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artist: Dethklok date: 10/05/2007 category: compact discs
Dethklok: The Dethalbum
Release Date: Sep 25, 2007
Label: Williams Street
Genres: Metal
Number Of Tracks: 16
Prepare for an onslaught of bone-crunching Nordic riffs that will force you to your knees. The Metalocalypse has begun!
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 8.4
 Overall Impression: 9.3
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overall: 9.7
The Dethalbum Featured review by: UG Team, on october 05, 2007
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Sound: So, just as the second season of the most brutal show on earth, Metalocalypse starts, I receive a copy of the legendary Dethklok's new recording, The Dethalbum. The regular edition comes with one disc, but I received the deluxe edition, which has a second disc with seven extra tracks, a music video and the first episode of the second season. As anyone who's seen the show on Cartoon Network's '[adult swim]' will know, Dethklok are the most brutal band on the planet, and their music makes people die. I was surprised by the real quality of some of the songs in full, and while the small sections of some of the songs you hear in the series aren't exactly bad, the fact that Brendon Small had the willingness to make them all into coherent (not to mention awesome) songs is very impressive. The god-like Gene Hoglan (uh... I mean Pickles) took drum duties for this album and, as is expected from him, he impressed me massively. There are some fantastic little fills, technical drumming and some beats that really require an experienced drummer to pull off with flair. Unlike a lot of Hoglan performances however, there's no mucking around, but I'm glad because there are times where I've heard him ruin a section of a song simply to be slightly more technical than he really needs to be. Aside from the drums, everything was performed by Brendon Small (UhI mean Nathan Explosion, Toki Wartooth, William Murderface and Skwisgaar Skwigelf), and the guitar work in particular is very impressive. Contrary to Dethklok's revered catchphrase (Brutal), the music isn't really that brutal, and is far more in the style of melodic death than plain old DM, laden with gorgeous little leads and some impressive solos by the two fastest guitarists alive. Their tone is near-perfect (though I suppose funding from Cartoon Network helps), this shows their endorsement of companies like Gibson, Krank and Line 6 clearly isn't just a corporate marketing scheme. There's some genius riffs on the Dethalbum ('Bloodtrocuted') and solos that truly do rip face. The only musical department in which Dethklok disappoint me is the vocals. Sure, the lyrics are just comedy value but the vocals aren't that clear in the mix and Brendon clearly isn't a developed growler. His timing is top notch, and adds to the hilarity of the lyrics but his tone and conviction are pretty weak. The texture compliments the tone but his technique isn't great and generally I don't enjoy his vocals too much. This is definitely a problem when the vocals should be audible enough to hear the lyrics. With that in mind, you'd think more clean vocals would be welcome but their very brief appearances on 'Hatredcopter' and 'Kill You' (originally by the Pickles-fronted Snakes N' Barrels) are actually even worse than the growls. Still, so long as I can still read the lyrics in the booklet, I can thoroughly enjoy the record as a genuine metal album. // 9

Lyrics: Without the comedic quality of Metalocalypse, this album would be nowhere, but thankfully the lyrics to all of the songs reflect the humour in the show as a whole. There's a few songs which are just parodies of mindless gore lyrics in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, others which are on completely random topics (You have lined my pockets, overflowed with gold, you're living with your parents, you're 35 years old is a select favourite of mine from 'Fansong'). Hell there's even a track which summons a troll that can only be put back to sleep by playing grandpa's guitars. All of the tracks contain at least a few moments of lyrical genius, but there's a few tracks (such as 'Birthday Dethday' and 'Briefcase Full Of Guts') that are in all seriousness the greatest lyrics ever. Of course the show itself is funnier but the lyrics to the songs and especially the spoken word track 'Dethklok Gets In Tune' get huge laughs out of me every time. // 10

Overall Impression: If you haven't seen the show, I would definitely recommend doing so before buying the album, but you won't be massively missing out on the enjoyment if you don't, because the album is a great piece of work in it's own right, and the great humour that goes along with it is a substantial bonus. As I've said before, there's only one minor error and huge value for money, packing plenty of music into your purchase, and a whole lot more if you get the deluxe edition. I've actually seen a few people that have got into death metal through Metalocalypse, and hopefully the release of a full length album will help that along even more, as this is definitely a solid release. Of course it's far from the best album in the world but who cares? It's Dethklok, it's hilarious and most importantly of all, it's metal. // 10

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overall: 8.7
The Dethalbum Reviewed by: StringGuru, on october 05, 2007
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Sound: First off, let me congratulate both Brendan Small (lead guitars/rhythm guitars/bass guitar/vocals) and Gene Hoglan (insane metal drums) for this masterpiece of an album based on a cartoon metal band, Dethklok. I think the Gorillaz just got pushed back a notch for the Best Fake Band contest with Spinal Tap being first, of course. The album is really about one thing in my opinion; make the most heavy, dark, violent and funny metal music possible, all of which it accomplishes very well. Here's a rundown of the songs: 01. Mermaider - incredibly heavy and dark, but it has actual lyrics, a new intro and a much better structure this time around. Not my favorite, but it's really good. 02. Go Into The Water - my second favorite on the album, this song now that it's gone through the studio sounds so much crafted than just the cartoon's version. With a slightly different distortion and actual drums, this song is one you will not easily skip through to get to others. 03. Awaken (Mustakrakish) - sounds very similar to the original version, but it has a longer intro and has a riff-laden bridge that makes the song much more listenable than the original. Also, it has an incredible solo. I like it. 04. Bloodtricuted - a fairly short but completely new song that you won't even recognize from the cartoon. In my opinion it is so much better, that there is not even a comparison. It's a typical metal song with plenty of open notes, mini-solos, and sweep-picking. 05. Go Forth And Die - this is one of the only songs that sounds almost the same to the original version, but like all the songs on the album, it is just better engineered, and has a new bridge that enhances the song tenfold. Unfortunately, this isn't a song that I enjoy listening to, but it's a Dethklok classic. 06. Fansong - I like this song a bunch because images of the episode keeps me laughing while I read the lyrics. This is much better than the original, but this song, to me, feels more like a filler song than most others. Don't get me wrong, it's got an incredible drum track and guitar solo, but it just didn't stand out that much to me. 07. Better Metal Snake - a brand new song for the album, it is definitely great! At first it feels like a "Slayer" copycat, but that feeling is away about twenty seconds in and is replaced with a very dramatic sounding Brendan Small riff. It also has classic 80's hair vocals in some places and as soon as I heard that I started tearing up from nostalgia to back in the day. 08. The Lost Vikings - another new song, that I'm sure was created to pay homage to Skwisgar's and Toki's Nordic heritage. It is an original song in all respects, but it doesn't have anything all that dynamic about it. It's a good listen. 09. Thunderhorse - I don't know why, but I guess the familiararity with this song and hearing it remastered and revamped made me so excited! It is a bit different, but in the best way possible! The lead guitar gets more emphasis, some drum parts and fills that weren't there before certainly add a new dynamic, and the way the song comes to a close makes you want to hit the "<<" button. This is my favorite song on the album, and surely a metal classic in the days to come. 10. Breifcase Full Of Guts - this time around, we have lyrics and mini-solos all over the place and a new section that turns this song into a beast of a metal song! This song and "Castratikron" are the most "headbang-y" (like my new word) of the album. 11. Birthday Dethday - this song is a whole lot of everything! Fast guitar, heavy riffs, and solos. But then this song was dedicated to Murderface so it has no choice but to melt your face with crazy, insane metal. The point I'm trying to get to, is that banging your head along to this song, you will snap your neck. Very Slayer-esque mini-solo that I love, and has a goofy ending. 12. Hatredcoptor - I love this song so much! It has a Randy Rhoads feel at times, which I was very impressed with. The only thing I don't like is the occasional Machine-gun snare thingy. It bothers me, but when the bridge/solo comes around, it really makes you wish this song was on GH3. I'll catch myself air-guitaring to this in the car on the way to work and that is why this is a great song. 13. Castratikron - this song is not a new one, it's from the "Girlfriendklok" episode. When I first heard the song on the cartoon, I tried everywhere to find this song on the internet but it wasn't anywhere. I am so glad that it's here in all of it's brutal and riff-laden glory. Like I said before, this song is perfect for headbanging and rocking out, so if you get the album, do it. It's amazing. 14. Face Fisted - an incredibly funny, violent and brutal song, I think that this song personifies what the entire album was trying to achieve. It could actually pass for a serious metal song and should definitely get radio play at some point. But if it doesn't I won't be sad in the least because I bought the album! 15. Dethharmonic - the classic orchestrated intro to the metal anthem that really should be performed with a live orchestra sometime soon. The violin's were played by Emilie Autumn and she does a phenomenal job at helping create this metal beast and make this song the most powerful on the album. 16. Bonus Track - this is the theme song, and it is now a beast of a song that should definitely be a full-length song, but I can live with listening to it over and over again. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics were made for a comic effect for sure, and Right off the bat I'm going to say that if you don't like the Nathan Explosion growl, then you may have some trouble getting through the album. If you like to take your music seriously, then yes, it will disappoint. I want it to be clear that I love the comic quality of all the songs. But really, there is no way to pair any set of lyrics to most of the better made songs. Like Thunderhorse, for example. How can you put lyrics with something that can command with it's music alone? How could lyrics make that any better? // 7

Overall Impression: Overall, I was completely impressed, and blown away with the amount of musicianship put into this Album. When I first heard about "Dethalbum" I thought of it as more of a novelty and I was just going to get it for the sake of saying "Yeah, I got it, haha, I'm a dork" without intent of listening to it all that much. But the CD hasn't left my car yet. I think what I am most impressed with more than the music or it's comical qualities, is the dedication of Brendan Small to this CD. He seriously could have put the songs on with fake drums and simple structures and not nearly the amount of solos, and the album would have sold just as well. But the use of actual drums, the many many layers of quality engineering and the lyricism (oddly enough) make this a great buy. I am not in the least disappointed, and am probably going to get the enhanced version very soon! // 10

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overall: 10
The Dethalbum Reviewed by: -blaze-, on october 05, 2007
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Sound: I can honestly say this is the most brutal album I have headbanged to. The Dethalbum has been hugely anicipated by fans of the Metalocalypse series and it does not let fans down. The guitars are heavy due to the drop C tuning in all songs. The guitar works and especially the solo's done by Brandon Small are phenomenal. The music style is very brutal and heavy. Toki's brutal riffs and Skwisgaar's skillful solos are simply mind blowing in most tracks. Definitely something you will listen to for the next month or so and not get bored. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are mostly circled around the Metalocalypse series itself such as Dethharmonic. But there are other songs such as The Lost Vikings and Better Metal snake which were never played in the series. Overall, Nathan Explosion's vocals were great and it fit the genre perfectly. Nathan posses a dark grindy sort of growl which goes very well with the brutality of Dethklok. Some of the lyrics are also hilarious and witty. Fans of the Metalocalypse series will definitely enjoy try making out the lyrics. // 10

Overall Impression: I would say each song of the album is memorable but the ones that stands out the most would have to be Dethharmonic. The Dethalbum is something the metal scene needed. Something original, heavy and outstanding. There is nothing to hate about this album and absolutely everything to love. This album did not let me down one bit. Like Pickes said," That's the most metal thing I've ever heard, high five". // 10

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overall: 9.3
The Dethalbum Reviewed by: ShatterSpirit, on october 05, 2007
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Sound: Though this is definitely a heavy metal album, Dethklok manages to do what many metal bands fail at: Have a distinct sound. When you hear any song from this album you know it's Dethklok. Brendon Small (aka Toki Wartooth and Skwissgar Skigelf) guitarist uses some incredible playing on this album without being over the top. This album is in a low tuning (C) with lots of solos, mostly sweep picking solos. Every solo is good too, not annoying like other bands (Slayer for example). Most of the songs on this album you will recognize from the TV show ("Murmaider" "Go Into The Water" "Awaken" and the unforgetable "Thunderhorse" just to name a few). Overall, a very unique, heavy sound. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are, of course, so brutal that they're actually hilarious. "You are most likely to die, at the hands of my arm, when I come fly and take off your face, with the front of my hatredcopter" For example. Funny, brutal stuff. The singer (Brendon Small, aka Nathan Explosion) does mostly very very low pitched growling, which at times is hard to understand what he's saying. But luckily, the vocals never get repetitive (on some songs Pickles the drummer sings, which is great). // 8

Overall Impression: Though they are technically a cartoon band, Dethklok is actually better than most real metal bands. Songs like "Awaken," "Duncan Hills Coffee" and "Go Into The Water" are simply epic. While "Hatredy" "Murder Train a Comin'" and "Hatredcopter" are some of the heaviest things to be heard. Unfortunately, there are a few filler songs ("Castratikron," "The Lost Vikings") The thing I love most about it is the low pitched, fast paced guitar work, and the sweep solos are excellent. If this were stolen or lost I would hunt the bastard down. // 10

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overall: 8.3
The Dethalbum Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 05, 2007
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Sound: Calling the sound of this CD, "epic", would be an understatement. Many different styles of metal are present throughout the 23 tracks. The most common genre found is Melodic-Death metal, and they do this style quite well. I especially enjoy the way they blend lead work with more rhythmic patterns, so the songs are neither constant breakdowns - nor constant shredding. This CD is recommended to your average hard-rock or casual metal listeners, AND your truly, extreme metalheads as well. People not accustomed to listening to more heavy varieties of the genre will find this more tolerable, due to Nathan Explosion's different vocal styling. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics on the album are very tongue-in-cheek, with some tracks just having 2 or 3 words repeated in a very strong tone (as found on the track Thunderhorse). The lyrics comply quite well with the songs, often poking fun at the mainstream view on metal. The vocal-styling is very original. It is not a deep "growl", and it isn't screaming either. If Thor had a voice, it would probably sound like this. // 7

Overall Impression: Being 100% serious, this is one of the top 3 albums of 2007. My favourite songs are "The Lost Vikings" (reminds me of Amon Amarth), and Detharmonic (if metal had an anthem, this would be it). I really love the diversity of the music on it, but I don't really like how quiet the vocals are in a few songs. of course, this may have been done to poke fun at many people who say "It's just rawr rawr rawr!, Nothing good!". I f it were stolen, I could understand why. If I lost it, I probably wouldn't be able to go through the stress of trying to find the deluxe edition again. That's why it's backed up on my computer. // 9

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overall: 9
The Dethalbum Reviewed by: Shoeless Hobo 8, on july 29, 2008
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Sound: The first thing I realize from first hearing a new song from this album, is the guitar, which is usually in the intro. It is usually heavily distorted and great sounding. Then, the singing kicks in and its, to me, amazing. I'm into the screamo genre, and this band/album is great because it fits perfectly into the screamo area with deathmetal. Most of these songs were played on the tv show Metalocylaspe on Adult Swim, and they are rapidly becomeing popular. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics in some of the songs are weird. In Hatredcopter, he says,"I get to wear big black helmet.". I think that some of the lyrics are death metal-ish, but then some are more humorious, like the intro to Fansong. The deep voice of the singer is very hard to imitate, which makes it unique. The deepness also ties into the heavyness of the other instruments, which makes a great combination. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is very good, but I personally think it isn't amazing. The songs Hatredcopter, Mermaider, Birthday Dethday, and Bloodtrocuted are great, but I'm not that much into the very hardcore stuff. This album is one of the albums that you put the songs on your ipod or mp3, and listen to a song by them when your in the mood for it. it's not really my favorite. // 7

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overall: 8.7
The Dethalbum Reviewed by: irapotato, on january 28, 2009
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Sound: Now, I have to say; when I first bought this album on iTunes, I was skeptical. I am a pretty big fan of the show, but I just didn't think that Small could make a GOOD metal album. Two minutes and 40 seconds into the first track, and chills were going down my spine: the sheer power and depth of the songs is almost indescribable: Brendon Small created what in my mind is a true Dethklok album: it's loud, guttural, and it has parts that every self-respecting guitarist should learn and be able to play by heart (among them are the previously mentioned riff from "Murmaider", along with the chorus riff to "Thunderhorse" and the verse riff from "Fansong"). But, as previous reviewers mentioned, the vocals are the weak link here: Brendan sounds inexperienced as a vocalist, preferring to show off his Berklee-honed guitar skills, which have their own well defined sound, along with enough sweep picking and down-tuning to make the average gutiar-player weep as he looks on in agony of the music for songs like "Better Metal Snake" or "Thunderhorse". // 9

Lyrics: As previously mentioned, the vocal delivery is the weak link on the album. The lyrics, however, are one of the strongest points on the album: they are funny, self-referential, and in some cases quite complex. Small gives every word he says a bit of death metal cred, whether he's talking about Dethklok's fans or murdering mermaids. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall, even if you're not the biggest death metal fan, this album is a must have. It's well produced, if not a bit too loud, every instrument is audible (even the bass, which, according to Nathan Explosion himself, is "mixed out of every album"), the drumming is wonderful, the songs are catchy (I still find my self humming parts of Tunderhorse), and the album is an almost unmissable explosion of riffs, headbanging, and overall brutality. If you don't get whiplash after listening to this album, you're not listening to it loud enough: from beginning to end, it's a headbanger's circus, with plenty of songs in which you can imagine a mosh pit filled with people just as into the song as you are. A must have. // 9

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overall: 8
The Dethalbum Reviewed by: Selig_Free, on august 25, 2009
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Sound: Let me start of by saying that Death Metal is not my forte. However, I opened up to the genre after watching the show Metalocalypse for the first time. The next day, I went to my local music retail and I see "The Dethalbum" sitting right in front of the album I wanted to buy. All in all, it was a match made in heaven (or maybe hell?). If you're going to by the album, make sure you get the "Deluxe" edition with all 23 songs. The album kicks off with a crunchy song about being killed by mermaids, a staple for any good metal band. The water theme ties directly into "Go Into the Water", which has one of the most brutal harmonies ever. "Awaken" really starts the ball rolling with the song about bringing an ancient demon back to life. "Bloodtrocuted" sticks it where it hurts with a song about being killed. "Go Forth and Die" is incredible, mainly because I'm in college right now, and it seems to fit the mood. "Fansong" is a song about how the band hates the fans of the show. If you've seen the show and how disgustingly ugly everyone is, you'd see why. "Better Metal Snake" is the odd one out, with clean lyrics for the chorus. "The Lost Vikings" is mediocre. Probably the most popular Dethklok song "Thunderhorse" is incredible in every sense of the word. Amazing melodies, and minimal vocals. Just what the metal doctor ordered. "Briefcase Full of Guts" is about killing. "Birthday Dethday" is about dying on your birthday. "Hatredcopter" raises the question of whether Dave Mustaine sings on the song. "Castratikron" is a song about being castrated by an evil godess. "Face Fisted" is about death. "Dethharmonic" has some lovely melodies, yet it is still a song wanting someone to be dead. "Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle" is insanely kickass, with a memorable solo and catchy vocals. "Blood Ocean" is awful. "Murdertrain a'Comin'" is a song about everyone dying. Hilarious, brutal, depressing, and awesome. The solo is over a minute. "Kill You" is a tribute to the band "Snakes and Barrels" which was Pickle's the Drummers original band. It's not hard to figure out what that song is about. The final song, "Hatredy" is also about killing. Metal heads will love it. Comdey lovers will love it. Adultswim junkies will love it. It's no doubt that Dethklok is one of the new masters of metal, almost surpassing their idols. // 8

Lyrics: Every song is about death. All of the songs contain Nathan Explosion's gruff voice. However, most of the songs are silly enough to confuse anyone. That is, if you can understand what Nathan is singing. My favorite lyrics on the album are probably in "Hatredcopter". Mainly because the other singer sounds like Dave Mustaine. // 7

Overall Impression: Comparing it to other death metal? This album blows it all away. If you can combine black comedy, metal, and stupidity and get away with it, you're a better person than I. The only flaw with the album is that all of the songs sound alike. But that isn't a problem, especially if you're a bona-fide metal head. It's a good album, whether you like it or not. Stayin' Alive, Selig. // 9

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