not be the most appealing. The song "Rapture" is a reminder of the aggressive genius that "Elite" held back on the "White Pony" album while songs such as "Beware The Water" and "Combat" are absolute masterpieces and shown that they where well worth the wait while they were being re-mixed.

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    Fossilized Love
    shmedo wrote: after reading the reviews im not so sure...but since i work in a music store ill pop it on one day and do a 'try before i buy'.
    Reviews are bullshit either way. They are only a point of view in a lot of senses - not exactly fact.
    For one Hole in the Earth is pure genius, stop being stupid and think that they should sound like they did on Around the Fur. They matured so much on this album, and it rocks. Deftones Forever!
    after reading the reviews im not so sure...but since i work in a music store ill pop it on one day and do a 'try before i buy'.
    it seems this album lives up to what deftones fans would expect. hopefully it is as good as the previous albums, if not better.
    I found it really dull and boring. I'm still listening to it, I'm really trying to like it, I really want to. But it's just so boring... Beware is a great song though, one of my favourite Deftones songs.
    I am torn into two thoughts on this album. I find it incredibly intrestiung to listen to and at times incredibly boring. Yes this is new territory and has moments of abserloute brilliance, but times when you wish they would rip out some hard riffs and vocals which we are so used to in previous albums. I think eveyone will have a different opinion about this album. I must admit i still love the deftones of old, around the fur and adrenaline are awesome albums, miss that rugged hard rock sound.
    I always thought the Deftones were a rap-metal band. I had no idea they actually knew how to play music. Heard a few songs off this CD, not my style, but definately interesting music.
    shmedo after reading the reviews im not so sure...but since i work in a music store ill pop it on one day and do a 'try before i buy'. I look @ it like, you either like Deftones or you don't!! This Album ROCKS!! As do all the rest!!
    The album is better than the last one. Not White Pony good but good enough. As always, deftones manage to evolve in a good way. Except for "Hole in the Earth" the album is really good. "Cherry Waves" and "Xerces" definetly stand out to me. Deftones keep on rockin'.
    As always deftones deliver the goods, this is band constantly original and thats why i own all their records to date, "Saturday Night Wrist" IMO is one of the better records released so far this year.
    This CD is sick man, i cant say enough about the deftones, they have evolved in a really good way, something most bands cant do. Just like the review mentioned i felt like this is the end for the deftones while listening to the CD They are what a band should be about
    the deftones are a very solid band. kind of dull at some pints but still very solid. not really single material.
    ^ hah yeah Hole in the Earth ****ing blows but the cd is amazing. Cherry Waves is so good and Xerces is sweet.
    I'm just hoping it's better than the last one. I know they will never sound like they did on Adrenaline and Around the Fur again, but if they can get on par with White Pony I'll be happy.
    well i hope the rest of the songs on the album arent as dull as hole in the earth. i was really disapointed when i heard that song please someone tell me they hate that song but like the rest of the album then i can relax
    Once again, Deftones come with a good, solid release. This album is very good.