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  • Released: Apr 9, 2013
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 5.2 (63 votes)
Device: Device

Sound — 6
First off, before you read this review, know that I rate very strictly! I believe that an average album gets a 5, a masterpiece that revolutionizes music gets a 10, and the demo CD that was recorded with wal-mart headset mics gets a 1. Now, to the review: Draiman distanced himself from Disturbed to venture on his own. While he stated the music business was terrible he dove right back into it thanks to Geno Lenardo (the most recent guitarist from the band Filter). This was met with some aggravation from fans in Disturbed, but for the most part, people were just happy that they didn't see the last of Draiman, and recently Draiman stated that Disturbed will come back. I suspect though that Draiman didn't fully agree with everything Disturbed was playing, but I'll cover that later in the review. It's only a theory though, but I wouldn't doubt if it was confirmed by Draiman himself in interviews down the road. The sound Device focuses on is a modern rock with an emphasis on synth effects at times. Album was mixed very well, and sound quality doesn't seem to be an issue here at all. I was able to hear everything from bass to vocals extremely well.

Lyrics — 5
Disturbed put out a lot of pro-war (more like pro-soldier messages), but with Device seems Draiman wanted to take a stab at war, and send a message to fans that he doesn't approve of the wars going on. Lyrics for songs like "War Of Lies" and "Out Of Line" really point to this message. Add to that fact that Draiman has Serj Tankian, and Tom Morello playing on the album and you have some pretty solid evidence! Draiman brings his unique voice, a great yell, and a smooth open throat style to Device. While vocal tone is rich and moderately thick, at times his lyrics are incredibly repetitive. The rhyming schemes on a lot of songs are very basic for the most part. Combine that with a vocal line that isn't moving much and you end up with a vocals that get old fast. Draiman sticks with a singing with triplets about half the time, and normally does so when singing at a fast pace. This makes for the repetitive sound that a lot of people complain about. Lyrically, I wasn't impressed. The lyrics are easily accessible in a sense, but also a little too accessible at times. To give you an idea, here is a small sample of lyrics from "Penance": "Can you make the nightmares go away? Can you pull the demon from inside?". To my dismay, this is pretty noticeable throughout the entire album, and rarely breaks from this basic simplicity. There are rarely any sort of analogies or synonyms that allow you to gain perspective on Draiman's emotional state of mind.

Overall Impression — 6
There is a lot of energy in some of the songs, but the energy doesn't ever really change. It's good music if you're in an energetic mood, like when you're lifting and if so then this will be an album to add to your collection. If you're looking for songs to move you emotionally then be warned that the album is pretty simple, and should be listened to when you're in the state of mind for some angry rock. Overall, I feel like this album is slightly above average. It has quality to it, but not much depth.

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    The problem with the newest Disturbed and this is that every single vocal line he sings sounds exactly the bloody same. Every single one is so predictable and generic down to the syllable that it ruins the music completely.
    100% this. I wish this was closer to the top so more people would read it.
    People that don't read all comments on forums before commenting themselves suck in my opinion. Just lazy fuks -this does not refer to you mind reader.
    I think you're forgetting how lazy people are. Nothing makes me rage harder than when people comment on an article without even reading all of it, and end up making an ass out of themselves because they missed the important parts.
    Just sounds like Disturbed with a hint of dubstep. tbh, I just listened for the guest vocalists.
    Sounds accurate really. I mean, it's an interesting, music-wise. But it could've been done a lot better.
    Carl Hungus
    It sounds like this guy wants to play Disturbed style music without being called Disturbed.
    "Like when you're lifting" seriously?
    a drummer
    Is there something wrong with good music to lift to?
    Yeah, honestly, someone said that so I thought I would put it in. I was desperate to find something good to say about this album. It wasn't the worst thing I've ever heard, but it isn't something I'd put on repeat either. Looking back, I'd rather do without that bit of text, as it does seem pretty trashy.
    for me that is time for FFDP not DEVICE.... this CD review is accurate in my mind. Ive heard it and agree. it gets repetitive and i am a DISTURBED fan.
    It's a good album if you just chill and listen to it. I just played it through one night and found myself really getting into it. Not much of an "industrial" guy, but it was really cool. The guest vocalists make it even more interesting.
    the verses on both songs sound the same. he sings in that fast rapish style which gets old real fast.
    Draiman has a really great voice, and its so amazingly unique. However, that doesn't make up for the uninteresting music... as always.
    This album is another example of why i never judge a cd after only a few listens. At first i thought it was mediocre garbage, but have really grown to love it. I even bought it after i downloaded it.
    kill it
    What I've heard sounds pretty run of the mill with huge production.
    David really has a great metal voice, he just needs to learn how to write better. His 8th note syllables, rap like melody lines worked great on the Sickness, but he really hasn't changed enough with the music around him. This album is held back by Draimans simpleness, and uncreative lyrics. I just wish by the next Disturbed album he can learn how to write more clever lyrics and more interesting vocal lines.
    "and the demo CD that was recorded with wal-mart headset mics gets a 1" So you're saying that you only care about the production value and not the quality of the actual music? I've heard some poorly produced demo's from bands and they were amazing.
    Gerard Way Jr
    There's a difference between hindrance due to production and poor decisions made in equipment. Even at 5.7, I'm interested.
    "know that I rate very strictly!" Riiight.
    I gave this album a 5.7, I'd say that's a fair rating. I probably could have written the review better, but honestly, I didn't care to spend much time on such a disappointment.
    I think your rating was just fine... maybe a tiny bit too high, but honest, nonetheless. The other review basically paints the same opinion of it and gives it a 7.3. People on this site are extremely generous with the ratings. You seemed to use the rating scale more in the way that it should be than any of the other reviewers do, and I appreciate that. The way everyone else seems to use it (going by the opinions they express, not my own personal opinion of the material): 1-7 = garbage 7-9 = not the worst thing ever put to record 10 = decent
    Gerard Way Jr
    5.7 is a lot more in the middle than the majority of reviewers are willing to rate something. After listening to the album, I'd say it's pretty fair. It doesn't really commit any sins that would lower the rating below 5.
    I've only heard Close My Eyes Forever so far (My local radio station spams the f*ck out of that one), and I just find it hilarious that the only times that Lizzy Hale manages to sound remotely acceptable is when she doesn't sing her own songs. Might pay this a listen just out of curiosity, not expecting too much.
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