Sentence Of Death review by Destruction

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  • Released: Sep 3, 1984
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (1 vote)
Destruction: Sentence Of Death

Sound — 10
This is the first EP released by Destruction, in 1984. Well, if you have an interest in old school thrash metal at its finest (some people even call this a first-wave black metal record), then you must love this. I find the production here incredibly good for a thrash metal album released in 1984. The guitar tone here sounds really powerful, and I just love the sound of the drums (especially the cymbals). And still, it sounds raw enough to keep that amazing 80's thrash metal smell. Destruction's lineup back then consisted of Marcel Schmier on bass, Mike Sifringer on guitar and Tommy Sandmann on drums. Well, enough said, let's talk about the songs here. "Total Desaster" - After a brief 1 minute intro featuring an evil voice and some guitar insanity, this comes thrashing all the way. The main riff for this song kinda reminds me of "Invincible Force", from their full-length debut "Infernal Overkill". Great opening. "Black Mass" - This song is just a riff machine, and drumming is batsh-t crazy, thrashing the crash cymbals all the time. There's also one amazing guitar solo here. "Mad Butcher" - Not many bands manage to write a classic in their first album... Even less in their first EP! This song is, until this day, a thrash metal classic and a live staple of Destruction. Opening riff is just iconic, not to mention the rest of the song. This song have also been re-recorded in their next EP, which is also called "Mad Butcher". "Satan's Vengeance" - Warning: turn the volume down, otherwise you might go deaf with the intro to this song. After that, turn it up again and enjoy another thrash metal lesson from these guys! "Devil's Soldiers" - Putting the cherry on the cake, comes "Devil's Soldiers", the last song here. This is just chaotic, especially because of the crazy and fast drumming, but all the guitar insanity also helps.

Lyrics — 7
Lyrics on this EP are not really impressive. Overall, they deal with themes like Satan, evil figures, witches and death. They're not bad, either, kinda fit on early metal's standards. Sometimes they even get funny (like on "Mad Butcher": "he's watching you pussy/he will get his food/and when he arises you think it's a lover"), but tend to not impress me, overall. Still, I had to rate this with a 7 because of Schmier's insane voice. It's basically shrieked thrash metal shouts, also featuring some really sudden high-pitched screams, which is somewhat of a trademark of this guy.

Overall Impression — 9
Like I've said before, if you're into thrash metal, you probably love this. And if you never listened to this, go do it now! I would say that "Total Desaster" and "Satan's Vengeance" are the most impressive songs here, but honestly, there isn't a bad or average song on this EP in my opinion. You just listen to this and insanely headbang promptly, it's really catchy. In my opinion, this is surely worth of being owned by any old-school metal fan. And if you want to buy it, get the remastered version of "Infernal Overkill", it contains this EP as bonus tracks. It's easier to find and you will receive a double dosage of some good metal! I will sure thing buy it again if I lose it someday.

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