World Service review by Delirious?

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  • Released: Feb 10, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.5 (21 votes)
Delirious?: World Service

Sound — 10
I knew this band but not very well when I first went to see them. And after that one live performance I have never stopped loving them. They're very distinct sound really comes out through this album, a lot of passion and feeling obviously went into this album and it really comes out through the music. This is by far their best album. Here's a track listing, I've made some comments. 01. Grace Like A River - brillaint openeer, there's a brillaitn guitar riff which I love personally. A quite hard Delirious song. Brillaint, catchy chorus. 02. Rain Down - a very typical Delirious song. Amazingly catchy, I love it. 03. God In Heaven - amazing live song. Similar to Grace Like a River. But a more anthemic chorus. 04. Majesty (Here I Am) - the first single released from the album. Greats a brillaint atmosphere, a chorus which you just ahve to sing along to. 05. Inside Outside - I actually foudn this song quite boring. Well it is compared to the rest of the album. A good song, nothign special. 06. Free - again a great guitar riff to start of with. A really good bridge which I love. 07. Everyone Knows - a catchy, acoustic song. A very Disney sort of of part to it. 08. With You - a very typicaly Delirious song. Brillaint build up at the end. 09. Mountains High - a very atmospheric, catchy, slow song. Brillaintly done. I love it. Amazing at then end when it's very built up. Things keep adding in. 10. I Was Blind - a very good, slower song. Great chorus. 11. Feel It Coming On - never really appealed to me. It's a good song. Nothing special I don't think. 12. Every Little Thing - absolutly amaizng live. The band gathered round in a semi-circle on stage and they pleyed it acousticly. It was amzing. I felt like crying it was so good.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are fine. I don't know what some of them tlak about because I'm not too bothered, it can be quite obvious by the title of the track. The singer has an amazing voice (I couldn't find his name they're website isn't that helful), it's a very genuinley good voice. The vocals are so catchy and I'm always signing to them (unluckily for some people).

Overall Impression — 10
It comes very mcuh into the Embrace genre, but much more cheery. The best songs have to be God In Heaven, Majesty, Every Little Thing, Grace Like A River, Mountains High, Rain Down (yes I know that is about half the album but it's so ahrd to choose). I love the fact Delirios? make such catchy tunes and build things up into a massive chorus and it works so well. They're amazing live!

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    yep i agree its a great album and they're amazing live! the lead singer's name is martin smith by the way
    I've got this album, and although its good, I think if your gonna buy your first delirious cd, 'king of fools' is definitely the best album of theirs that i own. Especially with songs like King or cripple, History Maker and Deeper on it. Good review tho.