Insineratehym review by Deicide

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  • Released: Jun 27, 2000
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 6.2 (5 votes)
Deicide: Insineratehym

Sound — 7
I think the sound on this album is quite solid but is lacking the usual Deicide punch if you understand me, the guitar has a bit of a cleaner tone than previous efforts but it is still pretty edgy, a lot less gain I think. A little circulating rumour about this album is that when the boys went in to record this they really half assed it just so that they could get off of their label at the time, as the label saw Deicide as a sinking ship, there is also no bass guitar on this album. The production is clean cut and edgy, glens voice is mixed occasionaly with his high screams and his guttural growls making for a tasty combination, the production is very nice, I must say. Overall the guitars sound pretty solid and I actually quite like it, although hard core deicide fans may not look so fondly upon this effort.

Lyrics — 9
To the extent of my knowledge nearly every song is about Glens hatred for Christianity and Jesus christ, with lyrics such as '' Holy one unsung, you are the scum of his philosophy Will you ever learn that it is god who is the enemy? Step across our line from the divine and twisted beaten path Spewing forth in bullshit to your final fatal bleeding gasp '' ( Bible Basher ) and '' Where's your god when you need him? Beware, he's deceiving Intimidation, revelation Wipe my ass on its pages '' ( Remnant Of A Hopeless Path ) Glen sure does vent his Hatred for Christianity. The lyrics are religious, evil, Satanic and blasphemous. The lyrics work quite well with the music, as the guitar work is crunchy and evil, and a huge compliment to the story that Glen is belting out. The vocals are classic Deicide but with great production, there is not much change in his voice from previous releases, barr Legion.

Overall Impression — 7
This, I dare say, in my opinion, is actually a very nice release, up there with their earlier releases, although a lot of fans have a great distaste for the album, I quite like it. The tracklist for the album is as follows 01. Bible Basher 02. Forever Hate You 03. Standing In The Flames 04. Remnant Of A Hopeless Path 05. The Gift That Keeps On Giving 06. Halls Of Warship 07. Suffer Again 08. Worst Ememy 09. Apocalyptic Fear 10. Refusal Of Penance My favourites would be Apocalyptic Fear The Gift That Keeps On Giving Standing In The Flames Halls Of Warship I don't really hate anything about this album, it is a good release, although some more leads would have been great and some more double bass and speed metal beats would have been better, that is something that this album is lacking. The album is also severely lacking some Evil Harmonies, something that Deicide have become veterans at belting out when it comes to writing. Aside from that, the album is pretty good, it makes for a good listen for sure, the main thing about the album is that it is probably the most unique Deicide album in their history, for these reasons. Cleaner Production Less Evil Harmonies Less leads More Rhythm Slower tracks But they did it well, and it is pretty good. Overall I don't hate anything, but they sure as hell could have worked harder on it and made it a lot better, but it's still pretty nice. If this were lost or stolen, I would buy it again, as I deem it worthy of a second purchase, it's got slow parts, fast parts, a few leads and it is catchy, it is a good album and I think people new to Deicide should pick this one up first, as it is not as harsh as all of their other albums, although it is still pretty heavy Good album, buy it if you can, but I only payed 17AUD for it, make sure you do the same, or do something close.

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    Bound to have no punch if theres no bass.. doing that ruins an album. Just look at Metallicas 'Justice'.. If it had audible bass, it'd be my favourite CD of all time. And after listening to 'bible basher' I can say that its really.. weak. Not like, weak music, but the sound is weak.. or the mix rather. Sounds closer to a black metal record really..
    A decent album, but nothing special for Deicide. And I agree on the bass, although that can tend to happen in many extreme metal releases, some bands stick to their guns, and there are many bass players who stand out, I would have like to hear Glen play. Also, ...And Justice For All is one of my all time favorites, if i could hear more bass like on their previous albums, then I would have a better argument as to why it deserves that title! All in all, not a bad record, but certainly not their best.
    No, they do not give metal a bad name Everyone interprets things differently and if your to childish to accept that, then just **** off Menace101, you sound like a dick
    Menace101 wrote: Hate this satanic shit, bands like deicide give metal a bad name Fuck them
    Anti-Christian, not Satanic.
    I love me some deicide. But this is my least favorite cd of theirs. Not because of the lack of bass. But because I didn't particularly enjoy the music like I did on other albums. Aside from Bible Basher, it was a big disappointment. This and In Torment, In Hell are my least favorites.
    Hate this satanic shit, bands like deicide give metal a bad name Fuck them
    Just calm down and enjoy the music, you don't have to agree with the lyrics. If you're letting religion get in the way of your music, then you don't understand what metal is really about. Great album \m/