Storm The Gates Of Hell Review

artist: Demon Hunter date: 02/27/2009 category: compact discs
Demon Hunter: Storm The Gates Of Hell
Release Date: Nov 6, 2007
Label: TNL
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
This album is similar to The Thryptic, only that it is a little bit more darker and heavier.
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 8.9
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overall: 10
Storm The Gates Of Hell Reviewed by: thesecondman, on november 09, 2007
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Sound: A band that never fails to amaze me, these guys never stop evolving. They are getting tighter and tighter every record. This is not a band that resorts to obscenely tough to follow time signatures, but is not by any means simplistic. They pull together distinct songs, no two the same, and have riffs that catch your ear and hold it. This is not the same album as the triptych, not that I would be against that, but they create a new album and it's a lot heavier than the the past albums overall. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are a lot more blunt. There's a lot less guessing when it comes to what the songs are about, but they are not simple either. He does more than rhyme, he fuses together phrases that make him much more than a poet. He is relentless in his hate of evil, but remains hopeful. "Carry Me Down" states "Will you carry me down the aisle that final day, With your tears and cold hands shaking from the weight, When you lower me down beneath that sky of gray, Let the rain fall down and wash away your pain." Another thing I was greatly impressed with, is his range. He can sing higher than ever, and along with growling, he does a little screaming (higher pitched growling) as well. He pulls it off well, and it gels with the music perfectly. Brutal lyrics, vocal skill all around and a perfectly matched sound. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is still Demon Hunter, so if you didn't like them before, chances are, you won't like them now. They have a message, and they are getting it out there. Demon Hunter is one of the most outspoken Christian hardcore/metal bands in the music world today, and I would recommend them to Christians and non alike. The first single off the album "Fading Away" scared me at the beginning the first time, it was fast, and not as heavy to begin with. Ryan Clark soon came in and reassured me that he was still out to kick some butt. This song is a little bit of a change from their normal style, but still very Demon Hunter and still very skilled. Another favorite is "Fiction Kingdom." It is very heavy, and musically sound. I love the intense guitars and drums on this whole album. My only complaint is that at some points during the album, the guitars are going so fast and face-melting, that the drums have to resort to what I like to call the hardcore "Oompa Oompa" sound, and I know the drummer is more capable than that. If this album were lost or stolen, I would already, after 1 day of owning the album, have a hole in my heart/ CD case that could not be filled until I got this album again. // 10

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overall: 7.7
Storm The Gates Of Hell Reviewed by: UG Team, on december 05, 2007
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Sound: Demon Hunter seems to be more and more productive every year in their career. Even though it's been only a year after the third full-length The Triptych, they are in the spotlight again with a new album -- Storm The Gates Of Hell. This is the album of contrasts -- it is harder and more melodic than the band's previous releases. The rhythm-section does a really good job here. The songs are so drums-driven, it gives a totally different feeling. The guys try to vary the songs with different sounds and instruments -- like there are some strings in the beginning of galloping Sixteen and bells in Incision. This variation usually takes a small part of the song and doesn't differ it dramatically. Like in all metal records, here are a few very fast guitar solos -- for example in Fiction Kingdom. They are not something original though. Most of the album is very dynamic, but there is also a place for mid-tempo tracks. Thorn slows things down a bit, keeping the emotions at the high level and Carry Me Down is a powerful ballad reminiscent to the band's previous works. As I've mentioned above, there are two sides of the CD -- melodic and metal heavy. The band is definitely very good when it comes to aggressive vibes, tons of bass and pounding drums, but unfortunately the softer part is not the same. The CD suffers from boring and predictable melodies. Incision is probably the best song when it comes to interesting tunes. The chorus is delicate (due to it's beautiful melody) and heavy (thanx to powerful bass guitar and drums) at the same time. // 8

Lyrics: Demon Hunter has always been known for expressing their faith though their songs. This album is no exception -- Ryan Clark sings about things that bother him and that he's dealing with in his every-day life. His subjects are whores, heartache, freedom. All of that of course through the prism of Christian religion. Apart from just complaining on a shitty world we're living in, Demon Hunter also call for riot with words Wake the lifeless, die to fight this, stand beside me, Storm the gates of Hell in the title song. There's enough emotions and anger in Ryan Clark's voice when it comes to deeper tones and pure core, but when it comes to singing and higher parts, I wish for somebody with more powerful voice. Clark quite often produces a pitiful crooning which doesn't fit the intense of the music. // 7

Overall Impression: Even though the tracks are not long in general -- from 3 to 5 minutes, some of them seem to last too long. Which is quite surprising as the guys got help from such dark lords of metal as producer Aaron Sprinkle (The Almost, Emery) and Machine (Lamb Of God, White Zombie). There are little things about this band that differ it from the majority of other metal acts. Something that is not evident from the first listen, but makes the record much more enjoyable. Like the fact that you don't need to look inside the CD booklet to find out what that screamo part was about -- Clark is singing everything really clear without mumbling. And it seems like it all pays back -- AOL Music named the band one of ten "Artists to Watch!" // 8

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overall: 9
Storm The Gates Of Hell Reviewed by: IfDaysEnd, on november 09, 2007
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Sound: Demon Hunter. This band has gone through a lot of changes in their music and their image. The first song I heard of them was "Through the Black", in their demo version. It was something refreshing: not so technical riffs with a certain touch. And this has been preserved until today. We now get the newest album "Storm the Gates of Hell" and believe me, it has Demon Hunter written all over it. The first thing you hear is a blast of punchy riffs and the regular screams of Ryan at full capacity. Songs are dirtier, the distortion used in guitars is dirtier, and being a drummer myself, I would've liked the bass drums to be a little clearer, but anyway that doesn't matter, all the songs are heavier, the catchy choruses are still there, and for people that like to mosh to the sound of breakdowns, you get your piece too muahaha. This album is similar to The Thryptic, only that it is a little bit more darker and heavier. // 9

Lyrics: Ryan usually keeps his lyrics very personal and straightforwarded to his beliefs, which are Catholic-Christian. The lyrics are still the same, personal struggles, divine support, beliefs, etc. Some in metaphors, some in direct ways, so lyrics haven't changed a bit here. What has changed is Ryan's screaming, he now does open-throat screams which fit perfectly with the songs, and he does some high-tone screams now and then. // 9

Overall Impression: This album didn't surprise me much, because it is exctly what I expected from DH: an agressive album with catchy choruses. The riffing from Don is still there, but Yogi's drumming has improved a lot, in The Thryptic it seemed like he was, I don't know how to say it, like restrained? Like he could add more to the drums but he didn't, and in this album it seemed like he couldn't give a piece of a piece of corn flakes about it. The album has strong songs and ballads, so as you see, it does have Demon Hunter written all over it. So fans of DH, you won't be disappointed by any means, and if you are, send me an IHateYou e-card, metal and metalcore fans, give this album a listen, it's a good piece of Christian Metalcore. // 9

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overall: 10
Storm The Gates Of Hell Reviewed by: ClassicDisaster, on november 17, 2007
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Sound: At times in "Storm The Gates of Hell," Demon Hunter is thrashier than they ever have been. They have also written some of their best ballads to date. They have definately progressed into something special. Being a christian band, Demon Hunter knew that "Storm The Gates of Hell" would probably rub some people the wrong way, but that's exatcly what they wanted. The special edition albulm is full of 14 songs that send out a message to the christians of today: it's time to stnd up and fight, and not let this world bring us down. // 10

Lyrics: Ryan Clark has always been one of (if not my all time) favorite lyricists. He writes in a way so you can relate to him, because he's been through it all too (check out the lyrics to "I am You"). One song is even about his own funeral ("Carry Me Down"). The lyrical tone fits well with the aggressive music. His singing voice is just as great as ever, and the screams have improved from "The Tryptich" in my opinion. // 10

Overall Impression: I've been listening to Demon Hunter from the beginning, and this is without a doubt their best albulm. It has a great mix of thrashy heavy stuff with geat elodic ballads. The best heavy songs are "Storm The Gates of Hell," "Lead Us Home," and "Follow The Wolves," while the best slower stuff is "Carry Me Down" and "Thorns," and "Fading Away" is just a great all around song. It is definately worth a buy. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Storm The Gates Of Hell Reviewed by: Jon777, on february 27, 2009
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Sound: Demon Hunter seems to be only getting better with each album. Storm the Gates of Hell is, in my opinion as well as many others, probably the best out of all their albums. The songs are very melodic and powerful. They are mostly composed of screamed verses and a sung chorus. This works out very nicely. The guitar rifts are nice. The guitar solos aren't anything special, most often have an awkward feel. The drumming is amazing and very powerful. These songs are often defined by the great drumming. The bass sound isn't that great, but the guitar and drums make up for that. Demon Hunter's vocals are amazing. Ryan Clark's voice is great; his screams are powerful and his singing is beautiful. Demon Hunter is also one of the few metal bands, such as Avenged Sevenfold, that have great backing vocals. Overall, the songs in this album are all great. Some songs are fast, such as I Am You, while others can be slower, such as Carry Me Down. No two songs sound the same; they all have their own unique sound. // 9

Lyrics: Demon Hunter expresses their Christian faith through their lyrics. This may sound repelling for non-Christians, but it is nothing really noticeable. In fact, many Demon Hunter fans are non-Christians. The lyrical content is nothing like Christian worship music with its typical "Praise Jesus" lyric style. Lyrics usually speak of different things in life from a Christian's perspective. The lyrics fit the mood of the songs as well as the screams. They often have a strong, angry, and aggressive feel, but can also have a sad feel. The lyrics are serious and well written. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, Storm the Gates of Hell is a must buy for metal lovers. It is definitely the best Demon Hunter album so far. It consists of many impressive songs, such as Fading Away, Carry Me Down, and Incision. In fact, all of the songs are very enjoyable to listen to. The style of the album is quite similar to Killswitch Engage (I actually like Storm the Gates of Hell better than As Daylight Dies). For those of you who are looking for a band with shredding guitar solos, like Metallica, I wouldn't get this album. The guitar solos are the one weakness of the album; however, it doesn't change the fact that it is a great album. I HIGHLY recommend getting it. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Storm The Gates Of Hell Reviewed by: aenimafist, on january 14, 2008
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Sound: Demon Hunter uses these awesome Peavey amps and Washburn guitars so they give a very nice tone and a mind-bending crunch sound to the distortion. It makes your ears want to bow down to the tone and belld by their own accord. There seems to be just as much of that on this album as on Triptych and Summer of Darkness. The drummer Yogi Watts is phenominal and has good feet. He makes those really cool blast beats that I especially remember being stressed in "Science Of Lies" even thought that is on Triptych. The classic DH sound is here to stay and the heavyness will never die. I really like the noise surpressions on the guitars because they give DH a really dark and somewhat mysterious sound. // 10

Lyrics: I know that DH is a christian metal band and I know the lyrics will have to comply with that fact. I don't believe in "God" but that fact doesn't really bother me that much. I try not to really listen to the lyrics because I like black metal more but the lyrics are quite mild. Ryan Clark is a very versatile vocalist almost like Mikael Akerfeldt. He has a very good growl and he does quite nice transistions from growling to normal singing. He can play guitar pretty good too so that only strengthens his musical ability. // 8

Overall Impression: I really don't think DH will outdo Triptych because that album was phenominal. It is like the Ghost Reveries of DH. If that is the case then this album is the Morningrise or Deliverance comparing it to Opeth. The best songs are Carry Me Down, Thorns, No Reason to Exist (if you got the special edition), and Lead us home. I would give this CD an easy 8/10 overall because I think DH might have overdone it with the mood a little bit. Plus they will never top Triptych. // 8

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overall: 8.3
Storm The Gates Of Hell Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 30, 2008
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Sound: The music itself is simply amazing. While the album has a lot of heavy stuff, it also has it's share of soft stuff. Some songs make you wanna headbang the whole time, while some make you just wanna sing along. Th best song, music-wise, would have to be Sixteen. It starts as a sort of violen-like tune, then drums come on the scene, and it starts to get heavy. While not Demon Hunter's heaviest album, it's definately one of their best. Although, here's a warning: if you're not into heavy stuff, you might like some of the songs, but not all of them. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are amazing, nuff said! The meaning of their name is that they hate evil, and that's evident in the tone of their music, plus in their lyrics. The title track talks about going and attacking Hell. Sixteen talks about the rapture mostly, and A Thread of Light is about Christians who condemn Christian metal! The vocalist is one of the few who can scream, sing, and growl. // 9

Overall Impression: If pressed, I would compare them to new Underoath, but I can't think of anyone else. The most impressive songs are "Sixteen", "Storm The Gates Of Hell", "A Thread Of Light". I love Demon Hunter because they aren't afraid to talk about their hatred of evil. They're singing with hate most of the time, but it's hatred of evil. That's quite a change, really. If it were stolen, I'd probably get it again. // 8

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overall: 9.3
Storm The Gates Of Hell Reviewed by: MetalManiac1010, on june 09, 2008
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Sound: I am very impressed with DH's style of music. They take some of the most demonic sounding instrumental, sing the loudest raspiest screamo, but then thay put christian lyrics behind all that. Their music shattered the barrier of what was acceptable by christians in their music. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics can be simple at times but complex at others. Most of the time though thay are thought provoking. Although sometimes it doesnt't matter because they are screaming so loud you can't understand them(lol). The lyrics ussualy fit the feel and sound of the instrumental. The Their lead vocalst is very talented, I'm my oppinion. // 8

Overall Impression: This is not their best album. I would say The triptych is DH's best album. My favorite songs from the album are Storm The Gates Of Hell and Carry Me Down. Storm The Gates Of Hell gives the message that you should take evil by the horns and by the power of the almighty Lord on high and slay it with no remorse in the same way evil slays you. Carry me down is a slower song with less screamo than most of their songs. It is basiccaly a message to God saying "please take me and forgive me of my sins while at Your door and walk me down that golden road in Heaven. Pros: HeadBangin good music. Cons:NONE!. If this were stolen, broken, lost, burned, dissapeared mysteriously, stolen by aliens, I would definately buyt it again. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Storm The Gates Of Hell Reviewed by: DemonSlayer88, on july 11, 2008
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Sound: I think personally that Demon Hunter pushes their sound further. When playing their songs at my church I love how the fellow youth rock out while the older people look like they are going to have a heartattack escpecially Storm The Gates of Hell. That song is just brutal from beginning to end. One thing I thought was interesting about this record when watching the DVD was that they used a lap steel on this record which to my knowledge is the only time a lap steel is used in a metal album. I think that whether you are a christian or not you can relate to most of the songs because he is speaking of real issues and they are not afraid to tell you what they believe and I find that to be absolutely awesome and the Guitars are unbelieveably brutal in the hard songs and soothing in the ballads. the drums and the bass just make you feel the aggresion of the song. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics of this record are just so awesome and touching. I could tell you what every song means but to save time I will tell you go to and they have the lyrics for all their records with what each song is about as told by Ryan Clark the lead singer. I feel that Ryan Clark is one of the best vocalist I have ever heard. The fact that he uses some emails that his band gets to come up with ideas for songs tells me that he wants to help his fans which is awesome because he shows he cares for those that care about him and his music from a fan stand point. If you listen to this album and still say "Well I don't know they may not be Christians." Then you are not really paying attention to the symbolisim in the music and the references that really anybody I think would get reference to God or Jesus. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is my favorite album that I own because I have emotional connections with a lot of these songs because I can relate to the cutting as I used to do that and the sense that I'm an outcast that he talks about in Follow The Wolves I relate to because I'm the oddball. The most impressive songs on the album would be Grand Finale, Fading Away, and Carry Me Down. I love the fact that this album really is so aggressive from beginning to finish but at the samee time when you hit the ballads it's like you're riding in a train and crash into a brick wall but then you start to get into the message of the ballads and you just blow through that feeling. // 8

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