Day Of Mourning review by Despised Icon

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  • Released: Sep 22, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (39 votes)
Despised Icon: Day Of Mourning

Sound — 8
While some metal bands thrive on speed to deliver a brutal assault on the senses, Despised Icon has taken a varied approach. It's true that the double bass pedal seems possessed on the band's 4th full-length studio album Day of Mourning, but the band is creative enough to restrain themselves when it comes to the core songwriting. Guitarists Eric Jarrin and Ben Landreville provide a heavy helping of impressive guitar riff work, but the standout moments usually come when the vocals and drums are pretty much the only thing being heard. It's certainly more of a stark, raw sound that is produced, but it's an effective one at the same time. Day of Mourning begins in a rather restrained way with Les Temp Changent, which takes a proper amount of time to unleash Despised Icon's secret weapon: the percussive work of Alexandre Pelletier. The opening track, like pretty much all of the CD, is driven by the unusual rhythmic changes and makes for a wild ride at times. As was mentioned earlier, Despised Icon doesn't necessarily feel like obscenely fast tempos although there a few of those moments make for better songs, and this choice also makes for a much easier transition to the breakdowns. The guitar work of Jarrin and Landreville is a bit more subtle than some other bands on the scene, and they pick and choose key moments to insert licks. In a way, that selective process makes you appreciate their work even more. While they provide some great chugging rhythms, pinch harmonics and sweeping arpeggios throughout Day of Mourning, the highlights are heard via tornado riffs in Entre Le Bien Et Le Mal (which eventually transitions into a more classical metal approach) and a prominent solo in Black Lungs.

Lyrics — 7
In terms of the lyrical content, Despised Icon has once again added in a few songs featuring French, which makes for always a unique twist to the deathcore sound. While many of the tracks do lean toward having more of a dramatic flair, at least in terms of the subject matter (Day of Mourning, Eulogy), the first single MVP delivers the message in frank, straightforward terms with lines like I must fill the void; Your bedroom, I enjoyed; Please don't take this wrong; For you, I wrote this song; So long.

Overall Impression — 9
In terms of being skilled musically, the six members of Despised Icon are top notch. While the percussion takes on a crazy life of its own (and that is meant in the best possible way), the guitars and bass often go in their own direction. While there seems to be a lot going on at times and often the guitars are mixed more into the background (Made of Glass), it makes for a fascinating listen. If you're not into deathcore and don't care for the cookie monster vocals, Despised Icon won't be your cup of tea. But if you can appreciate a drummer that seems to create a distinct melody just with the double bass pedal, you're in for a treat.

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    Nice review. I only recently got into this band. I was unaware that blasting was considered a slow beat these days O.o F**king awesome band though, new album is killer!
    Consumed by Your Poison : good The Healing Process : good The Ills of Modern Man : pretty good Day of Mourning : gotta hear it before i can give my input on it, but i bet its gonna be good
    These guys are probably my favorite deathcore band, everytime I go to one of their shows I have a blast, their sets really get the crowd going. I do think this album isn't as good as Ills, but I like it better than Healing Process.
    Edible Autopsy wrote: MVP has to be the funniest song ever and I love it.
    They're the only band, in my opinion, that can write lyrics like that and actually pull them off. It seems that the overall lyrics have a bit of an ironic tone to them, especially with a title like "MVP". And they only have slight bits of the gangsta/filthy lyrics, which make it tasteful and all the more complimentary. Not only that, the execution is just in the pocket and wicked tight with the breakdown pattern. It's by far one of my favorite songs on the album.
    Listening to this album as a first time listener of Despised Icon, I absolutely love this band. Can't wait to see them with Through The Eyes Of The Dead.
    been looking forward to this one for a while, definitely my favorite of 2009 thus far.
    Since I discovered this band in July I've been totally hooked and haven been blasting the shit out of their last 3 albums multiple times a day. They are my new favorite band, nothing gets you in the mood to smash heads in than this band. I've seen them live and they decimate other deathcore bands. Deathcore is pretty saturated but these guys perform it with pure conviction and don't cut corners in the music like some shitty wannabe bands I could name... For newbies looking to get into this band here are some songs to check out: A Fractured Hand, Sheltered Reminiscence, The Ills Of Modern Man, In The Arms Of Perdition, Day Of Mourning, MVP, Les Temps Changent. I could name more but these should get you started. Not for the feint of heart douchebags, eh.. sorry about douchebags, i have low blood sugar.
    Amuro Jay
    waynerz99 wrote: Acronikos wrote: never heard of Despised Icon? man you're sheltered Well with this making the front page and only getting 8 posts in 18 hours, they can't be as big as you claim to make them.
    PWND! But as far as deathcore goes (which in all actuality, isn't very far), they're pretty famous.
    This shit's ****ing awesome! I love the dynamics of the album. They still find a way to make their sound unique, which is becoming very difficult within the deathcore genre. The riffery definitely does NOT disappoint. And "The Ills of Modern Man" was the album that got me into Despised Icon too. While some may not feel this is an upgrade, I personally feel like it is. Awesome album and awesome music.
    Woot! DI is sick, I just got back from Best Buy, I bought the only copy that they ordered.
    Acronikos wrote: never heard of Despised Icon? man you're sheltered
    Well with this making the front page and only getting 8 posts in 18 hours, they can't be as big as you claim to make them.
    i absolutely love this band, and this CD has not let me down in any way. They've kept their distinct style and it just keeps refining itself with every album. I'm glad they didn't try and overhaul their sound like so many bands and just create a disaster of an album. this album gets a 9 in my book, for that.
    Flaming Chaos
    MustangMan311 wrote: Meh. Really poor compared to the last album.
    agreed, the ills of modern man was phenomenal though, it'd take a lot to beat it
    they totally owned the Toronto show of Thrash n Burn tour. sic cd