Dethalbum II review by Dethklok

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  • Released: Sep 29, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 9 (104 votes)
Dethklok: Dethalbum II

Sound — 8
I just came back from Best Buy, Deluxe Edition in hands, sitting at my computer. I will be listening to the CD as I go along. I will also be listening to each song more than once. I am only considering the instruments in this section. 01. Bloodlines: awesome guitar riff... no more be said. Great job on this song. 02. The Gears: had to listen this song more than once to like it. I think the drums are what make the beginning so neat. All the extra effects added to the song bring it together, like the violins or whatever in the background, it sounds good. The guitar solo is awesome and done well. I can actually hear the bass, it meshes with the song in a very neat way. This song also gets a thumbs up. 03. Burn The Earth: this song has a great riff. But the feeling of the song changes about midway through. It ruins the song, but not too much. The first solo is boring, for the most part. But the second one makes up for it. So far this is the worst song on the CD but, that's not bad at all. Thumbs up to this song. 04. Laser Cannon Deth Sentence: uhh... ewww... Nevermind my statement above, this is the worst song so far. But that still isn't a bad thing. This song is all over the place, the mood changes like every 2 seconds. Maybe I will like it in time, but for the most part this just sucks. 05. Black Fire Upon Us: this is a more mellow song. Starts off Metallica style, awesome guitar solo. The verse riff though, is very boring. There is what feels like an empty space in the riff. This songs kinda sounds like Yellowcard during the second solo. Not in a bad way. This probably should've been the last song of the CD. This song is too long though, it gets boring toward the end. This song is "okay", not great, but not terrible. 06. Dethsupport: dude, what the hell? This is exactly like LCDS (song #4). It sucks, there's no rhythm to the song, no feeling. Wait, nevermind, that's just the beginning. Now I'm getting into the song. I like the verse riff of the song. The song starts to slow down, with anticipation, no sound... Now they bring back the beginning riff but it sounds better for some reason. This songs is really annoying now, they really needed to put some kind of rhythm into this, and it would've been awesome. 07. The Cyborg Slayers: this is what I meant by rhythm, good way to make a come back. Wow, this song is really awesome. But it's not really not Dethklok to me, whatever. It's still awesome, kinda sounds like Disturbed. The song just changed fully, this is definitely not a Dethklok song. Probably the best song on the CD so far. 08. I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site of Odin: LOL, long song title. This sounds like Dethsupport, but it actually has a rhythm. The lead guitar in the background, is awesome. This song stays the same throughout, except the guitar solo. Oh, wait nevermind. The song changed and then back, it's pretty cool for the most part though. The 3rd solo was just stupid. Overall great job. 09. Murmaider II: The Water God: one of my most anticipated songs of the CD. The song sounds the same for the most part, I can tell the difference though(duh). This is like, a song for the true fans, makes a lot of references to the first Murmaider. It's pretty good. WHOA, WTF! Solo came out of nowhere, cool. This song is good, but it doesn't reach my hype. But that is my fault, I like this song, thumbs up. I wonder if there will be a 3, I hope not. 10. Comet Song: once again, this is like Dethsupport, but it does have a rhythm so that is good. But it also doesn't sound like a Dethklok song. Not their best, but not their worst again... Thumbs up. 11. Symmetry: well composed, one of the better songs of the CD. Has that awesome Dethklok guitar solo tone. The song changed, it didn't need to, the song should've kept that dark tone it had for the verse riff. It's a pretty cool song but it just didn't need do the changes toward the middle and end. 12. Volcano: last song, it sounds good, to start off. Pretty cool, but nothing amazing, I like it though. Not as much as, other stuff though. Don't like the weird "oh"'s in the background. Outro starts to sound like a Dethklok song. They definitely should've put this song at the beginning of the CD (not the opening). Overall: the instrument part of the CD was definitely good, but as you will read you see that the vocals upset me. Anyway, the instruments did a great job of bringing back Dethklok. Most of the songs were good for the most part but some were bad, because Brendon probably really wanted to do some kind of thrash, but it was a bad try.

Lyrics — 5
Just got done listening to the whole CD, to review the instruments, and as I listened to the vocals, Brendon did a terrible job. Nothing was wrong with Brendon's vocals in the last CD but I guess he thought he needed to change them or something. The vocals aren't even something Nathan Explosion would do, it's just stupid. 01. Bloodlines: this is how Nathan sounds, this song was definitely the best vocal work, except the stupid emo scream Nathan does toward the end. 02. The Gears: I like the way how he sings with the guitar, reminds of bloodrocuted from the last CD. The background vocals are awesome too. But you can hear how Brendon's voice started changing, it's just bad; and it's not Nathan. 03. Burn The Earth: Nathan's voice is in the beginning, but it starts to change to what I will call "Brendon's voice". Then back to Nathan's voice and back around. His voice changes alot, it's really bad. 04. LCDS: Brendon does the opening, but the verse is Nathan. And where it's needed, Nathan comes to sing (The D-D-D-DIE! part). The second verse is Brendon though, IT SUCKS! 05. Black Fire Upon Us: Brendon small sings this whole song, it's bad. It seems like he's trying to scream like the guy from Killswitch Engage. 06. Dethsupport: Nathan comes back, great. But you can hear Brendon trying to take over. 07. The Cyborg Slayers: Brendon all the way... bad... 08. I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site of Odin: what happened? I think Brendon killed Nathan. 09. Murmaider II: The Water God: this song kinda changes between Nathan and Brendon, but for the most part, it is Brendon. 10. Comet Song: Nathan is here now, awesome. 11. Symmetry: dude, WTF! Now it's Brendon again... 12. Volcano: And Brendon takes the finale... Overall: Brendon was really trying to do something with his vocals. All the lyrics were awesome, but anything with Brendon singing it, just sucked. Nathan doesn't even exist on this CD; and Nathan is what made the lyrics of the last CD hysterical. Nathan's voice would never go that high with his vocals and it ruins the CD.

Overall Impression — 8
This CD comes nowhere near the original, but maybe I will come to like it in the future. Some songs are really well done but are brought down by "Brendon's" crappy vocals. If I were to break this CD, I would probably buy it again. Only because of how awesome the instruments are. I think I will like the vocals in the future. If you really want this CD you should buy the deluxe edition, for the extra videos.

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