April Rain review by Delain

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  • Released: Mar 20, 2009
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 9.3 (10 votes)
Delain: April Rain

Sound — 7
Everyone knows the albums that are there that could potentially be great, that is if the same technique hasn't been done to death. Well, that is almost the case for Delain's "April Rain" (almost being the keyword). To tell the truth, there are virtually no musical risks here, but it manages to work for them. First it must be known that they are a symphonic gothic band from the Netherlands, so expect a blatant Within Temptation rip-off; and surprisingly they aren't. Rather than delving into doom and gloom (which for many bands create atmosphere) they leave that to the lyrics only, and event he vocal style is different than the done to death pseudo opera vocals of so many symphonic metal bands.

Lyrics — 7
Nothing overly special with the lyrics. Basically, by now you either like or dislike the generic gothic themes about love and the sort. They're not bad, not great, they're just there, and that's actaully not bad for gothic metal, which can get boring real fast due to atmosphere; think of old Theatre of Tragedy, yeah, that's not Delain. Everything lyrically flows musically, except in "Control the Storm" the band still felt the need to have Marco Hietala lend his vocals. The singer, Charlotte Wessels has a pleasent tone to her voice, and actual sounds feminine, which is surprising considering a lot of new female singers feel the need to scream, and that's nothing more than just a gimmick most of the time that has been over done far too much. Overall, the lyrics, though not amazing, are enjoyable to listen to, and songs such as "On the Other Side" may have you instantly complaining that they stole that name right from Sirenia, but alas, the songs are completely different, and Delain's is actually substantially better.

Overall Impression — 8
There are definitely far worse albums and bands out there, and Delain manages to stay slightly above the average mark, but still don't reach the great mark. They aren't a new Edenbridge, Lunatica, or Within Temptation. The second half of the album is better than the first, even though they consistently bring back Marco for no apparent reason. It's near impossible to say which song is the best since the second half is actaully all quite enjoyable. By far, the most impressive aspect of the album is that they don't try to out do themselves by having a drawn out ten minute song, and they know that they don't want to pretend to have an opera singer when they don't. This is where Nightwish and other bands manage to fail. For, Nightwish switched to a "pop" singer, and they simply just aren't the same, and not nearly as good as they used to be; but Delain started with a more mainstream singer, and they know how to write music that compliments her voice. I'd like to say that if the album was lost I'd buy it again, and I probably would, but it's near impossible to find in the US, so I had to get it off itunes.

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    *supportsupportsupportsupportsupport* I love this album. Propably one of the best ive heard this year.
    hmm, apparently ultimate guitar found the need to sign me off when i submitted this review
    Hmmm except for your final commentary on Nightwish, it's a good review =) Well i underestimated Delain, thought it was "a WT rip-off" as you said but since it seems a bit more interesting ... I'll get this album =) even if nothing can beat down Flowing Tears' last effort, Thy Kingdom Gone
    honestly i only did the NW thing for 2 reasons: 1. i'm just tired of hearing about NW on every symphonic metal forum, and i actaully do think their 1st 3 albums and possibly the 4th are their best. 2. UG wants comparisons to different bands, so everyone knows NW, idk how many ppl know edenbridge so i didn't use them. the thing with WT is they're basically doing whatever they want to do now, like they have Utopia now, i actually support their randomness cause it's better than recycled material. hmm, that's a lot of words and i didn't say much, oh well. lol. i havn't checked out flowing tears newest album yet so i can't comment.
    I think the album is very good. To be honest, I dont think that blueboxdoctor knows very much about this genre of music. The song from Sirenia is "Other Side" (great song with Monika Pederson - no longer in the band), not "On the Other Side". Blue did (does) not know that Martijn Westerholt is brother to Robert Westerholt of WT. Otherwise a nice smooth nice sounding album. The only issue with this genre is that it is always, WT,NW,EdenBridge, etc. I am suprised to see Lunatica and Flowing Tears though. You might want to try Magica, Krypteria,Unsun, In this Moment, Eyes of Eden, Xandria, Epica, After Forever, Elis. The list can go on.. Try lastFM for similar artists.
    ok, excuse me i forgot it's call on the other side, but still an unoriginal song title, and delain's is better. and idc if they're brothers, why would i care about that? i wouldn't say it's very good, it's good, but there's a lot better. and symphonic metal isn't just female fronted bands, so try to consider those that aren't just symphonic power/gothic metal. remember, black metal can be symphonic too, just look at limbonic art.
    btw, just cause i'm in a ranting mood, chances are i know about and listen to more symphonic metal bands than you do, and various branches of symphonic metal. so really, i don't see how you saying i know very little about this genre can ever hold any truth. sorry, needed to rant, it's been a long day
    One of the most amazing bands in the genre, better than a lot of overrated bands, by the way Delain's keyboard player used to play in Within Temptation
    Bluebox, I get that you may have heard more symphonic metal bands than the people who have commented but there's no need, no matter what mood you're in, to hold that over anyone's head. It's really just ignorant of you to do so, try not to do that in the future. It does suck that North Americans can only find this album off iTunes but it really is a great album and does have different elements to it than most other SM bands put on their albums. Throwing a mainstream singer into a SM band is becoming a trend to bring the genre out to the public. Take UnSun for example. They have a very mainstream singer but it's still great to listen to. Ultimately that's what it comes down to.
    Nicki, I really like UnSun also, but they need to re-master the album. The production sounds like they were on a very limited budget.
    wasnt expecting such a great album. had heard the single stay forever and liked it, but like some people above i expected a WT rip off given the founding member, but they are very different, different kind of singer than WT and at times more guitar driven and heavier. very impressed. stay forever, control the storm and go away are the highlights for me at the moment, but that doesnt mean the others arent as good. 8.5/10