The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand Review

artist: DevilDriver date: 09/29/2008 category: compact discs
DevilDriver: The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand
Released: Jun 28, 2005
Label: Roadrunner
Genres: Thrash, Speed Metal
Number Of Tracks: 12
DevilDriver has amplified every facet of their sound. They've turned their backs on the kind of plodding melodic obviousness that kills credibility on the raging metal side.
 Sound: 9.8
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 9.7
The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand Reviewed by: las7, on september 25, 2005
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Sound: DevilDriver with this CD has progressed beyond what I had expected. The guitar work has become so good that at first I wasn't sure if I was listening to the same group, the drums as always are top notch. As a whole this album is very nice surprise which I wasn't expecting. The music flows from one direction to another, Dez vocals delve deeper and deeper and I start to wonder if he was ever able to sound soothing. This album has a few flaws but as a whole the use melody is a nice change. The great thing about the album is the fact that while listening to it you can't stop thinking that things can only improve. It's a progression but we can feel that the band has not come to the end of the line. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics as a whole are the part of the music which can improve but they are some pretty catchy stuff. It really depends on what sort of things a person is into to truly appreciate the lyrics. In no way are they perfect but still serve a purpose in the whole feel of the album. Dez vocally is a pure machine as the vocals change from one style to another. // 9

Overall Impression: The album is much better then most things similar that came out this year and is a huge progression from the s/t CD. With songs such as "End Of The Line" (which starts the album nicely with acoustic guitar as the guitar and drums brake the tranquility is a great song), "Sin And Sacrifice" (one catchy song with a great use of melody and changes in speed), Pale Horse Apocalypse (a great song with a solo which is mouth watering material) and the final closing of the album "The Fury" (a masterpiece which metamorphoses from acoustic melody to pounding drums). There are no filter songs most of them are pure head banging classics. But the only downturn is it is very demanding to listen to it for more then 20 spins at a time. If I had it stolen I would track the thief down and strap him to a chair making him listen to pop 'till he dies. // 10

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overall: 10
The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand Reviewed by: leikenmaster, on november 16, 2005
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Sound: This album is great not only vocally but the riffs used are great, they are not technical but they are definatly heavy enough to get your head nodding! The style is death metal but rather than endless unrecognisable Roars Dez Fafara is able to make an almost unique utilating a lot of talent. // 10

Lyrics: Lyrically this album isn't amazing but the lyrics used acompany the music perfectly, the singers vocal skills hold no bounds as he turns from low brutal growls to almost cackles making it sound amazing. Although lyrics are not overall amazing they are in places, some lines stick in your mind and have you singing it for weeks to come! // 10

Overall Impression: This album is an advancement on their self titles debut album with catchier riffs and lyrics to mach. The first song that really catches your attention is Hold Back The Day, track 4, it is the reason why I bought it! The thing I love about this album is that they take riffs with little complexity and turn them into great songs! If this album was stolen or lost I would be sraight in that CD store to buy it again! // 10

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overall: 9.7
The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand Reviewed by: lacjam, on july 13, 2007
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Sound: When I first heard devildriver, I thought 'hey this is so awesome I've got to get their album. But when their second album (The Fury Of Our Makers Hand) came out, I thought it was even better. I would listen to the songs over and over again and never get tired of them. Their Thrash & Speed Metal sound is at perfection and unlike most bands, every song on every album is actually good instead of just the first 5 or 6. As you may have heard they're putting out a new album (Last Kind Words) which will be in stores July 30. Who knows? Maybe it'll be even better than this one. // 10

Lyrics: Although I don't really get the lyrics, the singing is so awesome. I don't know how he get's that sound that makes him sound like he's gurgling mucus, and still say the words. It's truly amazing and it sounds great. The singing is actually what makes Devildriver so special. I've never heard a band that sings like Devildriver. // 9

Overall Impression: We all remember how Devildrivers first album (released in 1998) made great impressions to all those headbangers out there that love to move around to thrash/speed metal. It was going to be hard to top, but Devildrivers new album (Fury Of Our Makers Hand) was even better! There's some gnarly guitar work and the drums are fast moving to get the adrenalin pumping. The singing is incredible and is the main thing that sets it apart from other bands I just love the songs Pale Horse Apocalypse, Hold Back The Day, Sin & Sacrifice and Driving Down The Darkness. I give Fury Of Our Makers Hand 4 1/2 stars. // 10

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overall: 8.3
The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand Reviewed by: stoneburner655, on september 29, 2008
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Sound: While I was familiar with devildrvier, this is the first devildriver CD I purchased when I had only heard the coalchamber musis beforehand. I got the special edition which comes with some special live songs and a DVD with performance footage that really makes the CD all the better when you have something to listen to.Reminiscent of Coal chamber on few levels to me, the much grander and epic songs that are on this CD helps me to understand why people go and get the Devildriver symbol tatoo on their face or some random location like that. The Drop C tuning was one of the first things I noticed on this CD. The only other band that I could sort of relate this band to is Daath. The vocal quality is almost of the same quality and makes me wonder if Sean Farber was actually filling in for Dez. The 2nd thing I noticed was the drumming ability. I don't know the drummers name but he keeps it tight and I find the beats catchy enough to want to mosh in my living room, or headbang while I'm driving to or from work. The 3rd thing I noticed was the live tracks. After hearing them and seeing the footage on the DVD, this makes devildriver one of the bands I have to see before I die. Grinf*cked with it's flat second egyptian sounding pulse is a favorite of mine on the CD and is the only one I currently have on my iPod. // 9

Lyrics: Deeper than any death metal bands lyrics, less confusing than Red Hot Chili Peppers lyrics, and relatively easy to understand if you are trying to. Being a guitar player, I listen mainly for guitar skill and not the quality of the singer as often, but Dez's vocal skills contribute to the CD, however, they do not live. The lyrical masterpeice in my mind is sin & sacrifice which is a "fade to black-esque" song in my mind. it's not Tool that's for sure. // 8

Overall Impression: Since this is the first Devildriver CD I've gotten so far the coparibility is kind of difficult to make. The only thing I can say to fans of Devildriver is to check out Daath because that's the only similiar band I can think of off the top of my head. If I could reccomend any song I would say check out Hold Back The Day and Grinf*cked.It is probaly not the most brutal or fast or extreme of whatever you want to call it but it stands as an exellent testament to modern metal and a force to be reckened with in songwriting ability but as a whole is not that innovation when it comes to bringing something exotic to the table. // 8

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