Storm The Gates Of Hell review by Demon Hunter

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  • Released: Nov 6, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.7 (127 votes)
Demon Hunter: Storm The Gates Of Hell

Sound — 10
At times in "Storm The Gates of Hell," Demon Hunter is thrashier than they ever have been. They have also written some of their best ballads to date. They have definately progressed into something special. Being a christian band, Demon Hunter knew that "Storm The Gates of Hell" would probably rub some people the wrong way, but that's exatcly what they wanted. The special edition albulm is full of 14 songs that send out a message to the christians of today: it's time to stnd up and fight, and not let this world bring us down.

Lyrics — 10
Ryan Clark has always been one of (if not my all time) favorite lyricists. He writes in a way so you can relate to him, because he's been through it all too (check out the lyrics to "I am You"). One song is even about his own funeral ("Carry Me Down"). The lyrical tone fits well with the aggressive music. His singing voice is just as great as ever, and the screams have improved from "The Tryptich" in my opinion.

Overall Impression — 10
I've been listening to Demon Hunter from the beginning, and this is without a doubt their best albulm. It has a great mix of thrashy heavy stuff with geat elodic ballads. The best heavy songs are "Storm The Gates of Hell," "Lead Us Home," and "Follow The Wolves," while the best slower stuff is "Carry Me Down" and "Thorns," and "Fading Away" is just a great all around song. It is definately worth a buy.

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    why do people have to talk shit about music they do not like, if you dont like it fine, if you like it fine, every comment about anything has so many experts on the subject matter its just stupid if you like the music say what you like, if not dont comment on it, the only demon hunter ive heard was the summer of darkness album so i was just trying to find out what people think of it and i here bullshit experts about music.
    Is Tom Araya not a practicing Catholic? I don't like religion myself but it doesn't really influence my musical tastes, like music for what it is That said I haven't heard much of these guys
    tehbensonzorz wrote: bah, "christian metal" is such a stupid term. stupid term for stupid music. you can be christian and be in a death metal or a black metal band, what you play doesnt necesarily reflect your beliefs. and when people preach religion of any sort thru music, its retarded.
    Extreme failure. Metal is defined by the style of music, not lyrical content. And music was actually created as a way to praise God.
    clincher09 I totaly agree. Music is not defined by lyirical content. When a band claims to be chrisrtian they're just letting you know what one of the things that inspires them is. In the case of Demon Hunter they are totaly Christian with no sidetracking. But tehbensonzorz makes a good point too. You can also be christian and be in a 'non-chrisitan' band. Someone said they didn't like the idea of metal music talking about how the world is a great does that mean? Theres no limit to what can be put in metal or any music for that matter. Its true that most all metal music is about dark or 'nightmarish' things but why can't it be about hope or somthing that dosn't leave the feeling of depresion? Demon Hunter sings about hope all the time. Songs like Carry Me Down is about Ryan's funeral yet it still talks about the hope of better days. Songs like Undying, Not Ready To Die, Lead Us Home, and Fading Away are all about death, depresion, and shortcomings, yet in every song they bring up hope and better days to come. I'm not trying to preach to ya, what I'm tryin to say is that lyrics are something we add to a genre. If it dosn't fit your definition of the genre then you can call it whatever you want. IfDaysEnd : "So it's ok to have bands that talk about ocultism and satanism, or bands that talk about gore and porn...but having bands that talk about religion is bad? I don't get it :S" Amen! Your totaly right. I don't like bands that talk about all that stuff but if thats what they want to put in their music good for them go for it, but I won't be buying their album. Sorry if ya'll think I'm preachin to ya.
    Also if anyone plans on buying this album get one of the special editions with the extra songs, they are totally worth it, especially Grand Finale. And the special edition is only $2 more I believe