Dethalbum III review by Dethklok

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  • Released: Oct 16, 2012
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.7 (106 votes)
Dethklok: Dethalbum III

Sound — 8
Brendan Small and Tommy Blacha created Dethklok in 2007 as a real band to play the songs written by the virtual band from the cartoon "Metalocalypse". After creating the band and releasing the first album in late 2007, "The Dethalbum", they charted at 21 on Billboards Top 100 list, being the most popular melodic death metal album to ever be released. Suddenly, people were buying death metal albums who had never been a fan of the genre before thanks to a cartoon and Brendan Small's comedic and musical genius. The follow-up to their debut release was the aptly titled "Dethalbum II" that came out in 2009. Dethklok has toured with Mastodon, Chimaira, and Converge among others. They had been scheduled to co-headline a tour in North America with Lamb Of God, but this was canceled due to Randy Blythe's legal troubles. In 2011, Dethklok played the Mayhem Festival in place of Megadeth. Currently they have a tour planned to begin in just a few weeks with Machine Head, All That Remains, and The Black Dahlia Murder. Though they started as a virtual band in a cartoon series they have since proved themselves through solid music and touring. "Dethalbum III" has 12 tracks and clocks in at a little over 50 minutes. The album is mixed well, the guitar tones are great and the drums are intense. The album was recorded by Brendan Small, Gene Hoglan (who has also been on the previous two releases) and Bryan Beller on bass guitar. The music and lyrics are all written by Brendan Small, who also performs guitar, keyboards and vocals on the album. The melodies all have an almost epic quality more like "Dethalbum" than "Dethalbum II". The riffs stay engaging, and the guitar tone is awesome. The album was produced by Brendan Small and Ulrich Wild. The album definitely sounds less "death metal" than they have on previous releases to me the melody is much more pronounced and has more dominance in the mix. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though, as the album is still heavy, pounding and chugging underneath the melody. The double bass pedal got a little old a few times, but I think that is just because of my personal distaste with double bass beats lately.

Lyrics — 7
Nathan Explosion... I mean Brendan Small... Does a great job with the vocals finding the delicate balance in black metal vocals where the lyrics are still discernible when listening. If you think of Dethklok as a gimmick (which a lot of people tend to want to do) you still have to admit that musically the songs are on par with any other melodic death metal releases coming out, and Brendan Small's vocals are definitely better than some well established bands in the genre. The lyrics, however, are all based around episodes of the cartoon series and occasionally delve into a good dash of humor which could turn a lot of death metal fans off the album but if you have listened to their previous releases then you should know what to expect. On the song "Ghostqueen" Brendan sounds like Lemmy doing death metal vocals. The lyrics from the first single from the album, "I Ejaculate Fire" follows: "I ejaculate fire/ A venomous fluid, cantankerous druid/ it kills when I breed with my death seed/ checkmate, the world dies when I procreate/ a bloody mess bubbles with heat/ fear the splattering acidic de-mattering/ it burns! I'm fried to my loins/ testicular propane, tanks exploding! / I perpetuate bile/ a build up congestion/ epididymal retention/ my semen is flames/ flagellum is pain/ f*ck fate/ Earth's crushed from atomic weight/ with a hardened thrust/ deep in the core/ a seismic tunneling/ a rhythmic pummeling/ Incinerate! / The molten rock/ A rancid genetic/ cannon fire/ Murdering knew nothing outcast/ choke on gas/ kill my sperm/ fate won't lead fast enough/ come coagulating blackness/ when can I redecorate/ save for me the glorious death threats! / gasoline pumps through my heart/ poison coursing somewhere/ down in that place/ I feel the anger pulse again/ its been building/ its been building/ explode! / found my mission/ death ambition/ exploitation/ explode/ short edition/ new tradition/ extradition/ explode! / F*cking fear is contagious/ go spread my flames so fellatious/ f*cking fear is contagious/ explode!"

Overall Impression — 8
My favorite songs on the album are "Galaxy", "Ghostqueen" and "Skyhunter". I don't really have a least favorite song. The whole album is solid for what it is and very enjoyable. I would absolutely recommend purchasing this album if you enjoyed the previous releases by Dethklok, if you like "Metalocalypse", or if you want a gateway band to see what melodic death metal is about. I keep finding myself humming the intro melody from "Skyhunter", and that may be the first time I've found death metal music stuck in my head to find myself humming it. Even if Dethklok is a virtual band, this is an awesome album from beginning to end. I'm a bigger fan of the band, having heard this album.

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    From samples of it I've heard, it sounds amazing. I better pick up a copy. I can't wait to learn to play the songs with Dethklok tabs on Ultim- oh wait...
    Dude I came on here the other day to learn the ****in Murmaider solo and all of Go Into The Water and then it was liek NO So sad.
    i did the same thing, to hell with this site! what good are tab sites if you cant view a band's tabs?!
    link no1
    I'm pretty sure that it was Brendon Small (or somebody related to Dethklok) who requested the tabs be taken down, for whatever reason. Not UG. Just search on google, they are around somewhere on there.
    It was because he released a tab book with guitar tabs from Dethablums 1 & 2. It's kind of expensive, though. But if you really need to learn the songs, it's there. I think Songsterr has a few Dethklok tabs, so look there, too.
    This is my favourite Dethklok album for sure. I Ejaculate Fire is very VERY well written, if you take into consideration what it's actually about.
    sinForge xJp
    What actually is it about? Also, I'd say all the rhythmic parts of Starved are very well written.. the contrast in rhythms between the riffs and drums are intense.
    The song is clearly about busting a nut. All the guy was saying was that the damn analogies Brendan Small uses are clever.
    I think the second album was better as well, but dethalbum III also has a couple of great songs. I really dig Skyhunter, Crush the industry and I Ejaculate Fire.
    Same. Except, I'm a huge fan of The Galaxy, Skyhunter, and Andromeda.
    A lot of the 'song snippets' from season 3 really had this raw sound and the potential to become very great songs. I feel like the album versions have become a bit sterile.
    I can't really find a song that sticks on this album at all. It's rather flat sounding in comparison to number 2, and doesn't have any songs that stand out like Murmaider II, and Laser Cannon Deth Sentence. Such a shame too.
    This is kind of what I thought as well. It all starts to sound the same, even the few songs that DID stand out on the show (I'm thinking Crush the Industry and Impeach God specifically). I probably need to listen to it a bit more, but so far it's kind of sounding like a watered-down version of his solo album.
    Okay I listened to Crush the Industry some more and I'm starting to like it a lot. Maybe the album needs time to grow on me.
    See in my opinion Dethalbum II was much better, and I'm really not digging Dethalbum III. In it's defense I haven't listened to the whole album all the way through yet though.
    Completely agree. It's FAR too melodic now and extremely effects driven on guitar. Not to mention most of the songs are just boring now. I loved the songs from the first 2 CDs because most of them were driven by an episode to relate to. I avtually believe that Brendon Smalls wrote the songs first, THEN wrote episodes around them. Unfortunately, there were hardly any moments like that in season 3, where an entire episode cultimated around a song. Look at season 1" Awaken Go into the Water Murmaider/Thunderhorse Fan Song Birthdat Dethday Kastraticron Etc, Season 2: Laser Cannon Deth Sentence Volcano Bloodline Gears Black fire upon us Comet Song Dethsupport Etc. Strong songs based on strong episodes. There wasn't nearly enough of that in season 3. The 30 min episodes ended up hurting it in the long run. Thank goodness they went back to 10 min episodes....
    does anyone else think Rejoin sounds like it could have been Murmaider III?
    Yea, the background synth in the very beginning sounds like the synth in the very beginning and the very end of Murmaider II.
    I think this album is better then Dethalbum II. The songs are catchy and i love the melodic sound it has. I also love the direction the vocals are going in. My favorite on the album are Impeach God, Killstardo Abominate, and Skyhunter
    i ****in love this album, i actually think it is really refreshing with the changes from melodic stuff to some atmospheric stuff. very, very solid album. really diggin the vocals too, i feel like its a combo of the dethalbum 1 and 2.
    Production values of II and III FAR exceed the first album, even though those songs are classic cause they fit into the episodes so perfectly... not quite the case with III. Why Brendon didn't use the triplet bass pedal for the beginning of Crush the Industry is beyond me, the episode version is so much heavier it really makes the song. Starved, Andromeda, and Skyhunter are fantastic Dethklok songs. Overall a solid album, excited about the *spoiler* "masterpiece you have yet to write" they made reference to in the season ender. Also, one more Toki song in the episodes and I may blow my brains out, those are just awful, but thats moving too far away from the album... DIE FOR DETHKLOK
    This band needs to go away.
    When is that your woth machine head taking place? Must see that shit because I missed dethklok last year at mayhem? And will this tour be stopping in New Mexico?
    Why hasn't Biological Warfare been mentioned yet!?! That's one of the best songs on the album in my opinion. The riffs are sick and the solo is pretty epic. The intro to Rejoin was pretty awesome too.
    So I'm really digging the music but it does sound a bit sterile, I'm gonna go ahead and blame that on too much compression, you can tell the dynamics were a compromised for the sake of being really loud
    i think this is a very good album, but i think its the same way about his solo album it just takes some time to grow on you. but you can definitely hear in this album how far he has come in terms of writing and production
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    I liked the album when I listened to it once through. I then went back and watched the show to compare the songs on the show to the ones on the album and it made me realize that the album version kinda lost the heaviness that the original songs on the show had that made them sound more raw and not so digitally processed. I wish Brendan Small would come out with the recordings he had for the show.
    For the show, allot of the music is all digital, decreasing it's overall... legitimacy, value. When he went and recorded the real albums, he pulled together a real band, he knows you don't release albums with computer generated instruments.. *rap*
    Perhaps it takes time to get accustomed to the more melodic parts but I feel II was Dethklok's peak, now it sounds abit, just little tincy bit underwhelming after I relistened to Dethalbum II prior to its release. That being said its still a Dethklok album and its wicked!
    Love the album. My only comment is the during some of the songs, they entirely drowned out the vocals with everything else. Everything else still sounds bad-ass, but still could have turned the vocals up a notch.