Dethalbum II Review

artist: Dethklok date: 10/16/2009 category: compact discs

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Dethklok: Dethalbum II
Released: Sep 29, 2009
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Label: Williams Street
Number Of Tracks: 12
Death Metal giants "Dethklok" release their second CD from [adult swim]'s hit show, Metalocalypse.
 Sound: 8.9
 Lyrics: 7.8
 Overall Impression: 9
 Overall rating:
 Reviewer rating:
 Users rating:
reviews (9) 64 comments vote for this album:
overall: 9
Dethalbum II Reviewed by: Mr_CiNiC, on october 16, 2009
6 of 8 people found this review helpful

Sound: The most popular metal band and the driving force of world culture returns, keeping everyone from killing themselves, the economy from failing, and the president from shooting his face off. Well... In the cartoon. For those of you who have been living under a rock, Dethklok is a cartoon-band in the show Metalocalypse on [Adult Swim]. Almost all musical aspects of the "band" are from mastermind Brendon Small. The show is humorous and filled with everything a metalhead could dream of. Even though they aren't a real band, in the sense of the word, they still demolish a very large part of metal bands out there today. But this review isn't about the show. It's about the album. Two years ago, The Dethalbum was released and made it to #21 on the Billboard 200 - making it, essentially, the best selling death metal album. It had a variety of good songs, some better than others. The Dethalbum II returns with a slew of songs from the newer seasons of Metalocalypse, changing them up slightly (adding a riff, making them longer, harmonies etc). A whole lot of them are catchy as hell. The band has been labeled as "melodic death metal", and they for the most part focused on harmonies, double bass, and monotone gurgling of vocals last album. They haven't changed for the worse by any means, but have vastly improved. They aren't changing the genre at all. As a matter of fact, they're on the line seperating them from paying homage to the death metal scene and mocking it. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter, because they did make one hell of a good album here. The drums aren't mic'd as perfectly as you might hear in other albums by other bands, and Brendon Small REALLY likes to use the neck pickup on almost all of the solos. The bass, as almost all metalheads know, is "seen but not heard". If you mess with the EQ and stuff, I suppose you CAN hear it, but it doesn't cut through in the mix for almost the entire album. The drums are without a doubt have triggered double bass pedals. You can hear a talent though, with his swapping between crashes and bells really rapidly every now and then. Not too inventive, and undoubtedly inspired by Dave Lombardo, they aren't mindless blast beats and double bass. Dehtklok isn't really about the drums, though. Honestly, they are a complement to the guitars and vocals. A breakdown of how loud everything is in the final mix of it - Vox: 9. Guitar: 10. Drums: 7. Bass: 5. Brendon also recently discovered phase shifter pedals, and uses them pretty often for the guitar lines and even some vocals ("Burn the Earth"). It sounds cool, but it seems more novelty than truly contributing to the song. You get used to it. The guitars, as most can guess, are downtuned quite a bit. C Standard, namely - 2 full steps down on each string. Not a bad thing, since that's how detuned a lot of death metal bands are, and it captures the heaviness they're imitating. The guitars are tracked a LOT, too. In "Black Fire Upon Us", you can hear a rhythm guitar playing some power-chords and palm mutes, you can hear a harmony of two guitars playing something high in the background, all the while there's another guitar over that. Sounds cool, for the most part, albeit a little unrealistic. But hey, this is a cartoon-band after all, right? The sound isn't the best, but it is by no means bad. It's difficult to point them all out, but they barely hurt the feel of the album. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics, in case you can't guess, are 100% joking. They range from capital punishment using a laser beam ("Laser Cannon Deth Sentence") to nonsensical apocalyptic descriptions ("Burn the Earth"), and even hitting euthenasia for a song ("Dethsupport"). It's all over the place with "brutal" lyrics and pure gore. And it is great. The music is dark, and the lyrics are dark. Tada. It's a part of what makes death metal death metal. The singer, Nathan Explosion (Brendon Small, of course) was previously denounced for his monotone belches and no variation whatsoever. While he doesn't abandon them, they rather add in the slightly high-pitched death metal screams, such as those featured inconsistently in Cannibal Corpse songs. They aren't as rare, but they are a very welcome change to vocal monotony previously displayed. Also, he features somethings you don't really find in other metal singers. One example is the near-staccato growling in "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence" - "D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-die." It doesn't look good on paper, I'm sure, but it sounds really interesting (in a good way). // 8

Overall Impression: Concluding, it's leaps and bounds over the first Dethalbum. In continues in the same vein, but pushes the "band's" former, generic boundaries. It's really difficult to pinpoint single good songs from the album, because they are all so good in their own ways. I suppose if I would have to say what one of the worst is, in my opinion, it'd be "The Cyborg Slayers". But that's like seeing a batch $100 bills on the ground and leaving one because it's dirtier than the others. It's still great. No album is without flaws, of course. Some of the timings on here are kind of odd, ie. The trem picking in "Bloodlines" being almost interrupted by the singing at a few points. Some of it can get repititious. The songs can blend together, to the unadapted ear. But these become minor qualms, and don't demote the greatness that Brendon Small managed to create, practically single-handedly. It is said best by Dick Knubbler in the episode "Dethwater": "The drums ROCKED!!! The bass, ROCKED!!! And the guitars, ROCKED!!!!!" His eyes then exploded while rising too high in a submarine, being chased by an infected monsterous seahorse to the song "Thunderhorse". ... You'll get that feeling a lot during this album. If it was stolen from me... Well, I uploaded it to my computer so it wouldn't matter. But I would go out and get it again. And again. And again. This is definitely one to pick up for all metalheads, and even those who aren't. Take out the 'horns and hold them high. Dethklok is back. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Dethalbum II Reviewed by: Sewn Up, on october 16, 2009
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Sound: If I'm like most people who bought the Dethalbum II, I'm not just one of those people that were looking for something new to listen to. I'm an avid fan of Metalocalypse and an even bigger fan of the music. Upon getting The Dethalbum a few years ago, I couldn't wait for the follow up to come out, and on Sept. 27 my wish was granted. Holy hell! The sophomore effort by Dethklok is so much better than The Dethalbum! It's got more power and better production value than the first record, as seen on such tracks as "Bloodlines", "Laser Cannon Deth Sentence", and "Murmaider II: The Water God". I must admit that there seems to be a little more use of electronics on this album, however it compliments the music very well. A perfect example of this would be on "The Gears". The use of the keyboard in it is very minute and to the point so as not to take away from the music as a whole. I was highly impressed with the level the guitars and drums were stepped up in Dethalbum II. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are pretty typical of Dethklok, touching on the subject of murder, death, destruction, mayhem, and all things brutal. I know a lot of people would probably say that talking about a very small number of topics (especially when they can all be combined into one) is not very wise or appealing choice, it meshes with the instrumentation flawlessly. Dethklok fans will notice certain parts that were taken and changed from the first album, however they will not be disappointed with the use of the revised segments. I could not have chosen better topics to write about for these songs, regardless of what Dethklok is all about. One thing I will make it a point to comment on is the vocal style. No one can deny the power in the voice of Nathan Explosion, but what about the one that actually does the vocals for the songs, Brendan Small? He chose to actually use his voice on Dethalbum II as opposed to Nathan's, which I was incredibly impressed with. A lot of people have found that the change in the voice as foreign and unwelcome. I think it does even more for the music, adds another landscape to what was established, and makes it closer to what it sounds like played live. // 9

Overall Impression: It may just be the fact that I love the band, but I can't really find anything wrong with it. Dethalbum II is amazing! It blows the band's freshman outing sky high. The time, effort, and skill that was used to make this album as good as it is really shows. If lost, I would drop everything and buy another one immediately. If stolen, I would hunt the f cker down that took it, beat him within an inch of his life with a plastic spoon, shove a broken baseball bat down his throat, take his money, and then use it to buy another copy. // 10

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overall: 7
Dethalbum II Reviewed by: Toxin94, on october 16, 2009
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Sound: I just came back from Best Buy, Deluxe Edition in hands, sitting at my computer. I will be listening to the CD as I go along. I will also be listening to each song more than once. I am only considering the instruments in this section. 01. Bloodlines: awesome guitar riff... no more be said. Great job on this song. 02. The Gears: had to listen this song more than once to like it. I think the drums are what make the beginning so neat. All the extra effects added to the song bring it together, like the violins or whatever in the background, it sounds good. The guitar solo is awesome and done well. I can actually hear the bass, it meshes with the song in a very neat way. This song also gets a thumbs up. 03. Burn The Earth: this song has a great riff. But the feeling of the song changes about midway through. It ruins the song, but not too much. The first solo is boring, for the most part. But the second one makes up for it. So far this is the worst song on the CD but, that's not bad at all. Thumbs up to this song. 04. Laser Cannon Deth Sentence: uhh... ewww... Nevermind my statement above, this is the worst song so far. But that still isn't a bad thing. This song is all over the place, the mood changes like every 2 seconds. Maybe I will like it in time, but for the most part this just sucks. 05. Black Fire Upon Us: this is a more mellow song. Starts off Metallica style, awesome guitar solo. The verse riff though, is very boring. There is what feels like an empty space in the riff. This songs kinda sounds like Yellowcard during the second solo. Not in a bad way. This probably should've been the last song of the CD. This song is too long though, it gets boring toward the end. This song is "okay", not great, but not terrible. 06. Dethsupport: dude, what the hell? This is exactly like LCDS (song #4). It sucks, there's no rhythm to the song, no feeling. Wait, nevermind, that's just the beginning. Now I'm getting into the song. I like the verse riff of the song. The song starts to slow down, with anticipation, no sound... Now they bring back the beginning riff but it sounds better for some reason. This songs is really annoying now, they really needed to put some kind of rhythm into this, and it would've been awesome. 07. The Cyborg Slayers: this is what I meant by rhythm, good way to make a come back. Wow, this song is really awesome. But it's not really not Dethklok to me, whatever. It's still awesome, kinda sounds like Disturbed. The song just changed fully, this is definitely not a Dethklok song. Probably the best song on the CD so far. 08. I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site of Odin: LOL, long song title. This sounds like Dethsupport, but it actually has a rhythm. The lead guitar in the background, is awesome. This song stays the same throughout, except the guitar solo. Oh, wait nevermind. The song changed and then back, it's pretty cool for the most part though. The 3rd solo was just stupid. Overall great job. 09. Murmaider II: The Water God: one of my most anticipated songs of the CD. The song sounds the same for the most part, I can tell the difference though(duh). This is like, a song for the true fans, makes a lot of references to the first Murmaider. It's pretty good. WHOA, WTF! Solo came out of nowhere, cool. This song is good, but it doesn't reach my hype. But that is my fault, I like this song, thumbs up. I wonder if there will be a 3, I hope not. 10. Comet Song: once again, this is like Dethsupport, but it does have a rhythm so that is good. But it also doesn't sound like a Dethklok song. Not their best, but not their worst again... Thumbs up. 11. Symmetry: well composed, one of the better songs of the CD. Has that awesome Dethklok guitar solo tone. The song changed, it didn't need to, the song should've kept that dark tone it had for the verse riff. It's a pretty cool song but it just didn't need do the changes toward the middle and end. 12. Volcano: last song, it sounds good, to start off. Pretty cool, but nothing amazing, I like it though. Not as much as, other stuff though. Don't like the weird "oh"'s in the background. Outro starts to sound like a Dethklok song. They definitely should've put this song at the beginning of the CD (not the opening). Overall: the instrument part of the CD was definitely good, but as you will read you see that the vocals upset me. Anyway, the instruments did a great job of bringing back Dethklok. Most of the songs were good for the most part but some were bad, because Brendon probably really wanted to do some kind of thrash, but it was a bad try. // 8

Lyrics: Just got done listening to the whole CD, to review the instruments, and as I listened to the vocals, Brendon did a terrible job. Nothing was wrong with Brendon's vocals in the last CD but I guess he thought he needed to change them or something. The vocals aren't even something Nathan Explosion would do, it's just stupid. 01. Bloodlines: this is how Nathan sounds, this song was definitely the best vocal work, except the stupid emo scream Nathan does toward the end. 02. The Gears: I like the way how he sings with the guitar, reminds of bloodrocuted from the last CD. The background vocals are awesome too. But you can hear how Brendon's voice started changing, it's just bad; and it's not Nathan. 03. Burn The Earth: Nathan's voice is in the beginning, but it starts to change to what I will call "Brendon's voice". Then back to Nathan's voice and back around. His voice changes alot, it's really bad. 04. LCDS: Brendon does the opening, but the verse is Nathan. And where it's needed, Nathan comes to sing (The D-D-D-DIE! part). The second verse is Brendon though, IT SUCKS! 05. Black Fire Upon Us: Brendon small sings this whole song, it's bad. It seems like he's trying to scream like the guy from Killswitch Engage. 06. Dethsupport: Nathan comes back, great. But you can hear Brendon trying to take over. 07. The Cyborg Slayers: Brendon all the way... bad... 08. I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site of Odin: what happened? I think Brendon killed Nathan. 09. Murmaider II: The Water God: this song kinda changes between Nathan and Brendon, but for the most part, it is Brendon. 10. Comet Song: Nathan is here now, awesome. 11. Symmetry: dude, WTF! Now it's Brendon again... 12. Volcano: And Brendon takes the finale... Overall: Brendon was really trying to do something with his vocals. All the lyrics were awesome, but anything with Brendon singing it, just sucked. Nathan doesn't even exist on this CD; and Nathan is what made the lyrics of the last CD hysterical. Nathan's voice would never go that high with his vocals and it ruins the CD. // 5

Overall Impression: This CD comes nowhere near the original, but maybe I will come to like it in the future. Some songs are really well done but are brought down by "Brendon's" crappy vocals. If I were to break this CD, I would probably buy it again. Only because of how awesome the instruments are. I think I will like the vocals in the future. If you really want this CD you should buy the deluxe edition, for the extra videos. // 8

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overall: 9.3
Dethalbum II Reviewed by: osiris12, on october 16, 2009
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Sound: The mighty Dethklok returned to impress fans and critics alike with the Dethalbum II on September 29, 2009. Though the Deathalbum was a hefty release, putting to rest any thoughts of the album being just to hype Metalocalypse, the bands sophomore release pushes away from the violent gore of death metal into more melodic territory. The overall sound of the album shows great advances in technicality and musical prowess. This release will surely place Dethklok on a mighty pedestal of metal notoriety. The album begins with Bloodlines, which is somewhat of a transitional song, between albums. The pure brutality of the first record, mixed in with the melody of this one, leads to a powerful and promising lead single. Great leads near the end and somewhat of an unforgettable main riff. Next is The Gears, an energetic call to the Klokateers. Though strong, this song can get old and repetitive near the end. Conversely, this is a high point in technicality, with furious basslines and thrashing drums and tremolo picking. Then you have Burn the Earth, which pummels through every second and scorches your brain stem. With a skillful solo and chugging riffs, this is definitely one of the stronger songs on the album. The fourth track, Laser Cannon Deth Sentence, suffers from the same syndrome of The Gears: technically sound, but quite monotonous. Though the chorus is quite epic, this is one track that can be skipped after a few times of listening. Black Fire Upon Us is a big step towards new territory for the band, with soaring leads and epic lines like The sky will break/Black fire will wake and tonight we ride on clouds of fire/We're damned by gods our deths conspired. This truly sees Dethklok moving into the melodic death metal genre. Up next is Dethsupport, which runs in the comedic vein Dethklok has become well-known for. With violent riffs and some hardcore blast beats, it makes for a hard-hitting song you'll want to hear a few times, but after that, change the song. The next track, called The Cyborg Slayers, is a fiery track that runs between old-school heavy metal riffs and a Pantera-esque bridge. It truly shows the tendencies of Dethklok to sound somewhat old-school (somewhat like Castratakron) and turns out as a good song. Eighth on the card is I Tamper With the Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin, which calls to viking metal, such as Amon Amarth. One of the strongest tracks on the record, this song again shines upon Dethklok's ability to excel in melody. The leads are masterfully played and certainly set the atmosphere for the murder of a god. The next track on the album is a sequel to the opening track of their first album, called Murmaider II: The Water God. Built upon the same basic riffs and structures, with a few twists thrown in, such as an early and frightening solo about a minute and a half in, this builds to a solid track. The Comet Song is another stand-out on DAII. Though you may not see it at first, this is one of the best tracks, galloping at the beginning, crashing in the middle and, with a spacey solo ending the song, you absolutely cannot deny this song. Symmetry, the next track is basically a track you could skip. The beginning catches your attention, but the rest doesn't keep it, though the riffs are very hard and heavy. Finally, Volcano is another track that you can skip if you wish, as it is, in my eyes, the least-strong track of the album. Overall, Skwisgar Skwigelf and Toki Wartooth (aka Brendon Small) truely masters of their art, despite "music dyslex-kia." // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics on the Dethalbum II have evolved far from the comedic first album. Moving to new, more mature lyrics, such as Deth-filled streets/Killed with tusks/Once held life/Die like husks, from Burn the Earth, Dethklok is showing great advancements to more serious territory. Also, Nathan Explosion's (Small again) vocals have shown great improvement, reaching from the usual death growl to a high scream, showing high levels of improvement. A downside, though, is the death growl is still low and quite unintelligible, like on the first record and you still almost have to pick up the lyric book to be sure of what is being said. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, this is a fantastic album. There isn't too much bad to say, besides some songs should be stronger or less repetitive or have more/longer solos. Nit-picking really. This is an album you can't miss if you're a fan of the band, show or just plain good extreme metal. // 9

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overall: 8
Dethalbum II Reviewed by: jackw_707, on october 16, 2009
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Sound: If you've never seen cartoon networks show 'metalocalypse', then it may be hard to keep up with what is actually happening on this cd. Being the most brutal band on the planet leaves a lot to be desired from their albums, and let me tell you this is no dissapointment. Many songs from the show are turned into full length songs without losing their intensity and momentum; the first song Bloodlines (closing track when they travel to the amazon) keeps use of the tribal drums in that episode, and adds in great lead licks from Small. The most notable tv edit (imo) was Laser Canon Deth Sentence (first episode, giant spider, shooting convicts on rockets). This song I feel is the most intense song on the album, and easily became my favourite. It took the already brutal riffs from that scene and combined it with very harmonic lead guitars at parts and at other points Small's growl is actually audible and not just a droning snarl. Even the presence of Murmaider II: The Water God surprised me. As soon as I saw it I expected a dissapointment (Metallica's unforgiven 2) but was pleasantly surprised. It maintained the solid triplet riff of the original and then incorporated more melody, so in a sense sounded like a mix between the original Murmaider and Into The Water from the first dethalbum. // 9

Lyrics: As like the last dethalbum, the lyrics are a joke. "I'm a rocket, a f--king weapon, of mass destruction, destroy the planet". The lyrics are all over-the-top metal, and if you pick up on them are sure to laugh at just how ridiculous they are. Small's voice still leaves something to be desired; he hasn't quite got the growl down yet but it is noticeably better than the previous album. In most cases however I tune out of the lyrics and just go with the song. // 7

Overall Impression: The Dethalbum 2 is definitely a great buy. It picks up on the intensity of the first album and the show and delivers nearly everything that is expected of it. Small's voice still needs some work, but when he is playing the way he does it is not a major concern. All in all this album is great, or in Nathan's words "blacker than the blackest black times infinity". // 8

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overall: 8.3
Dethalbum II Reviewed by: beneharris, on october 16, 2009
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Sound: The Dethalbum II is the second album from the band Dethklok. The first album from these guys, was a very good album, by most standards. Dethalbum II, however has expanded on what was in the first in almost every way possible. The first album, in my opinion, sounded to much like extended cuts from the first season, which is exactly what it is, and is definitely not a bad thing. This one seems like a more focused album, like maybe the songs were written, and cut down, to fit into the show, instead of extended. The sound is actually a step up from their first album. Nathan Explosion's growls have improved, from just grunts, that ended up getting old, to a somewhat accomplished scream, that is actually quite enjoyable to listen to. In a few songs, he actually just screams, during breakdowns, and such. The vocals are by far the best improvement made on this disk. The instruments seem tightened up, also. The guitars still chug along like you would expect from Dethklok, but they have also taken a much more melodic turn to them, with dual leads, and just expanding much further than the original disk did. The drums rock just as hard, too. Pickles really steps up to the plate this time around, delivering blast beats galore, and plenty of cymbal crashes to keep everybody happy. Surprisingly the bass is actually audible throughout, which is definitely a good thing. It helps keep things pounding, and moving along at a good pace. Like mentioned earlier, the thing most drastically changed, for better, or maybe worse, is the fact that it sounds like an actual band. It is a much more focused effort, and definitely sounds like they are a real band, not a fictitious cartoon one. // 9

Lyrics: I actually enjoy the lyrics on this disk very much. They are not as funny or quirky as they were on the first disk, which is sort of a let-down, but by the same token, the vocals are so much improved, and tight, its really hard to complain. By no means are the lyrics bad, they just don't seem like Dethklok, they seem like another death metal band. So, that being said, it is a good, and a bad thing. // 7

Overall Impression: This CD definitely stacks up to other artists of the same genre, Dethklok is proving to be a very brutal band. The standout songs are The Cyborg Slayers, The Gears, Murmaider II, and Black Fire Upon Us. Definitely recommended for anybody who likes metal in general. // 9

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overall: 9
Dethalbum II Reviewed by: TatarSalad2, on october 16, 2009
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Sound: Death Metal giants "Dethklok" release their second CD from [adult swim]'s hit show, Metalocalypse. First off, I like this CD more than their previous one. Everything just sounds... Better. Not that their first record sounded like it was produced poorly, it just sounds like their was way more polish and better equipment used on this record. Of course, I still can't hear the bass. Then again, it wouldn't be a Dethklok record if you could. Guitar harmonies and leads are extremely abundant on this album, and can be found everywhere in all of the songs. I also noticed a lot of use on the diminished scale on several songs throughout this album as well. Brendon Small really worked hard to create an actual, full fledged metal album, just as the last. Gene Hoglan lends his amazing drum abilities to this record to create some spectacular beats. In several of the songs, there will be some extremely fast double bass, possibly in 32nd notes, going for around 30 seconds to a minute straight. Very well put together musically wise. // 10

Lyrics: My biggest complaint is that it's so hard to hear the lyrics in most songs. Not because of Brendon Small's death growl, but because it seems like the vocal tracks have been put down so far in the mix. Small's death growl as changed quite a lot from the previous album, but in a good way. You can actually understand him fairly decently in several songs, like in I Tamper With The Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin. Some songs just aren't as brutal as the last record though. They just don't have the same reflection of the show. Overall, the singing has improved, but it's harder to hear. // 8

Overall Impression: My overall impression is that I am definately more happy with this album than the last. The musical side is done extremely well. The vocals have been cut out of the mix slightly though, but it isn't that big of a problem. Great album, buy it, and die for Dethklok! // 9

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overall: 8.3
Dethalbum II Reviewed by: Mazzakazza, on october 16, 2009
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Sound: Brendon Small's Dethklok are back for a second record. Clearly enough eardrums weren't shattered the first time, so the Metalocalypse characters return to ensure fans are deafened permanently. Best described as 'Heavy and Hilarious', Dethklok's mix of crunching death metal riffs, harmonized solos and satire has made them one of the most popular and best-selling death metal bands ever. There are only two members of Dethklok who are part of the recording process - Small, who is responsible for guitars, bass, vocals, and keyboards, and ex-Strapping Young Lad drumming legend Gene Hoglan. The result is an aggressive, tight melo-death pounding, which could be compared to the sound of bands such as Arch Enemy and In Flames. Hoglan's drumming is as imaginative and impressive as ever, and Small excels in all of his duties, delivering perfect overdubbed harmonies frequently, an (ironic, as it pokes fun at melo-death cliches) trademark of Dethklok. Thrashy riffs and pinch harmonics are present in no short supply either. Nathan Explosion (Dethklok's vocalist in Metalocalypse), I have no doubt, would describe his record as 'Brutal and Metal'. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are, predictably, 'Brutal', describing, among other things; lasers, explosions, blood, fire, and Norse Gods. Small uses his death growling technique to great effect - to the listener, Nathan Explosion is shouting his way through the record in much the same fashion as in The Dethalbum. So not much has changed, in terms of deliverance, which is to be expected, and lyrics remain satirical of typical death metal lyrics, but not much has changed since Dethklok's first album. One thing I particularly appreciate about the vocal delivery is the often used 'fast fire' vocals, which shoot out rapidly and aggressively, creating an effective aura of menace. It is possible that the lyric 'Pull The Plug' in 'Dethsupport' is a nod to Death's song of the same name, an in-joke for metal lovers to recognise. Small certainly caters to his market. // 8

Overall Impression: I would be lying if I said that this album didn't deliver exactly what I expected when I heard Dethklok had a new album coming out. Despite the lack of any surprise, Small has a knack for writing extremely catchy riffs with memorable choruses ('The Gears' is stuck in my head as I write this). In my opinion, the best song on this album is 'I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site Of Odin'. From the harmonised intro to the massive-sounding main riffs, layered with tonally superb and expertly delivered leads, the song is overwhelmingly good. 'Murmaider II: The Water God', the second part of a song in the Dethalbum, is another welcome addition. The tongue-in-cheek Death Metal group has given everything to this record, and the result is a very enjoyable album. A must-buy for Metal fans. // 9

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overall: 8.7
Dethalbum II Reviewed by: Jake Arewood, on october 16, 2009
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Sound: The sound of Dethklok blew me away with the Dethalbum when it first came out, and I've been a huge fan of the show. Because of the comedy the show takes advantage of, I believe Brendon Small was afraid of letting the music shine through, but not here. In Dethalbum II, the sound of Dethklok is taken seriously and to a whole new level. They've evolved into something more, something heavier. The vocals are a bit different, now being more harmonized than they seemed to be and more yelling instead of the old growling in heard more often. The guitar riffs are very fast and tight with each other now and the drum work is beyond fantastic. Listening to the newer Dethklok has got me psyched for what the future will hole for this band, reshaping what I believe to be a lost art now: Metal // 9

Lyrics: To be honest, I have no clue what Brendon sings half the time, but I read the lyric book. It's the same thing you'd expect from Dethklok if you have their debut album, but not so much just blatant death is written on every line now. It seems much more drawn out and epic. The lyrics seem to try and tell you a story with some songs like "Murmaider II", "I Tampered With Evidence at the Murder Site of Odin", and "Bloodlines". Like I said above, the vocals are more harmonized now than before so it really pushes your ears into feeling the vocals, which is a lost skill metal bands seem not to have. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is a must get for any metal fan, and beyond that, any fan of the show. If you loved Dethalbum than this will blow your mind, and it's new material, which is always good. The best songs are by far "Bloodlines", for the beautiful runs, "Murmaider II" for continuing the story of the blackened deep, "Volcano" for, I dunno, I just like it and "Burn the Earth". The main thing I've always loved about Dethklok is knowing how to build up to the climax of the song. I mean, they're not any "Go Into the Water" or "Awaken" but still they're not to be ignored. I think that Brendon needs to find the medium for the vocals and I'm very excited to see where he goes with them next time. By the way, if you do go to buy this, shell out the extra $5 for the DVD with some music videos, which are pretty brutal. // 9

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