A Fragile Hope Review

artist: Devil Sold His Soul date: 02/04/2008 category: compact discs
Devil Sold His Soul: A Fragile Hope
Release Date: Jun 18, 2007
Label: Eyesofsound
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 10
A Fragile Hope is the much anticipated debut full length from the uncrowned kings of the UK metal underground.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.7
A Fragile Hope Reviewed by: AngryGoldfish, on february 04, 2008
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Sound: At first hearing, this band is very striking and adventerous. Although the similar technique of huge soundscapes and screamo lyrics has been used many times, Devil Sold His Soul seem to stand out from the crowd for a reason that you can only understand once you listen to the record over and over again. Although the more you listen to it the more you realise how simple and repetitive it can be, the techniques used on this record are very satifying and interesting. The huge, overlayering soundscapes are common place in this record, but if you pay attention and listen through it a few times you begin to notice the little nuances. One in particular is the use Acoustic guitars. Its softer parts are often beautiful and would go down well in a Radiohead or an Interpol song and not a Heavy Metal record. I love their use of weird chords, they really do step up the level for bands that like to use these kind of obscure tonal fractions. The slow tempo's do become a little repetitive but not enough to force you to change the song or change CD. I would of loved to here a faster tempo emerge from all that noise, just to sharpen it up a bit as well but this band glorifies in it's slow, trudging rythmes and enormous sounds. // 8

Lyrics: This is one of the only bands I find that, albeit faguely fit into the "emo" bracket, still seem to maintain an original style of lyrics. Not to put other bands down, writting about what you feel is always the best and if you feel sad, write about it, well done. But what I am saying is that DSHS seem to use a a solid one tone EQ throughout the lyrical bursts, and it thus creates an image in your head that seems to make you feel, nice! There is no other way of putting it except that, along with the screaming and emotional, dark chord changes, the lyrics flow out evenly and sonically interesting. The album cover and inside leaf are excellently done. The artistry and the ideas are all inspiring. One thing I would like is a little more softer singing as he can actually do it quite well. The few times he encourages more mute vocals, he does them with emotional intensity and this then adds impact to the screaming. A technique that I really enjoy seeing in a band, like Biffy Clyro or Deftones. Overall, this guy screams like a frog man! He is awesome at it! // 7

Overall Impression: People have compared this band to Deftones, Tool, The Dillenger Escape Plan, Mycodenameis:Milo and the one band out of that group that a can particularly see is Deftones. Their use of huge bellowing chords along with harmonical overdubs on the keyboards and backing guitars adds to a seemingly, never ending barrage of melodic metal music! The most impressive song is easily Awaiting The Flood (#7) but Dawn Of The First Day (#8) and As The Storm Unfolds (#2), The Starting (#3), which was one of their first singles, and Between Two Words (#6) easily match up in intensity, but Awaiting The Flood is much more diverse and has the most heavy as hell ending ever! It has so many amazing riffs with some of the most enviable chords changes I've ever heard. Quality, inventive writting. Less screaming and some variable tempo's and this band could be one of the best bands out there on the scene. Even as they are, they truly do move you and make you feel good and it's something you can listen to no matter what your mood it or what conditions you are in. Great musicianship from all around, drums are well done with minimal and creative use of double foot pedal, something I love in a drummer. The guitar parts are engrossing along with the keyboard sections and the singing is top notch as I have mentioned with excellent producing. Overall an awesome band with huge potential, just like their sound! // 8

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